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  • steelydon19 3 years ago

    Some of us have no wing men. My closest male friends are either loners with
    women- one to one only when mingling or dating- and my other close male
    friends are a gay/bi married couple who live far away. They help me post
    online dating profile photos.

  • Before i forget movie 3 years ago

    Are you a shy type and not ready for a date??

    Follow these tips and it will surely help. =)

    The Wing Girls – Dating Tips for Shy Guys

  • steelydon19 3 years ago

    Their advice is good and believable, also not centered on pseudoscience
    about alpha male attraction.

  • captainobvious49 3 years ago

    Try mdma, You wont be shy anymore.

  • Colin Munro 3 years ago

    The way to attract woman
    Is a simple 3 steps technique
    Just search Google for: *Girl Secret Info*
    Click the First Result

  • Fareast Dribbler 3 years ago

    I would fuck that right girl till she cries to stop

  • Ian Foster 3 years ago

    @Ben: Hit up *TheAlphaMindset. com*
    The guide on there will explain it all well.
    Basically, women associate kindness with weakness and shyness with a lack
    of confidence.

  • swagofficial 3 years ago

    wat if he’s ugly as shit

  • An Turnier 3 years ago

    Anyone know what is Sozofintao Dating Manual about? I hear a lot of people
    become badass with women with Sozofintao Dating Manual (google it).

  • KhajiitGirl 3 years ago

    What about shy girls?

  • John Scott 3 years ago

    I have only had one dinner date and I enjoyed it, it was 10 years ago, but
    I didn’t want to see her again! lol!

  • exussupremebeing 3 years ago

    horrible tips from women, but when we give advice, we’re spot on. Steve
    Harvey continues to piss me off, why did he write a book for you girls to
    study? where is our book!? Huh, Oprah!?

  • Dan Nguyen 3 years ago

    Only teenage girls like bad boys, as they want to have fun. Once they
    mature and learn more about life experience, their views will change.

  • xRabbitmanx23 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to take them promptly, you two are the
    best! :]

  • DCIPhan 3 years ago

    The guy I like is kinda shy and I think he likes me but idk, he’s sending
    mixed signals HELP PLEASE 🙂

  • dragonballman07 3 years ago

    yeah your hand you put lipstick on your baby? LOL

  • popcorn8410023235 3 years ago

    Ok I’m dating some one but he soooo and my friend went to go ask if he
    likes me and he does and he asked my out on Facebook and I am 10 and he is
    just very shy and I play with him at ress and lunch. WHAT SOULD I DO TO NOT
    MAKE HIM SHY???!!! please help me!!! 🙁

  • Kyle Taylor 3 years ago

    Piece of advice from a shy guy. Suck it up! if you just ignore your own
    brain all is well. Just tune it out even if its screaming at you to run
    like hell before things get awkward.

  • Giovanni Thijssen 3 years ago

    Nd if your 13?

  • Fernando Vallejo 3 years ago

    I got your app!

  • schoolgrafiti 3 years ago

    @TheMedia2009 thats wat i always say

  • ramir332 3 years ago

    @omoshiroidayo I think that goes for all men not just shy ones lol

  • q1741t81ba 3 years ago

    I just followed the wing girls modo just go with it

  • Anna Scherill 3 years ago

    i recommend meeting online today for example on onesided anonymous chats
    like, it is really good way to meet someone

  • hate allie 3 years ago

    Enough with the gay jokes cum on guys. You’re fucking assholes. LMFAO

  • Hamish Watson-Holmes 3 years ago

    You should write dating book

  • Mrpigghost 3 years ago

    Most of my relationships end because im too quiet or just really lazy xD

  • Sebastian Buitrago 3 years ago

    Me neither

  • dragonblood7575 3 years ago

    I’m but your screwed

  • goddesstumblr 3 years ago

    @kattowitz4 ” you betta shape up, cuz I need a man…. and my heart is set
    on you “

  • niceuser1234 3 years ago

    where are you gonna be the one on right?

  • LockieKermit 3 years ago

    @kattowitz4 wow, such a happy chap aren’t you? Suck it up

  • mKwi9FUG8N 3 years ago

    Well…… Fuck. I dont Have a wingman.

  • Tomas Bishop 3 years ago

    I shy

  • leeroy3073 3 years ago

    well im fucked cuz ive been friends with her for ata least 5 years

  • exussupremebeing 3 years ago

    xDD ahhh, funnyyyyy! xD

  • BagManRocksYourSocks 3 years ago

    I’m 13 lots of the kids in my school are dating am I too young?

  • 93joha 3 years ago

    girl in the pink has the cutest smile

  • iPhonePRO 3 years ago

    This advise is like… Learning how to hunt a deer, from a deer. You will
    never catch it.

  • rachel kirtom 3 years ago

    Add her on a social networking site and start talking to her on there, get
    to know her and say hi when you see her then everything should run smoothly
    from there 🙂

  • Dark_Matter 3 years ago

    i’ve had girls tell me that im mysterious… after sex, girls usually ask
    me why im so nice.

  • HuckMeHard 3 years ago

    These are some ugly fucking broads.