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  • Underworld Dreams 2 years ago

    This is sort of like the women’s equivalent of those guides to help guys
    have sex with virtually any woman he wants. All I can say to the author is,
    good luck training these parasites with tits to suck us dry, and you can
    thank Feminism for that!

  • l jess 2 years ago

    the sad part is that some men do not see the horror story told in this
    video. They only wake up when the wallet is empty.

  • Texan Polygynist 2 years ago

    Female hypergamy at its finest.

    The words are constructed, via the female sense, to give off the vibe that
    women are first place, comes first, and will need a man WITHOUT the effort.
    That is what I see. Fortunately, this will never work because today, men
    are waking up and they are not going to pamper the women. I, for one, will
    not pamper my women. I will make sure they keep themselves, take care of
    themselves, and hold themselves responsible. I expect them to go to
    college, study a degree, make money, and take care of themselves.

    If they can’t, then the door’s open for them to leave. There is one thing
    I will not do: call my women “my better half”. They want to be called
    that, they better *work fucking hard* to get that badge of honor. Very
    many women will not survive the harsh, grueling environment but very few
    will prove themselves worthy.

  • lb1000110 2 years ago

    I don’t need a leech, mantis, black widow spider, bitch, rat, snake, I
    chose to go my own way.

  • Raging Golden Eagle 2 years ago

    And don’t be surprised when your views and personality lead to you being
    single for life!

  • Steve Fenton 2 years ago

    At first I thought this was just a parody. Then I came to the sad
    realization that it is actually real.

  • Dopesauce42 2 years ago

    only a delusional madwoman would relate to this. dang, there are a lot of
    those out there

  • mjdc2505 2 years ago

    I was wondering will it teach women how to suck dick really good enough to
    make men(manginas and blue pill men) do what she says.

  • metalon 2 years ago

    “know what you want” – i guess most of the failed at the start

  • Shining Light 2 years ago

    written by the teeny f* bomb girls

  • TheGoverning BodyBag 2 years ago

    And the truth is, my ladies: The more money and effort he spends on you,
    the more he will love you. Trust me, I’ve seen it hundred times.

    Lydia Lafaso

  • EtherealPanther 2 years ago

    the inspirational sounding music was the most offensive part lol 

  • Brad Showalter 2 years ago

    Well they do have PUA for men, so I guess whore training is ok for women. A
    woman putting more in to a relationship than a man is beyond laughable.
    They are not the prize.

  • Allan Miller 2 years ago

    that’s the most bullshit video I’ve ever seen in my life (well, besides

  • dattebenforcer 2 years ago

    LOL! I need to see that guide now.

  • Truth Quad 2 years ago

    This is the Proper Way to View/Deal with WOMEN—>
    This is why awakened MEN need to spread the knowledge of MGTOW to ALL men
    old and young to cut off the Feminist “simp supply”.Any MAN who don’t
    realize he is the creator of Civilization itself doesn’t deserve the title
    of MAN.

  • T.J. Payeur 2 years ago

    Wow..this is sincere! I thought that it was a satire. Yow! But in the name
    of “Equality”, can’t we just replace the feminine terms with masculine
    ones? And then what do we have? Impasse….

  • Bernardo Grando 2 years ago

    Women need Men, Men need Porn. Women cant replace men with porn cus porn
    dont dont buy then stuff.

  • auskott 2 years ago

    You couldn’t make this shit up.

  • schassis 2 years ago

    LMAO that’s a good way for a woman to get the shit slapped out of her WTF
    who the hell wrote that shit!

    It basically told women to be selfish narcissist, you have to earn good
    treatment XX chromosomes doesn’t entitle you to good treatment or respect
    you are just another human being on this earth.

    well definitely entertainment for MGTOW.

    waiting for the woman to chime in and ask for the link LMAO!

  • Vaethryus 2 years ago

    There’s that word again. “Deserve.” Why do women use this crutch so often?
    Don’t they know that no one anywhere is entitled to anything at all
    whatsoever? No one DESERVES shit. You think that merely existing is
    sufficient for others to provide for you? Justify your existence, you

  • iCareSoVeryDeeply 2 years ago

    Learn advanced “tricks”…..
    Meet their alumni here:

  • Google You stupid 2 years ago