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Why do so many Black women feel undeserving of having a man treat her like she is special? Why are Black women so anxious to prove they don't need a man to t…



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  • Leon Scott 4 years ago

    I dont understand why you feel that a man must pay all the time. Were is
    the effort on the womans part,doesnt she need to show some interest? We men
    dont want to feel that we are just a ATM. This is a new day and we need new

  • rjdjones 4 years ago

    @Debsterism why would I ask you out? Even if I found you attractive you’re
    obviously unpleasant company with the “entitled” attitude that expects
    equal pay, treatment etc except when it comes for paying for shit. Doesn’t
    matter if it’s a few dollars or few thousand – you don’t “deserve” any
    money just because you’re a woman – if you can make money too then you can
    spend it too. If you expect compensation from a man who wants to spend time
    with you these days … hope you like cats 🙂

  • openfist247 4 years ago

    Equal rights, equal expenses. Also, some women don’t want you to pay
    because they don’t want to be expected to put out. Some women will actually
    pay for you, also. Really, if she’s into you, you may not even make it out
    of the door to the financial portion of the date.

  • Leon Scott 4 years ago

    So now if I even say that women should make a invest in a man, I have to be
    gay or stay @ home? Wow, if a woman wants a man she must show him more than
    being willing to have him pay for her company. I think women just want to
    have it both ways, modern or old fashion when it suits them. Been there,
    done that if you want to be with me show me that I am important to you..

  • momoneyindabank4 4 years ago

    @charlesh1609 Exactly brotha you’re paying to see if you’ll like her you
    know how much money you’ll lose by trying that method. Know how many
    complain about guys they didn’t like ? Imagine if she had to pay for him
    and her she’d be pissed lol. That’s how we feel.

  • icewind1906 4 years ago

    get your bearings straight, im not maceo patterson. But if that did happen,
    i feel for that brotha…

  • kingru77 4 years ago

    I can roll with men paying for the date but if that’s the case I also
    expect her if the relationship develops that she remain in her lane.
    Understanding that I wear the big draws and I’m the man but the issue is a
    majority of these woman want the man to be the man when it comes to money
    but be passive in all other phases of the relationship. So it’s the same
    thing in reverse with the man ending up wearing panties as you say. If you
    say you independent and all that other garbage prove it.

  • nancydrew5 4 years ago

    “That’s exactly what black women want,, a LOSER.. They run after those
    types of guys,, thugs, jailbirds, men who will beat their azzes,, etc..”
    If you are going after women who you think are running in behind the thugs,
    perhaps you need to change the type of woman you are going after. Go to a
    church or go to a christian singles group and get you a nice chaste
    virginal quiet girl. Stop going after women who aren’t interested in you.

  • Deborrah Cooper 4 years ago

    No one said she wouldn’t. But you still need to pay for the date Mr. Cheap.

  • Cassandra J.L. 4 years ago

    @coptic777 so weh ya want? huh? for us to do EVERYTHING then we will be
    called out on our so called masculinity? thats the constant accusation is
    our masculinity your not looking at it for what it is my bruvah. im not
    assuming anything about you but tell if im wrong would you say that about a
    nonblack women? would you go out of your way to pay for everything with no
    quarrel would you? Im not tryna argue but i must ask

  • rikshaw223 4 years ago

    @Mokurentate. thank you, i think every man learns that lesson the hard way
    from women that nice guy finish last, & it’s not “sad” if women now know
    how it feels to be used they may stop useing men, not useing men this will
    help women attract the right men.

  • nancydrew5 4 years ago

    “But most black women only want to fight a man over his manhood.” Nigga
    pluueeze get your mad azz somewhere quick on a therapist couch. You and
    your mommy issues.

  • OmniDaAngel 4 years ago

    @prlhrbrkid Chivalry was one of the first things destroyed by the Feminist
    Movement. Men want to be chivalrous, however “strong and independent” women
    feel that it’s only okay when its convenient for them. Take this video:
    Women believe men should pay for dates regardless (convenience), yet I bet
    many of them will NOT be okay with a man making more money than them.
    Women, if you have money and can pay your share, do it; you can still show
    interest without making money the focus of it.

  • marianasreality 4 years ago

    You say guys should pay for dates yet contradict yourself by saying you
    don’t believe in roles.

  • AMAUROSISFUGAX2000 4 years ago

    all give you all some tips Knock That attitude bullshit off how you all
    wanna Look to pick a fight with anybody you see that shit aint gonna fly if
    you feel me

  • 007MegaPhoenix 4 years ago

    There is really nothing wrong with a woman who wants to do something nice
    for a man and spend her money on him sometime and I have a personal rule
    that I love to follow and it works for me. Who ever asks who out for a date
    should pay that is more than fair in other word’s if a woman asks the man
    out she should pay, if the man askes her out then he should pay it’s just
    that simple.

  • @XDarkDestroyaX But this is not a feminist idea. A feminist would gladly
    pay half on the date because she would want to be treated like a human
    being and not someone’s property. I don’t understand why so many black
    people have this “either or” mentality when it comes to relationships.
    Communicating is essential. My date would know before hand that I am not an
    advocate of men paying for everything on a date. What is wrong with my
    partner treating me like his equal?

  • MrVeesworld 4 years ago

    Bad video on all fronts. Sorry.

  • Lenny Felix 4 years ago

    I agree with you I’m a white guy that loves black weman and that man sould
    pay for everything.

  • southmemphisboss 4 years ago

    listening to black women like her is the reason why there are so many
    single black women out here women don’t fall for that bull women be the
    helpmate for your man if he don’t got hold him down until he gets it and a
    real man will respect you for that!!!!!

  • rikshaw223 4 years ago

    you are missing the point but, i will explain. i have dated WW who will
    accept an invitation only if they are intrested in a man. a WW will alway
    thank me for a good time & will insist she pay for some thing no matter how
    small. most BW are unapproachable, only intrested in money with a bad
    attitude & the worst they are treated the more sex a man can get. i have a
    strong personality & as a BM i should not have to treat my own BW as second
    class to get respect. sad! you are a BW with no class.

  • JGvisions 4 years ago

    as men in generally but culturally do not have to display these values
    upfront like men do. they are not expected to be the breadwinner in the
    relationship and in dating period, do not have to put up front what they
    offer in “concrete value” in the short term or long term of the
    relationship. So its like going into a business partnership with another
    party and you are expected to provide all the resources and backing for it
    yet you dont know if the venture will pull through or not and…part4

  • torresstr8 4 years ago

    @StonFX: EXACTLY! If the woman pays her half we know she’s treating us like

  • Deborrah Cooper 4 years ago

    Why would a man take a woman to a restaurant that offers steak and lobster
    if he is too cheap or broke to cover the cost? If you ain’t rolling like
    that, take a woman to Bob’s Big Boy Burgers or something. Order fries a
    burger and a shake and go to the park and eat it, or sit in the car and
    overlook a bluff or something. Why do you all pick the most expensive dates
    to take a woman on then complain about the cost? That makes you sound

  • JGvisions 4 years ago

    This is on top of the sociol/cultural requirement that men must fulfill in
    regards to dating and marriage such as being a provider, a protector,
    leader and guide to the family, ect. Mind you in this relationship, what is
    the give and take between the two parties in this “transaction”? what do
    women bring to the table in this regard? what is your value based on in
    order to get this type of treatment? what do i get in return beside sex (if
    it comes to that)? part2

  • Deborrah Cooper 4 years ago

    If he won’t pay for a date he will NEVER GET A CHANCE to be her man. He
    will be put out at the curb where all the trash belongs. Never help a man
    be aman ladies. If he can’t be one on his own without your help, guidance
    or intervention then he is a weak punk and doesn’t deserve you. Leave him
    alone and move on to the next one.

  • TobiasHeath Brown 4 years ago

    Simplify this. The one who asks the other person out pays. The other should
    always offer to pay regardless. Both should do some inviting but primarily
    the man… It’s best if the woman pays sometimes…