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  • akpas isa 4 years ago

    There are so many ways to attract women, you can applying some simple tips like this : bit(dot)ly/1frW4RZ

  • Isabella Ford 4 years ago

    I have liked this guy for a few months and I found out he likes me but he’s super shy. We text a lot but when we are in person he will scratch the back of his neck and avoid eye contact with me and its frustrating. Even thought this video is typically for guys, it’s helped me a lot to understand shy guys.

  • James Cao 4 years ago

    Don’t worry man- i can gurantee a lot of guys here have a similar situation to you hence they are here- including me man. I actually found a lot of help from this guy alone- he teaches a lot alot of good stuff.

  • Michael Harreskov 4 years ago

    I believe my heart out till sunrise and I still don’t succeed.
    Other then this Yoga Guru crap you offer average guys, minus the accent, no practical advice. I have a fair amount of confidence so that not my main problem.
    Your Mind is an open book unfortunately it is stuck on page #1…
    For example: I see a cute lady in the food store or library(since I have rejected a thousand times before) How do I seal the deal???

  • Harry Baldwin 4 years ago

    Yes, great stuff!

  • Dating Tips For Men 4 years ago

    great tips! thanks

  • James T 4 years ago

    Apples to oranges comparison. Comparing typing (finger muscle memory) to approaching women is oversimplifying.

  • craig faison 4 years ago

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  • ksuresh25 4 years ago

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  • Martina Postert 4 years ago

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  • HowToMakeFriends 4 years ago

    You’re doing a great service to men, Stephan.

  • Kevin W 4 years ago

    I think you are very right, but I have to say that there are also easier ways to get girls (ex: sitting at home on your computer) for many guys its easier and simply saves the embarrassment of coming up to a girl on the street. You can learn more at howtomeetgirlsonfacebook . com

  • Ian moone 4 years ago


  • Alfredo Moreno 4 years ago

    hey guys if you want any women to chase you for sex check this out its sooo coool

  • Trey morris 4 years ago

    im shy never had a girlfriend before like everytime i go up to a girl i always get rejected my life sucks

  • sKELLzart 4 years ago

    This applies to alot more than women, but just Goals in general.

  • Sundeep Kataria 4 years ago

    This is interesting. Let us also use the astrological zodiac sign of the lady to be better prepared. Do visit my channel also for advice for lady born under each zodiac sign.

  • Martijn B 4 years ago

    The funny thing is, i saw the girl i liked smiled at her and wanted to alk but just choked so i walked past and started smiling and said to myself : you sissy bastard. it was pretty funny yet pretty dissapointing

  • Nur Listiyanto 4 years ago

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  • samballa narada 4 years ago


  • Nisa Fitriana 4 years ago

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  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 4 years ago

    That’s why I suggest you think of what could go RIGHT instead of all too common, thinking of what could go WRONG.

  • Steven Glansburg 4 years ago

    You started from the bottom now you here

  • adriaan van harrick 4 years ago

    try to experiment a bit to get the sound better.. maybe a better mike, closer mike position? .. there seems to be lacking sound in the lower registers, the room sounds hollow, your voice could be closer

  • jmsolano0516 4 years ago

    He is saying what we r doing wrong but nothing else

  • MrKChris1 4 years ago

    I have watched 3 videos of you and I haven’t heard even one advice, suggestion.. Sorry I am not saying that you don’t give advice just i could’t find one in your 3 videos i have watched.
    Could you please point out titles of your videos in which i can find some useful advice??

  • GMD45321 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! Could really relate to the bad experiences

  • Drew Smith 4 years ago

    your philosophy also applies in everything in daily life +1 to you.

  • Clover Field 4 years ago

    It’s called social anxiety

  • thetaoffbadass 4 years ago

    Buy The Tao of Badass — Dating Tips for Men

  • Westboyd1 4 years ago

    Weird to think that a dating tips video has made me want to improve my typing skills, I will now take the action plan to do this, currently, my typing is better than the usage of just two but still need to look down, found a website to correct this, currently at 20-30 wpm hope to build on this, each day… Thanks for this vid, cheers

  • TheGridironkid 4 years ago

    This is my biggest problem thanks for posting!

  • Kevin Hallow 4 years ago

    Believe this. If you can make a girl laugh and have a nice smile you are half way there. Honestly. We can’t all be Mr. Universe or a millionaire. What a normal girl wants is to be treated well, and made to laugh. It’s not rocket science !

  • Earl Dyson 4 years ago

    Man! good vid! I’m using a method to get girls and wow! i’m getting really good results, if you want to see it just go to my profile and the link is in the description of my profile.

  • zombieslayer00z 4 years ago

    Go out be a macho manly man dickhead, women seem to love when “men” threat them like shit.

  • pokeopter1 4 years ago

    Very helpful. Thanks man

  • Alt TGS 4 years ago


  • johnsonjk81 4 years ago

    Jameson browns comment nailed it. Make a video about that topic

  • uBLDiMeNtIoNzZ 4 years ago

    he is German 🙂

  • Reda Kyoko 4 years ago

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  • Duncan McKenzie 4 years ago

    where is he from? sometimes he sounds English and sometimes he sounds deutsch (German)

  • DerekReviewz 4 years ago

    Nice video Stephan and REALLY glad you brought up the silly pick up lines and routines fact. Used to be pretty shy myself but worked on my inner game 1st before perfecting my C&F (cocky and funny). As long as you’re congruent and find the perfect balance between the two without turning into an a**hole with the women, you can get away with a lot of “chick crack” peddling 😉