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Even though women say they want true love, commitment and honesty, the men many women pick offer none of those things. I finally figured out that young women…



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  • Jacquelyn Jackson 4 years ago

    Deborrah, why is it I dont take the time to date a man…but will have sex at a drop of a hat…

  • sangiliyo 4 years ago


  • Force100able 4 years ago

    I wish you could tell alot of these guys on You Tube that but also the women are the ones who suffer in the end when they have kids from nothing ass men then they complain

  • Force100able 4 years ago

    I hear what you are speaking but most women know what they want so how can it be so difficult for them to tell the differents between men women are programed to want the no good men thats how its been going