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Learn the tricks on how to approach girls. We all know there's no one key to dating girls, since every girl is different. What impresses one girl may repel a…



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  • Norman M 3 years ago

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  • John Smith 3 years ago

    With this video i can learn how to date women better. Great one! Keep it up.

  • Ozman A. 3 years ago

    These are the helpful tips i need. Thanks a lot!

  • George Pearson 3 years ago

    Nice! Way to go!

  • Matthew Stevens 3 years ago

    Inspiring story!!!!!! This would really help everyone!!!!!

  • Sukret Tantrawong 3 years ago

    Two thumbs uppp

  • Janice Scott 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Maria Alacer 3 years ago

    Very inspiring!

  • Jurie Brown 3 years ago

    im really having a hard time approaching girls. and after i watched the
    video I’m confident now on what to do. Thanks!

  • Maurice Medlock 3 years ago

    First impressions last so ill be using these tips to make a lasting
    impression! Thanks!

  • Laurie McMener 3 years ago

    While I was watching this video it made me more realized that I had the
    opportunity to become more effective gentleman to a young lady..

  • Raymond Despatch 3 years ago


  • Cacai Bass 3 years ago

    Wow! I never knew about this. Thank you for the tips.

  • Nancy L 3 years ago

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  • Dating Tips For Men 3 years ago