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The online dating scene is full of douche bags like this guy.



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  • Sherwood Christner 4 years ago

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  • Adrian Moise 4 years ago

    There’s some far better techniques to get ladies and get girls telephone numbers in Simple Gained Girlfriends lol. All of the techniques I learned after discovering it work so just Google it to find out for yourself.

  • monsieur305 4 years ago

    haha ass to mouth hahahaaha

  • ddf0dr1v3r2 4 years ago

    a more “natural” way to speak with a girl :

    ‘ ‘ ‘ hey ! I like you, I like sex ! sensual, romantic, not dirty sex, but I would enjoy romantic explosions everywhere you want !

    I really like you, I believe that this relationship can have veeery beautiful moments, unique . . . hopefully you are not as harsh as my hand, by character I mean, I am not that rough type of men, that’s why I have the natural sensual smooth style

    if you don’t want a long serious relationship I will dirty f@@k you ‘ ‘ ‘

  • Jason Thrower 4 years ago

    oh, and LOVE the waitress joke.. cracks me up everytime!

  • Jason Thrower 4 years ago

    This reminds me alot of the Excused episode.. humm.. why is that.. hmm… 🙂 Love ya wacky guy!

  • Mike Emery 4 years ago

    Bran, might be time to get James Bod back out, with the coming premiere of the new Bond film & all. 🙂

  • riman2man 4 years ago

    Cute. Practice for the show?

  • reiki2guy 4 years ago

    OMG. You are so freakin’ funny that it should be against the law.

  • TheTerryE 4 years ago

    With a shirt or without a shirt … damn smokin hot … and always funny!

  • Joe H 4 years ago

    LMAO, this is too funny thanks for sharing

  • FFKHFVR002 4 years ago

    That was hilarious man, enough said 🙂 :)

  • chris venegas 4 years ago

    take me out for dinner…..just to be in front of you would meka e me happy

  • SgtFitnessOnline 4 years ago

    Hilarious! Some of your best work yet.

  • Charles Fuchs 4 years ago

    Date? What are those? Never been on one, don’t need to put the pussy on the pedestal LOL

  • guyteeve 4 years ago

    LOL. i dont’ know why but that had me laughing pretty good. Thanks man!

  • sdarms111 4 years ago

    LOL… I’ve made a couple of those mistakes… it was all OK after a biceps shot

  • Liruzhen 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, you are quite a hoot! But your advice is always sound, whether it is about fitness or about dealing with other human beings. You are always a gentleman Brandon. And you love dogs, too! Best regards, from Peter

  • Patsy Gulliver 4 years ago

    OMG, your taint???? Hahaha, your so cute. And bizarre. LOL.

  • jonan bia 4 years ago

    you are very beautiful and cute

  • HollanderT12345 4 years ago


  • iwant2cthatass 4 years ago

    You are so handsome and funny dude….

  • Rotwang Alexander 4 years ago

    “Embrace awkward silence, use it to think of something intelligent to say” and then “I have a porn on my computer…” LOL

  • Scottsvue2 4 years ago

    I suspect any girl would be willing to overlook whatever the guy says if he looked like you, Shake!

  • mustic1234 4 years ago

    you crack me up! luv u shake!

  • abd21 4 years ago

    youre back,, great

  • SoCal | Working On My Best Edit...SOON. 4 years ago

    LOL XD

  • rvg202 4 years ago

    LOL 🙂 Yeah, you’re single aren’t you. 😛

  • Jason Thrower 4 years ago

    Lol.. Wow