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Dating Tips For Men :: When it comes to dating women, all men must realize a simple truth: watch how women choose men. Don't listen to what they say they wan…



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  • himan sharma 4 years ago

    I was useless with females right until I came upon Simple Gained Girlfriends. Take a look, I don’t mean to show off but I can get any woman I want nowadays. Google search Simple Gained Girlfriends, you’ll see just what I am talking about.

  • aquibienpo 4 years ago

    No one have to get on other people’s head, is ridiculous, be free.

  • aquibienpo 4 years ago

    Why that old rule of don’t call the next day…..? Woman young woman are just not ready…admit that…..

  • Niko Deschamps 4 years ago

    You are mostly right with this but don’t wait as long as you say. I used to wait a couple days but by that time the girl had forgotten who I was. Also not every girl will react possitively to being asked out on the 1st text gotta get to know them a little bit. I find that you get the most success when you send a 1st text that shows a little bit of your personality, something like “Hey it’s Niko the bald guy with no teeth and an eye patch that you met today” for a girl you approached during day

  • Niko Deschamps 4 years ago

    Smooth man deffenetly need you as my wingman

  • drizzycudi 4 years ago

    I cant get over this.

  • drizzycudi 4 years ago

    holy fucking shitting hell you are the most beautiful girl to have ever graced this planet.