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Get more instant insights into the female mind right here: There is the common belief that women are attracted to taller men. But where ex…



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  • Liquidcadmus 4 years ago

    Its a fact that at a first glance all women like tall guys more but from my personal experience I can say that in the end the ultimate attractor is self confidence.

  • mousers21 4 years ago

    where’d you go?

  • Lipstickchick126 4 years ago

    There’s a short guy at my work that I have a little bit of a crush on. He’s like 5,1 but i think he’s fine as hell. I have a think for shorter guys with like really wide shoulders and like more muscular arms (that’s sounds really weird)…

  • Cafeconlatte 4 years ago

    I am a short woman, 1.62. I like guys of 1.80 and up. So that is a lot more than 4 inches. And that is not because ‘I like to wear heels’ but because I am more physically attracted to taller guys.

  • PsychoScorpio 4 years ago

    I’m a tall guy too (6.0) and I agree to a certain extant.

  • Cleric775 4 years ago

    Sometimes you’ve got to reach for the impossible…

  • AmricanEagl 4 years ago

    I play classical guitar and sing (check my yt channel), I speak four languages, I cook very good meals, I’m studying computer science, I have a very good job as a system security auditor at Frito Lays, I’m very faithful, respectful, and responsible. Yet, I can’t find a woman because I’m 5’5. As matter of fact I’ve been rejected so many times in my life that it doesn’t hurt me any more..

  • Jonathan Allen 4 years ago

    Common-Sense Woman! Thank you!

  • mindscraped 4 years ago

    I have said this before and I will say this again this woman has in her future a great career in psychology. I wish this kind of information was around when I was a lot younger.

  • grayandgray 4 years ago

    On average, women like a man 2-4 inches taller. Luckily, women on average, are shorter.

    As a tall guy, I’ll do my part to maintain fairness by rejecting short women that “like to wear heels”. Cheaters.

  • iDEBS 4 years ago

    Trust me you will be surprised to find out how many ladies are out there who like their guys the same Height or even shorter.

  • Frank Dore 4 years ago

    I am a man at 5’6″ and have weigh in at just about 185 lbs. I am not fat in fact I generally run about 11% body fat. Most of the women I date are 5″10 and taller. I have never really had a problem dating tall women, I am a private military contractor and in my off time teach and dance Argentine tango again no problem with tall women. It’s truly about confidence and I think the fact that if the women feels you can protect her , no problem.

  • Death .Watcher 4 years ago

    im 5’5 or 5’6 and i like dating women shorter then I am. Maybe thats why I have hard time dating.. lol

  • Janthonycox 4 years ago

    I’m 5’2 and I prefer to date tall girls at least 6’0 and above. They can be shorter but at least taller than me.

  • xPistols4Pandasx 4 years ago

    jennelli17, I’m glad you post these videos coz now I can show Santa what I want for Christmas 🙂

  • Chris Spencer 4 years ago

    Not dating someone, because of their race is still practiced. Look at the asian man in america, Or the black women. on average, Both have difficulty on the dating scene, because of societal views. The point I’m making is on the dating scene people are going to choose who they are attracted to. If someone isn’t attracted to short guys, they shouldn’t be forced to like them. I suppose you could say its bigotry, but i say its reality. people have there sexual preferences, which are highlyindividual

  • cristhespence 4 years ago

    Everyone has physical preferences they prefer in someone else. If a women is not attracted to a shorter man, or prefers a certain type of man. That is her prerogative, and people who don’t meet her preference shouldn’t be angry with her. This is life, and things are not always fair. Especially, on the dating scene. Everyone is a bit shallow, and “discriminates” for what they are attracted to. We all have preferences, and are attracted to certain things. You can’t really help what you are drawnto

  • cristhespence 4 years ago

    Don’t kid yourself women like tall men, baring the extremes the general population of women want a man to be taller then them. Looks are just as important to women. Short guys can do two things, let women come to them, or try to find women that are interested in you. If women go up to you, then you will be alot more successful, but have less women. If you seek out women, you will get rejected alot more, but have more women. Lastly, don’t hate on women, they have problems just like we do.

  • Casadosmongos 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the video!!! :O
    Why do you even do this!?
    God bless you woman! (:

  • JAY W 4 years ago

    i maybe a shorter guy but i was getting phone numbers from women all the way back to 1996 i was 14yld to 15yld im sure not a whole lot has changed in the last 15yrs just like those youngsters who are playin ymca basketball at the age of 7 an 8yld thats why they were good enough to make the cuts for the highschool team. an thats my message to all short men on here that are 25 or 30 somthin yld where were you 15yrs ago were you getting there phone numbers back then were you confident enough

  • somedude712 4 years ago


    What if the guy is tall but can’t defend himself? I guess i can understand why a female would naturally think that a taller, larger man would make her feel safe. However, i know tall people that would naturally flee at the sight of another, much taller man challenging them to a fight. It’s so embarrassing. As for short men, i think all of them should know how to fight or at least train themselves to be as strong, if not stronger then taller, larger men.

  • carefulcarpenter 4 years ago

    Best dating advice-giver on YT~! Do you have a boyfriend?

  • Pokéflirt 4 years ago

    Awesome video thanks for giving advice to my channel!!

  • qwertyabsurd 4 years ago

    I love your accent.

  • kilkolio 4 years ago

    white ppl suppressing black ppl is a myth as well lets go back to that tiem shall we?

  • GangStaLaugh 4 years ago

    Short men move to Asia…women are waiting for you…:)

  • CampinBush 4 years ago

    Yeah us short guys have to work 10 times harder to get the girls.

  • Anton Girdeuk 4 years ago

    lol about fitting in the sport car comment. 😀

  • Brent Jowers 4 years ago

    This was good spirited and there’s something to be said about being an underdog. What needs to be mentioned, is being assertive and “peacocking,” is viewed negatively when short men do it. We’re told we’re compensating if we do these things. If we don’t do these things, we lack confidence but if we do them we’re compensating. We can’t win. Yes, we need to be confident in the face of discrimination but society makes negative character judgments on us regardless of which road we choose

  • Brent Jowers 4 years ago

    The problem with a short guy being an alpha-male, is that if he is assertive and confident, it is considered to be compensation and viewed negatively. Therefore, the same traits that would get a tall guy praised, gets a short ridiculed and frowned upon. Society puts us in a no-win situation in that regard

  • darkspeed62 4 years ago

    “Women prefer tall men ( 6′ – 6’2). Many will point to wanting to feel
    protected” – lol tall in itself does nothing for a woman. Pointing to her wanting to feel protected reveals what she ACTUALLY wants. She wants to feel protected and secure, not a “tall man” per se. That’s a very important thing to remember.

  • darkspeed62 4 years ago

    And looks are generally much less important to women than personality.

  • Keary Botley 4 years ago

    Date Asian girls.

  • vishal sharma 4 years ago

    Biologically women are attracted to taller men…

  • Petie1990 4 years ago

    i enjoy your videos and being experienced i agree with everything you say. im a attractive male but considered to be on the shorter side of average which is 5’8 barefoot and about 5’9 depending on the shoes. i have always viewed color, race and height to be on the same level as normal. noone has ever brought me down until one chick i dated for a little over 4 yrs who was 5’5 told me i was short for a guy. anyways i dont let ignorant people bring me down like that and this should go for everyone

  • usa90 4 years ago

    hehehehe …

  • Sally Marengo 4 years ago

    tips for short guys. 1. wear platforms 2. date shorter chicks 3. stand on a curb and don’t move the entire date. 4. don’t worry and be yourself and have fun.

  • Clayton7510 4 years ago

    I only date women shorter than me, anyway. However, that doesn’t really limit my dating options.

  • Caalvin Bruce 4 years ago


  • movement2contact 4 years ago

    what’s with the hate-comments lately here…?

  • movement2contact 4 years ago

    you, by watching it, of course….

  • L8onL8on 4 years ago

    Nothing concrete.  She just decided she wanted to be a female David DeAngelo and try to make money off it. She has sound logic though, I will admit that, otherwise I wouldn’t watch her stuff.

  • nico3641 4 years ago

    I’m 5’7″ and have never ever desired to be taller. My height is perfect for me.

  • Choose1Life 4 years ago

    A short guy has to have something outstanding going on, unfortunately. It’s not about the bright coloured shirts that you’re talking about. He has to hae “swagger”, confidence, be an alpha male. If he’s not the alpha in the pack or really good looking its hard for him to get noticed. That’s the truth.

  • Turlast 4 years ago

    Good stuff. As a 5’8″ guy, I realize my options will never be on the same level as a 6’2″ guy. However, it’s not worth being bitter about. People are attracted what they’re attracted to. You just have to make the best with what you have and continue to better yourself. At one point, I was very insecure about my height, but it no longer bothers me.

  • shadowgiest22 4 years ago

    But seriously, most of the stigma about being short comes from other men who are insecure about their own height, telling a shorter guy that a woman is too tall for him, when he isn’t very tall himself and needs to call a shorter guy out to feel better. If being short is the worst thing you have going for you, then you’re doing ok. If being tall is the best thing he’s got going for him, then he really isn’t doing that great. Women tend to not care as long as you are capable

  • MrObamanos 4 years ago

    That`s alot of work. Glad I`m 6/4 lol

  • shadowgiest22 4 years ago

    When anyone comments about your height, just tell them that “I got all the inches I need where it really counts”

  • Vince Gibbs 4 years ago

    I love your smile. You are fucking gorgeous!