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If a man likes a woman romantically, he should come out and tell them if the relationship is relatively new. Tell a women you like her and make sure you're on the same page with tips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • chreeker 2 years ago

    This isnt even a lie i told a girl she just stopped she freezed didnt say a
    word ( afterwards she kissed me ^^ big time like lasting more than the itme
    she froze (2-3 minutes) but DONT give up if she just stares dot kiss her
    either wait for her to kiss you walk away a bit sadly after 20 seconds she
    wil feel that your worth it even if your not popular

  • peekaboots01 2 years ago

    @mipmipmipmipmip totally.

  • darkshiney 2 years ago

    Don’t say to a woman ”i like you” because that puts the other person in
    an arkward position and forces her to also make a deciction on the spot
    which can be embarrasing if its not the answer your looking for – this
    particular video is bad dating advice, sorry jessica claire

  • Datguy594Rada 2 years ago

    hey, how do I talk to a girl that I like, she is older than me and I
    haven’t seen her in about 6 months… Everytime I think about her, she is
    in my heart… I’m about too see her for 1 day and I need to know what to
    do… ;P

  • datingwomensex 2 years ago

    I see what you are saying and got the point. Good job.

  • Murphator 2 years ago

    why’s that?

  • kristianOLS 2 years ago

    I am interested in a girl who is one year older than I am she goes to the
    rival school in my town, I am a freshman in high school and she seems
    interested but I don’t know what to do? If you could please reply anyone
    with advice I realy need it!!

  • jordandelphonic 2 years ago

    @TheNexus I took your suggestion, but I ended up with a restraining order 🙁

  • BURNBULLETS 2 years ago

    @ kristianOLS It has nothing to do with rival schools or her being one year
    older than you. Your first goal is to gain acceptance by her peers. Become
    friends with them first. Once they are comfortable with you then you move
    in on her. I can’t explain everything with the character restrictions here.
    Search for PUA sets or pickup artist 3 set, working sets etc. There are
    videos about it. I learned long ago but the videos are accurate. Good luck.

  • Dale Chawkins 2 years ago

    I suppose I should work on my massive beer guy

  • yothenchea 2 years ago

    Hi Jessica, i don’t know if we are in the same page, but I really like you,
    will come and dance with me?

  • miluziana 2 years ago

    dont tell a girl u love her if u know she loves another dude…. ur only
    break ur friendship with her and thats gonna suck in the future cuz ur
    NEVER gonna be with her (own experience)

  • peekaboots01 2 years ago

    What makes this girl an expert on dating? Nobody can be an expert on

  • midatlantic09 2 years ago

    this chick is giving out terrible advice. NEVER just come out and tell a
    woman you like her; show her you like her by your actions.

  • MikeGustaw 2 years ago

    Later aftermating raise child named Simba andet betrayed by brother named

  • WorthlessCrapInc 2 years ago

    aww that sucks im sorry

  • FreeeeS 2 years ago

    @TheNexus is that what lower primates doo? lol

  • DermochelysCoriacea 2 years ago

    Well, my name is not John, but the object of my affection is named Pam
    Beasely. Wedding Thursday!

  • vVvGREEKvVv 2 years ago

    i cant even talk to her =( im 14 years old i always freeze up when we talk
    neeeeeeedddd helpp

  • HeadHunterBTB 2 years ago

    What do you do if you’re in-between? Like, what if it’s someone you’ve
    known for a few years who you were never too close to, but now you realize
    you like her?

  • awat H 2 years ago

    Thank you, your video/info very helpful.

  • CorruptedSeducer 2 years ago

    Like what people have said previously in these messages, telling a girl
    that you like her completely destroys all the tension. There’s is
    absolutely NO chase as soon as you tell her. It has to be implicit. But of
    course, it has to be done in a way where she’ll think “This guy is …
    interesting. Does he like me or not? God this is frustrating me… Yet, I’m
    still attracted to him”

  • travis dunn 2 years ago

    @TheNexus sitting in the middle of a cafe, I laughed out loud at this

  • Mitchell Earp - Welch 2 years ago

    i watched a few of these videos and realised its nearly the same people
    everytimes e.g. 1 video the person gets rejected 2nd video same people like
    eachother wierd way of showing these videos from my opiniun

  • Jasper3609 2 years ago

    Easy for you to say. Your not even a man.

  • DermochelysCoriacea 2 years ago

    John as in Krasinski?

  • Blanky Blankerson 2 years ago

    oh what i meant to say was that the girl i like said basically made up
    going out with someone

  • AnimalBlackmatism 2 years ago

    This is really all about how to date you, right!! Why would I want to do