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Women are frustrated with their relationships and men that don't seem to “get it” when it comes to how women need to be loved and what men need to do to sust…



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  • singlemansurvival 3 years ago

    Dating and marrying is a thing of the past. I think black women should
    focus on maintaining and building some kind of economic security for them
    selves. Nobody out here is going to catch you when you fall.

  • theperv01 3 years ago

    Never take advice from women. It’s always a lose lose situation with them.
    It’s always what did u do wrong how u did it wrong and why it went wrong
    with one as a man. Too many bitches need to get off that damn pedestal and
    down back to earth. And some hoes need to be chopped down or tipped over

  • Gary Hemitt 3 years ago

    what she says is very true. ive observed women really respond to these
    things. but i dont do it much, only about 10% of what my girlfriends seem
    to want, if that. i just havent got the energy for a lot of it. after doing
    all the things i have to do, and getting all the time i need with friends
    and me time, there isnt much effort for it in me. so im just staying single
    and having a fun life. much better for me than having a girlfriend.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    And dates don’t have to be about going out to eat all the time. Get
    creative, use your imagination when planning a date. Go to a museum, a
    park, ask her out if you are walking your dog, go to a wine tasting, an
    outdoor free concert, have a picnic, Lot’s of free activities you can do
    instead of the dinner and movie.

  • JoeClyde55 3 years ago

    @Debsterism Why does it have to be “that is what black men always do?” smh
    Nobody can make another person happy. That is the truth.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “Of course he couldn’t because obivously he didn’t have the opportunities”
    He had every opportunity and stop blaming the white man for black man’s
    failures. No white man stopped my grandfather from showing affection to his
    wife. No white man stopped him from any of that. You are such a big whiny
    baby. He could have given her flowers, cooked dinner for her, rubbed her
    feet, taken her out to eat, bought her a dress. He never did that because
    he wasn’t raised to show affection to his wife.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “. It’s best a if a man just stays single. He can live his life how he
    wants free of a headache, and free of the possiblity of ass rapage in
    divorce court.” Or…he could always date other men and enjoy ass rapage
    out of court.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    ” her views in other videos and in this video is encouraging women to be
    high maintnenance and too agressive.” Another point as well. So what if a
    woman is high maintenance and aggressive. Plenty of men are that way.
    People can be however way they want to be, and you have a choice to love
    them and put up with it, or leave and move on. Also If you are a 3 on a
    scale of 10 and trying to date a woman who is an 8, 9, 10, and can have any
    man she wants, you’re in for a challenge, same for women.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    ” men need to be more attentive to women but she needs to understand men
    can’t be the emotional care taker and provider at the same damn time it’s
    impossible!” Yet men expect women to be all of these things at the same
    damn time, but when women expect men to reciprocate all of a sudden it’s
    too much, she’s labeled as high maintanence and aggressive by ‘you’. A man
    who thinks a woman who seeks his time and attention to show she’s important
    doesn’t deserve a relationship. He’s selfish and lazy

  • klevdav 3 years ago

    Men . If your woman is boring she is not the one for u. She won’t take
    intrest in what u do because of her own boredom. Make sure u get one that’s
    exciting before u met her. Lol

  • kmcl11 3 years ago

    @OmniRexDraconis You should, you are in a realtionship with a woman dummy.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    ” nobody is responsible for making you happy. if your not happy it because
    your not happy with yourself! period!” This is a hallmarkk cardboard box
    sentiment that people often repeat but don’t take the time to really know
    what they are repeating. People and situations can most definitely affect
    your mood and make a happy person unhappy. This can happen in your
    professional and personal relationships. A happy person can be worn down by
    a miserable unhappy person.

  • Always Learnin' 3 years ago

    @Debsterism So if you want him to adapt to YOUR communication style,
    doesn’t that mean that you are LAZY and don’t want to do any WORK? That
    along with a complete lack of accountability on YOUR part.

  • JoeClyde55 3 years ago

    Can women honestly ever be happy? It seems like a fruitless goal. Let’s say
    a guy gave in to everything you suggested. The woman would say. Oh, He’s
    boring or He’s clingy. Nobody can make another person happy. If they aren’t
    happy with themselves. I agree that nobody wants to be in a relationship
    alone. But no man wants to be a court jester either.


    very good video thank you sooo much for doing this vid

  • Antonio Johnson 3 years ago

    ….and your right were not living in the 20’s anymore were living in the
    2010’s where marriages have a 50% divorce rate! and almost half of those
    divorces are initiated by women simply because they can never be happy with
    the one they love!

  • UTubeuzername84 3 years ago

    real talk! good job

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    Truth! Time and Attention, very important that men do that consistently in
    keeping their women happy and content to be with them.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “even if a man is caring and attentive to his woman they will lable that
    man as not having a Backbone!” I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but it seems
    you maybe listening to or hanging around some silly immature males/females
    who have not grown up and are high schoolish in their thinking. Mature,
    intelligent women who want a great relationship with a man do not think
    this. silly young girls barely out of high school or who have high school
    mentality and silly dudes who have no sense think his way.

  • Lee Pope 3 years ago

    it is not possible to please a woman, they want to feel safe, dudes that
    doesnt mean you can beat people up that means you have to be able to fund
    whatever your playin with,

  • MissNayNay 3 years ago

    Get a free ride? Boy, sit down!!! When you go on the Internet, there are
    MORE THAN ENOUGH articles, websites, blogs, audio, etc for women on how to
    please their man and make them happy. There are SOO MANY things on them
    that it’s nauseating. Now all of a sudden it’s our turn to give some advice
    on how to make your woman happy, and now we’re selfish and don’t know what
    we want? Maybe you’re mad because you think women should accept any old
    treatment. Women know what they want, men just ignore it.

  • Antonio Johnson 3 years ago

    Everytime men listen to a woman’s opinion we either get two things your not
    good enough or your not providing enough to make HER happy! Relationships
    are about TWO people not ONE! when men give a woman too much and is not
    getting anything back that called being taken advantage of! and shes
    advocating women to be demanding and agressive and that never works because
    you can drive a good man away by being too high maintenance Men have
    options and they don’t need to be with you if they don’t want to

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “Why marry when you can have continous supply of tight 18-22 year olds?
    Besides you have no choice, you are beyond expiry date.” A young tight
    18-22 year old can have the pick she wants, and if you ain’t young, tight,
    nor have the money she ain’t gonna pick a broken down old man, those dudes
    get laughed at. Only if you have Rich money do you get the endless supply
    of tight young women, but most black men ain’t balling like that.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “t her views in other videos and in this video is encouraging women to be
    high maintnenance and too agressive” It seems to me that you are ‘choosing’
    to date women who are aggressive/high mantainence and selfish, now weren’t
    you attempting (a few comments back) to blame the victim, (women for
    choosing to date losers), then why are you doing the same thing? But you
    probably didn’t know how these women were when you first dated them. same
    as women don’t always know ahead of time.

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    “I’ve dated older women in hopes that they were more mature in mind and
    spirit but now I realized some of them have selfish agendas too” You don’t
    get any guarantees when you date, and you’re not ‘entitled to think that
    you are going to find Ms. Perfect right at jump. Dating is like ‘shopping,
    you date, if it doesn’t fit what you want, you move on.. simple is that.