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Women oftentimes reject men because they aren't attentive enough, they make them feel unimportant or they never do any planning. Avoid rejection from a woman with tips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • matt smith 2 years ago

    Women’s lib ruined our society. Not only do men have to make a living for
    them but in addition we have to play all these mind games with them on top
    of it???? MGTOW!!!

  • Robert Guertin 2 years ago

    The way to attract women
    Is a simple 3 steps technique
    Just Search Google for: *Girl Secret Info*
    Click the First Result

  • zombiesrule1 2 years ago

    In other words, if a man “castrates” himself by being a needy little boy, a
    woman loses her attraction. Or if a man behaves like a puppy that can be
    led anywhere and made do anything.

    The second point, a man makes a woman feel unimportant by talking about
    ex’s and stating that he’s dating other women is kind of…well. The exes
    have got to go. If a man is still talking about his exes that means that he
    hasn’t gotten over them and he will compare his new gf or a potential
    girlfriend to his ex girlfriend’s. This applies to men and women. But a man
    dating multiple women at once – there’s nothing wrong with that because
    women do it all the time, but they put it in a different context by saying
    that they just want to date and “see who’s out there” or they just want to
    have fun…whatever.

    And third, some men live under a rock and don’t know of fun things to do
    and cool places to go. So, on those boring nothing-to-do days it’s a good
    idea to hop in the car and go look for cool places to hang out at – diners,
    book sores, coffee shops, pizzerias, wineries. And usually the shop owners
    will go out of their way to compete for customers.

    Overall, it’s sad that dating has become such a “condom”. People are way
    concerned about status, money, power, and looks that finding a true love,
    getting to know each other and falling in love BEFORE getting laid. It’s
    just not the same anymore.

  • Brad Eddy 2 years ago

    I think a lot of things are over thought, and over looked.. just get to
    know each other.. simple.

  • pibadar 2 years ago

    girls don’t like bad boys.. they like nice boys with bad boy attitude

  • Walter Jr 2 years ago

    @MrMaclover09 Ahhhh, reminds me of Forrest Gump.

  • iseedeadpplz 2 years ago

    This is rediculos, you make it seem like guys dont have any feelings like
    woman and that were completly two different species, We both have feelings
    so why should guys have to come on here and listen to advice about girls?
    Everyone is unique and making these videos trying to teach guys how to date
    women is just stupid. If a women had to watch a video on youtube to try and
    impress me, Id be very dissapointed and wouldnt even consider going out
    with her .

  • decaturbeauty 2 years ago

    they just dont like you! Duh!!

  • SimulatedStories 2 years ago

    @whyeff21 There are plenty of nice ways, but because women are so used to
    getting what they want, they’ll probably respond with whining and
    demonizing you. Just get straight to the point and it will work out fine
    enough. :>

  • conanvette 2 years ago

    this all sounds more complicated than rocket science

  • jonas ho 2 years ago

    @McCaler strictly get laid

  • WickedKnight07 2 years ago

    @ApollosInsight Maybe they’re too scared to dig so deep that they’ll get
    burned by molten lava, so the irony is women are more scared to take risks
    then men are when it comes to relationships. That OR maybe all they can
    afford is fools gold, because diamonds are to expensive.

  • srg200669 2 years ago

    Come on you guys, you don’t need a video to explain this to you, i’ll give
    you the answer, why women reject men? Answer= simply because THEY DON’T
    FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE! Simple as that, attraction goes a longgggg way. With
    women if they find you attractive, even if you have the dullest, most
    narcisistic personality they’ll put up with it and ALOT of other b.s.,
    cheating ect. I’ve seen it millions of times. Know who you are and how
    society views you and play the cards you’re dealt best you can.

  • akwinata1 2 years ago

    Be catholic, and do it well. Don’t mess it like your life till now. Just do
    it. You don’t like it? Very well, do it! Be your own fighter and conqueror,
    with the help of Jesus. Fr. Corapi

  • kailashrai 2 years ago

    I’m a little bit in love with you Jessica. That’s right. Oh yeah…

  • Mushtaq ali khan 2 years ago

    @rockstoneish UR MOM USED IT BT HW DID U CUM OUT OF HER ****???

  • tcee001 2 years ago

    so do other stuff like height, size of this size of that, color, shade,
    intensity, taste scent, speed, of this or that, etc … attraction is a
    physics thing))). i don’t see why they call it chemistry when the going is

  • GeminiXcX 2 years ago

    Hah-hah! North American women reject men for 3 reasons… 1) You’re not
    “good-looking”. 2) You’re “bad-looking”. 3) Your wallet isn’t thick enough
    to compensate for the above two. I hope this clears-up any confusion you
    men may have, in regards to this mystifying, made-overly-complicated issue!
    Solution: **Reject N. American women**, & go to foreign countries where
    REAL ladies, esp those who are decent WIFE material, still exist. ):-]

  • Sword Nika 2 years ago

    you’re kidding. dating coach!!??? that’s actually a thing????!!!!

  • 4pointsWest 2 years ago

    @ZexionFangirl42 i didn’t think a straight man could go on a date with a

  • blabblab1212 2 years ago

    @cycober Dam right!

  • Lorelei Carlson 2 years ago

    @JunkyardKid If you want to get laid, expect to work for it.

  • İsmail A 2 years ago

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    a lady-magnet He started attracting girls over night. I was stunned. He
    pretended he didn’t notice. He then smiled and told me while he was wasted
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  • Agent1W 2 years ago

    Rejection, as I saw it as a young teenager, was a very disturbing thing.
    But I’m 25 years old now and I understand this concept perfectly. In full
    completion, I will remain steadfast in my identity as a man, always. I will
    never compromise. What you see is what you get! Take it or leave it,
    ladies. I can pass you the ball, but it’ll be in MY court. >: /

  • ncisgirl19 2 years ago

    @karlsmith00 you preach personal responsibility yet you go around on
    youtube calling people losers and telling them they should kill themselves.
    You may respect women, but do you have any respect for life? or dignity? Im
    a women, and I’m able to find respectable men who are mature. I don’t know
    what you’ve been through but you need to get a grip and maybe let your
    guard down

  • mego674 2 years ago

    casimir, you missed the point. Watch the video again. You don’t get into an
    either or situation. They’re separate tendencies, not 2 different behaviors
    practised simultaneously! Go to the back of the class, right now.

  • whyeff21 2 years ago

    I keep typing “How to reject WOMEN nicely” and all i get is “Why women
    rejected men” videos….

  • McCaler 2 years ago

    I’m not looking to have sex with 50 of them. I would love to have a
    meaningful, wholesome, romantic relationship with a girl. Unless that’s
    going to change then I don’t know.

  • fourcams 2 years ago

    @MrMaclover09 Why are you upset then? You must be getting women in droves,

  • ZexionFangirl42 2 years ago

    The third reason. What? I’d say, at least have an Idea on what you want to
    do. If she doesn’t go for it ask her what she wants to do. Give her a say
    man. Also, the guys on here need to start looking in a different place for
    their women. Not ALL women are like you guys say. Some of us are lesbians.

  • MrMaclover09 2 years ago

    Dude the reason is because women want assholes until i would say on average
    the age of 26 or 27. some never grow up though.

  • Banjojo 2 years ago

    Yes these are all true. It’s funny the first two contradict each other.
    The third one is important. You have to have a plan, It’s best if it’s new
    and exciting, don’t get routine, but it’s better to go somewhere routine
    then nowhere at all. If you’re bored, she will be too. I’m working on
    these, but if somebody makes you happy it’s not too hard, I’m usually
    afraid to show it though, Or I’m too worried about rejection. It aint easy.

  • aviomaster 2 years ago

    WOMAN want a they do not know what they want That is the problem. That is
    why you can see Thousands of American and European man in THAILAND. WHITE
    woman are imbeciles.

  • xhemexx 2 years ago

    @shadowsa2b lol hey, you relax I was only kidding with that silly comment I
    made. It was meant to be alittle funny and so I made it sound silly. As for
    the truth, I totally agree that there is nothing wrong with asking the
    other person. I am always one to ask my girlfriend what she would like to
    do, so I got no problem with it!!!!!. So cool down!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • srg200669 2 years ago

    @freakedout93 errhh?

  • Matthew Jeroma 2 years ago

    they have video’s on this stuff?

  • Kemiztri 2 years ago

    u do know that most women are not confident

  • Capt Killjoy 2 years ago

    Well she left out ” He is to fat” and “He didnt make enough money”

  • jasperpaws24 2 years ago

    @MrMaclover09 amen

  • hulk90000 2 years ago

    jessica go away.

  • mjameso 2 years ago

    @JesusManson323 similar experience: I hooked up with a lonely women in her
    early 40’s that I met when I was cleaning office blocks to pay my way
    through college. The point is I came accross many women such as her who
    have been working the same boring office job for a couple of decades and
    never married who would appreciate a young man taking an interest in them
    unlike the mean spirited girls I see in night clubs and college.

  • drumphat 2 years ago

    Mr. Maclover is hilarious! HAHAHAHAHA

  • raztis1 2 years ago

    @NattHrafn but u r changing… your basically lying to her if your not like
    that. often the best guys r NOT selfish, they are shy, they are caring, and
    thats what women SAY they want. Telling a guy like this to be selfish is
    the same as telling them to lie to the women. And the fact is, women dont
    want a badboy, thats why they complain about crappy b/fs all the time, the
    problem is, when their single, all they care about is looks, and “badboys”
    then reality sets in and they break up.

  • Steven John 2 years ago

    Good advice. Helps to be decisive – if you’re from the area. You can
    suggest two or three places and let her decide which one.