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Common reasons a guy would disappear on a girl and would lose interest after having sex with her just once.



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  • The New Wave 3 years ago

    I’m on the male side of this right now and it’s tearing me up. I’ve been
    going out with a woman for some weeks and I’ve really felt in love with her
    and I was convinced we were going to be together forever, but then we slept
    together and suddenly there’s just this really bad feeling nested in my
    gut, telling me not to get close to her again. I utterly hate this feeling
    but I don’t know how to escape it. I just want to be with her again like
    before. There are so many hopes and dreams built up and there was true
    tenderness in our interactions.

  • sherezadelink 3 years ago

    Great video! How come ge doesnt have a TV show yet… Thissss

  • starlight2009x 3 years ago

    Fantastic video! 

  • Neoglitch255 3 years ago

    If I was that guy I would’ve just sat down with the girl and tell her
    exactly what and how I felt, and then see how we could fix things together.
    Running away after *3 months* of getting to know each other because of a
    one-time bad sexual experience seems incredibly immature to me, not to
    mention a huge waste of time, money and energy.

  • jchahine 3 years ago

    Another thing that bothers me is:if she doesn’t understand warming up. If
    I’m reading a book or in another world doing something, I’m not going to
    be instantly turned on when she spontaneiously jumps on me and starts
    grinding with no warning. I’m like, “WTF??”. Am I alone in this as a
    guy? Maybe she THINKS men get turned on like that because it’s that way in
    the movies? Maybe it’s just that I’m old? (40’s) I’d like some young guys
    to chime in about this because I don’t remember that far back. All I know
    is, I’m more likely to get turned on from flirting, touching, talking
    naughty, etc. Not jumping on me out of nowhere.

  • riewekoche1 3 years ago

    I think the description of the smell was a bit too hard. I would re-record
    the video and say it a bit less offensive. So far, I liked all your videos,
    but this time I was a bit shocked.
    Besides, I think the most likely reason for disappearing was, that he was
    just not in love with her. The time was too short, or he realized he was
    just not enough into her and wanted to end the relationship before she gets
    too much emotionally involved. Anyway, just disappearing without any
    explanation is just cheap and the woman should be glad that she got rid of
    him at an early stage.

  • Dave Marten 3 years ago

    Me as a professional dating coach am going to have to disagree with this
    video’s reasons for why the guy most likely disappeared straight after sex
    – because he was only looking for sex from her and then move on to the next
    girl. And while he was seeing this girl for 3 months, he was most likely
    again seeing other girls during this time as well and had sex with a few of
    them. He wants to experience right now in this time of his life,
    unfortunately he’s doing it in a dishonest and manipulative way. The girl
    just needs to move on. 

  • fantana 3 years ago

    Good video

  • krazy16dude 3 years ago

    I just can’t imagine a guy forgoing sex for 3 months to sleep with someone
    and then leaving right away because it’s not good.

    If he was willing to give up sex for 2-3 months, then he wouldn’t be so
    quick to leave her and would try to improve things. He probably just saw
    immediate opportunity for a better alternative. Perhaps another female
    prospect who he thinks he’d be more compatible with in the bedroom.

  • good4damoney 3 years ago

    I myself don’t the use the word girlfriend anymore. I always use I’m
    actively dating. Or this is my date. Dating for 3 months before sex, means
    you better know what your doing, cause if don’t know how to stir the pot,
    there’s NO seconds.

  • AbstractMan23 3 years ago

    a delicate subject addressed in a professional and sensitive way.

  • PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice 3 years ago
  • scancool 3 years ago

    from my point of view I would say waiting 3 months, I think the more I wait
    the higher the expectations I would have, I would say the waiting time is
    between 3 to 10 dates, after that, I would just lose interest,