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Here’s a good way to avoid relationship problems: avoid dating the WRONG guys, particularly the ones who are ALREADY in another relationship!

There’s learning how to find a man, then there’s knowing when to LEAVE him. I’ve talked to a lot of women in this situation, and I’ve decided to share this piece of advice with you as well.

Learning how to make him want you is something I teach women, but not when the guy in question ISN'T single. It can be hard to end things especially when you’re already emotionally attached and don’t see any relationship deal breakers in him.

Nevertheless, you should take the necessary steps to make a (relatively) painless exit. After that, you can move on to finding the RIGHT man and learn how to make him fall for you.

Knowing how to keep him interested isn’t all that hard. It’s just about finding out what men want and taking it from there. For more dating tips for women, don’t forget to check this out:



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  • Carlos Cavallo 2 years ago

    If he’s taken, move on. Here’s why…
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