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Five dating profile mistakes that women make that are important to avoid but are rarely mentioned.



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  • The Fearmoths 2 years ago

    As a man, I agree and echo all of this advice. Bragging is a massive turn
    off for me especially.

    Some other pet hates of mine on profiles are:

    Moaning or man hating – women who complain in their profile about there
    being no decent men or having no faith.

    Profiles with fake moustaches – this is a common trend these days and it is
    absolutely gross!

    Photoshopped, high contrast, distant or shadowed photos – it makes it look
    like you’re hiding something and/or you have no confidence. 

  • mle011 2 years ago

    The only thing I’m not sure about is #4, the age range. In my experience,
    and the experience of my girl friends while on dating sites, men tend to
    ignore any age range that the woman posts on her site. So even if a woman
    says “31-35”, I can guarantee you she is getting messages daily from men
    outside that age range, saying they are a “mature 25 year old” or “active
    45 year old”, etc (whether its true or not). I agree that age ranges should
    be reasonable and not super selective, but just wanted to let you know that
    men tend to ignore the age ranges anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. :P

  • PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice 2 years ago
  • exclusiveaccess85 2 years ago

    Great advice as always man there call little mistakes but is like they say
    a not having a little mistake makes all the difference