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Sean & Catherine Lowe's answer on how they define love might surprise you!
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  • Jefferson Bethke 2 years ago

    Simple but SO GOOD! Few dating tips from Sean & Catherine Lowe. Be honest,
    and date with intention.

  • Sinisbal 2 years ago

    Very good video! It is good to see a healthy hetero couple in a working
    relationship, with common sense. I was gay and that kind of stuff does not
    exist there. it all revolves around the body and… you know what.
    But I thank my God Jesus Christ who healed me and took homosexuality away.
    We are truly created as straight people and out nature sings that song.
    God bless you!!

  • Tom Sawyer 2 years ago

    Does this advice apply only to those who believe in Jesus?

  • Dylan Guidry 2 years ago

    Hey Jeff,
    What do You think about Healing/T.V. Evangelism/Evangelist (Benny Hinn,
    Reinhard Bonnke, ect.)? I recently went to a Gospel Crusade and they were
    healing people. I think. Maybe they were actors or something. Idk. I
    absolutely believe that Christ can and will heal people but when HE wants
    to, not when people command it. I need some help because this has been
    really haunting me ever since the Gospel Crusade. Honestly, I feel trapped
    in this cycle of question like, what if it is really Jesus healing and i’m
    just discrediting him? Please help. 

  • Pieter Rossouw 2 years ago

    Is this still a Christian channel at all? The advice is great and
    everything but the audience of this channel subscribed because of its real
    and honest Christian content, no? I do think that relationships are a
    worthwhile topic to discuss, but it’s hard to take these ‘tips’
    seriously… Not once do they mention God, His will for your relationships
    or anything related to the Bible. The guy actually says that it’s okay for
    someone to just kindof date without intention for a while in your life and
    then start getting your act together when you feel like you want something
    serious? That’s just completely unbiblical. It’s like this channel has
    become a marketing outlet for books, T-shirts etc. and very little else.
    Really considering unsubscribing because the channel simply isn’t what made
    it such a blessing in my life anymore. 

  • Soar-ed Recreational 2 years ago

    Many people watching the series assumed that just because the new bachelor
    Sean Lowe was a Christian, that it would have been boring. But he is one of
    the most respected, well received person on there. He found and married a
    lovely Christian lady. God bless them and their ministry. 

  • FrankLagana 2 years ago

    So happy to see them happy, I can’t wait to be in happy joy with my
    Christian wife :D

  • Trainman Xavier 2 years ago

    What is the name of the background music in the video?

  • Tshab Jennifer Her 2 years ago

    Reading the comments on this series makes me a little sad. I feel nothing
    but love and respect for Sean and Catherine’s story and how the Lord was
    able to knit their lives together through a show like The Bachelor. Thank
    you Jeff, for always keeping it real and showing Jesus’ love through your
    story because of His story. (Love the podcasts btw!)

  • Soar-ed Recreational 2 years ago

    Sound and broad spectrum. Shortly put, you have to reason your way through

  • Ibrahim Vezovich 2 years ago

    There are 1000s of Protestant denominations. Do you personally believe that
    there is not a one true Protestant religion? I myself am an Eastern
    Orthodox christian. The problem (besides dogmatic , canonical issues, &
    everything pretty much) is how does one know the right way? I suppose the
    answer is there isn’t a right way, which makes me utterly confused. I do
    not intend to offend anybody. I apologize for sound as so.

  • Pastor Johnson 2 years ago

    Very nice vid. Agreed with everything said. Honestly I’m a pretty decent
    guy I would say but I really don’t see it happening for me. As much as I
    want a family of my own, there’s very few women out there that go for an
    athletic introvert such as myself. At least I get the impression from the
    guys that women choose.

  • daolumachine 2 years ago

    I really disagree with all these comments saying that the video is out of
    place on a Christian channel. Just because they’re not spewing Bible quotes
    every two sentences or specifically saying ‘God’ doesn’t mean it isn’t
    valuable information or advice for Christians. Way to be out of touch. How
    is ‘honesty’ and ‘dating with intention’ not Christian enough for yall?
    Jeff, I appreciate these videos!

  • kevin colvin 2 years ago

    funny how believers cant seem to add the whole notion of acceptance into
    what they believe is the god’s honest truth

  • ohvimbo 2 years ago

    I like these very practical, simple words of wisdom :)

  • Hunter Ferrell 2 years ago

    Oh man… Someone putting out a video you don’t like. They should really
    focus on pleasing you instead of focusing on what they want to express and
    inform us with. I’m not sure why people think the world revolves around
    them and what they want.

  • there is a difference between worldly dating and GODLY dating. 

  • Truwarier14 2 years ago

    The comments on this videos are honestly quite sad. People can be so
    judgemental, which is ironic in itself.

  • carlos53k 2 years ago

    Very helpful insight I will consider now

  • greatness0728 2 years ago

    he look’s soooo much like bradley cooper:D haha

  • S0dap0pb0ttle 2 years ago

    They are so cute! 

  • Ify Jabinski 2 years ago


  • Tyler Reinking 2 years ago

    Sry, unsubbing.

  • S0dap0pb0ttle 2 years ago

    They are so cute! 

  • Anthony Headrick 2 years ago

    … Cmon. 

  • Jereimi Lambert 2 years ago

    Dating to me is a minefield some things are like they date knowing what you
    can and cannot change/work on about yourself we have to accept our own
    faults before we can accept someone’s else’s 

  • Eric Renner 2 years ago

    YASSSS :)

  • DaGerminator 2 years ago

    The Bachelor’s? What?