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When dating, teenagers should consider doing fun events that involve groups of people. Discover some fun dating ideas for teens with tips from the author of …



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  • Stantyl14 4 years ago

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  • bennnnnny007 4 years ago

    This guy doesn’t really help, does he?
    “Dating, for teens” *looks hungrilly at his wine*
    *thinks to self: lets get this over with*

  • CysticJI24 4 years ago

    He the boss!! Gonna a gf!

  • PUTZKIE7 4 years ago

    Thanks for the help pedo

  • RobotChick1000 4 years ago

    what’s up with the creepy dude in the silk robe with a cup of wine????

  • Alex Rafail 4 years ago

    TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!! OMG i would never go out with a guy that has dating advice that is SOOOOOOOOOO CRAPPPYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Rafail 4 years ago

    omg what a moron, fun is not defined as “ice skating IN GROUPS” fun is “alone time, kissing, cuddling” etc, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THIS GUY’S EVEN *BEEN* ON A DATE?!!?!!?!!

  • MissRehabBaby 4 years ago

    he has a fucking champagne bottle & glass & this is about teens.

  • Caleb Harris 4 years ago

    I want this guy to take a big step back and literally fuck his own face.

  • Didn’t know Roger Moore was giving dating tips for teens.

  • RelegasianChaos 4 years ago

    I hate group dates. I’m sorry, I really do…

  • ih8makinusernames 4 years ago

    He looks like a Grade-A Pedophile.

  • Jenicathashuffler626 4 years ago

    this guy is weird and creepy…

  • LadyGagaLover86 4 years ago

    Yeah, this is great, holding a glass of wine and talking about flirting for TEENS. Real classic

  • Envy Da Spec 4 years ago

    this guy is my master….

  • yettie4e 4 years ago

    Russian women with Nice eyes

  • Andy Harglesis 4 years ago

    I think he wants to date teens.

  • Andy Harglesis 4 years ago

    Wow, bud, that’s sexist, A-Spec certified.

  • ClaireTheCelt 4 years ago

    I find it very creepy how he looks like he’s trying to be seductive

  • TheCodKiosk 4 years ago

    note hes the only one in the room

  • ANTi-GRAV 4 years ago

    this was fucking useless. im to the point far past this where we are going alone. our parents have known eachother for several years and are good friends, and her parents know that im a trustworthy guy. luckily im in a situation like this, but this video has absolutely nothing to offer to help me figure out where we should go next.

  • shaneisgayful 4 years ago

    lol, this is so pointless

  • Harpo6 4 years ago

    this guy gets all the teenage girls! you can tell by the smile at the end!

  • BlackRain100 4 years ago

    Ultra fake smile at end!

  • JyleneXD 4 years ago

    “Do it in groups!” lol xD

  • ReginaLeigh95 4 years ago

    whats with the hough heffner thing?

  • TeeFlick 4 years ago

    “go to the park, have a picnic” lmfao somehow that got me

  • MasterCoChief 4 years ago

    “fun” is a 3 letter word….so is “sex”. LOL

  • tanay2035 4 years ago

    Tips for Guys

    Heres a teenage dating tip for guys: always, always go to the door when picking up your date. Greet her parents with respect and let them know when youll have her home. If there is a curfew for the young woman, make sure you get her back on time or a bit early parents have a big say in whether a girl can go out with you again.