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Video made for the shy guys! I'm no professional, just a friend trying to help my guys out =) Comment, Rate, Subscribe & LAUGH!!!



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  • Rory Fyfe Smith 3 years ago

    I am shy. Here is some help I got to not be shy anymore
    1. Most of what people say is inane rubbish so don’t be scared to give your
    inane rubbish. I used to think people were talking really sophisticated
    stuff but most people don’t.
    What motivated me to talk more.
    2. They say people who talk most at business meetings get promoted even if
    they are saying inane rubbish.
    3. The police say talk to your kidnapper to form a bond with them.
    4. Oh by the way there are some things most people don’t want to talk
    about, like my boring collections of stuff. But apart from that most stuff
    is OK to talk about.
    5. Practise talking to people and read good self help books.
    I also find when I wear my John Lennon glasses women cup to me to borrow my

  • kris james 3 years ago

    i went in to the club one night and walk up to the most hottest girl i
    could find and said, im looking for a girl to spend the night with, she
    told me she was looking for a guy to spend the night with, then it was on
    …..i didnt have to pay or any thing, yes confidence is the key or did i
    just get lucky , never saw her again

  • stupidstt 3 years ago

    Typical Indian date on my rez: Wanna go drink a 12 pack with me?

  • Quince sain-dunham 3 years ago

    I think I want you. you inspire me. inspired to get this youtube thing back
    up and I invite you to watch for me. I wonder where you are. stay
    beautiful. 1st nation. proud 4u. stay gorgeous. gangster

  • dating44 3 years ago

    Any body view the sopranos last week? Certainly groovy!

  • Jonathan Hawk 3 years ago

    This made me smile. You’re doing great work for the guys! Yakoke (thank

  • Suranga Withanage 3 years ago

    I am mysterious not shy, but many girls misunderstands it as shy

  • jobcorp 3 years ago

    man O man O man hahaha. doesn’t ms.native_warrior have a beautiful
    smile…good lookin out for them shy guys…now the rate of new borns in
    2010 is gonna increase by the number of ratings u get haha..Just
    kidding…love tha vids…im drunk and its natives,com all day…copyright

  • Tatooinedragracer 3 years ago

    You’ve given me the confidence to talk to beautiful women. I’m going to the
    Morongo Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow next month in Morongo, Ca,. When I
    see a beautiful Native woman there I’m going to remember you and go up and
    talk to her. Thanks.

  • anzac2404 3 years ago

    @MsNativeWarrior, Yeah, most of them in Canada LOL, & yes I’ve met a
    few…VERY nice & very brainy…stands to reason why women can multi-task
    hahahaha. My problem is, their either married or divorced or their too
    young; I need to move my arse (ass) on a number of matters, & yes I’ve
    always wanted to get married, just got to find her! PS: I think you’re
    lush…well at least one of us is pretty LOL.

  • wabbz14 3 years ago

    your looking beautiful in this vid….l like ur style and ur smile.. I’am
    not a shy guy..just a nice guy….you have to much beauty to be shy….ill
    be tha

  • shlacx 3 years ago

    You are very kind. Thank you for this.

  • GasCaml 3 years ago

    Boy you are a hottie. Again this information would’ve been Helpful 25 years
    ago when I visited Sisseton S.D. to meet my relatives. the girls did all
    that stuff you talk about, I had no idea

  • ShadyForce4 3 years ago

    Why would shy guys be dancing at the club?

  • Tabitha Morrison 3 years ago

    Ha ha.. Gooo Savyy!! <3

  • kkolxasram 3 years ago

    WHAT is the name of the song at 3:00 please.

  • MsNativeWarrior 3 years ago

    @anzac2404 Thank You! There are MANY wonderful beautiful women in the
    world, I have met some!! keep your hopes up and stay positive. Good things
    will come. Take Care 🙂

  • chopperakaty 3 years ago

    Dang you really are the love doctor.

  • isnawica 3 years ago

    Those are some good tips. Thanks (: I have to remember those tips if I ever
    meet you. lol jping.

  • imdaNDN 3 years ago

    Awesome! where you been all my life! My question is when do i go for the
    romantic-kish kiss? Date 2-3? Or at latte #2?

  • Mustafa Ali 3 years ago

    I like your video but could you do a video on the same subject but when
    approaching in a mall,library or similar places do you have email so we can
    talk about this subject

  • Disneyfan5150 3 years ago

    why do guys have to ask girls out though, this is 2012, I thought we passed
    the whole men are equal to women stage, if guys are still doing a the work
    I guess we are better at one thing

  • Hairee Stener 3 years ago

    Can you make a video singing Colors of the Wind? I want to see a real
    Native American sing it.

  • snipercounty 3 years ago

    this video is full of win! much love from To!! btw, didnt realize you were
    part of the opening ceremonies!! it was pretty momentous if i may say so =D

  • RLove99 3 years ago

    On what planet does this video make any sense?

  • jiggagent 3 years ago

    Nice Sav!! I`m sure that would be helfull for all shy guys out there. U
    pointed two major things that are key. The confidence and the do something.
    That`s right, you got it Sav, and yes spread the love.

  • Boobies6Make9MeHappy 3 years ago

    do you eat food lmao!!! youd be the 1st person id hit on in a club due to
    your excess beauty n ur funny sence of humor.,,,sincerely those are the
    type of females i digg….i just watched the vid cus youre real beautiful

  • newgatecam 3 years ago

    You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ! I always go to bed
    after watching your video ! Seriously [:D

  • anifrancisco1 3 years ago

    hahaha… kool vid! shots shots… shots shots!!

  • adrian2k7 3 years ago

    your so pretty…somehow this video came up as “recomended for you” on my
    page. which i totally disagree. and im in love… so uh….you eat food?

  • mon. poulussen 3 years ago

    Hoi, I’am from Holland. What If I call my Native Hopi friend over seas and
    he is ssooo shy on the phone that I have to keep the conversion going on
    and on. Or ask him, if he is still there. Do you have any tips for him too.
    Last time we phoned 1 hour, but I was the one who talked. I know, We women
    talk a lot, but I mean…..

  • iggy330 3 years ago

    hhah love it

  • ojibwayjayceon2 3 years ago

    why do natives from all over sound the same?

  • TheOkwaho 3 years ago

    kwe kwe hell yea tell em sister they gotta have that self confidence n just
    go for it

  • Eric Johnson 3 years ago

    One lucky dude whoever gets that fine beautiful gorgeous woman! Ohhhh

  • PhoenyxBoy 3 years ago

    LOL . U have no idea of how shy I am :$

  • erictrain475 3 years ago

    That’s some good advice! Thanks for giving your perspective. It helps to
    hear the woman’s point of view.

  • LeeseeLee1 3 years ago

    haha! awesome vid!!!

  • MsNativeWarrior 3 years ago

    @imdaNDN It all depends on the chemistry. If it’s an instant attraction
    which is mutual and you feel tonka trucks (male version of butterflies) for
    this girl, then top of a first date with a classy lucious kiss!! And you’ll
    be the hot topic of convo with her and her girl friends until the date
    Number 2.

  • Stijn Vh 3 years ago

    mmmm but i never go to the club , not my intrest , do girls exist that dont
    love partying , drinking , beach boys , etc i just want a girl to hug when
    i feel lonley , not for sex or so . but iv noticed that i never met a girl
    who doesnt like those things . i hope i don’t die alone ); , but i given my
    hopes up

  • Tahnee Bennett 3 years ago

    Girls want guys to be dominant and be the ones to come up to us girls the
    moment the thought passes thrrough their minds that we are beautiful.. dont
    wait a year to tell us..”The moment I saw you was the moment I knew I
    wanted to be with you” LoL Cuz…. sorry bout it, we’ve already mooooved
    on. SUCK IT UP BOYS!! Quit being shy, nervous, intimidated, get over here
    and talk to us! LoL…well Said Savvy! I love this video!

  • uglytoad69 3 years ago

    Wow! You give me confidence! 5 stars!

  • BHFsenad18 3 years ago

    woow your HOT baby, wana get a drink,lol is it working??? nice video, thanx

  • MsNativeWarrior 3 years ago

    just ask her!! she will probably love it 🙂

  • Dee Paulette 3 years ago

    hahahhaha.. “you eat food”!!!! thatss awesomeee wickeddd videeooo Savvvy..

  • Binaasi06 3 years ago

    this stuff works ! ! you know the situation: shes with him?? im that big
    dude lol

  • Elroy Louis 3 years ago

    You are crazy funny…. Pho sho, I’ll drop have my boys get on those
    advices down to the tee. I love it.. my production is in the works.. It
    will be ready early fall..

  • tanster2002 3 years ago

    Great vid! LOL