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When attempting to talk to a quiet girl, it's important to remember that everybody has their own level of comfort, and a man shouldn't try to take a quiet gi…



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  • reallyhappyheart 3 years ago

    Shy girl here – thank you. We need more guys going at a slower pace, it
    makes things easier in the long run, keeping it simple is key. Small
    things build in time… to better connections. If more guys took this
    advice dating would happen more, most shy girls are in it for the long

  • gabe4mdema 3 years ago

    so should i take the blue pill or the red pill?

  • Bandit King 3 years ago

    @bennemann Behold !! I am the living witness to your statement !! I m ready
    to never get laid !! 😉

  • Healthyliving 3 years ago

    @Calcium91 aahahahhahaha

  • kiljanette 3 years ago

    the best way is to get her drunk, i swear it works!

  • PanjshirTv Qarsak 3 years ago

    From personal experience if the person you are dating is calm and quite you
    should be opposite other wise it wont end wel..

  • AMRiYcad 3 years ago

    @Myhai11111 From a typically quiet girl, be just enough protective of her
    for her to notice, but not enough for her to feel molly-coddled or barred
    from anything. I have no idea if that will be the thing that gets HER
    attention, but it’s worth a shot. =)

  • Jerson Paulo Arroyo 3 years ago

    @Sango19874 probably, he’s busy.. but he will surely text you or call you
    when he got a lil space.. everything has a season.=]

  • kristannika 3 years ago

    This was great advice. I’m introverted and socially anxious. The few times
    I’ve been approached by men that worked out were ones in which he was
    genuine, easygoing, and understanding. He didn’t use some dumb pick-up
    line, “endearing” pet name or teasing comment, or told me I was quiet
    (really, as if I didn’t notice). Nothing makes me retreat back into my
    shell faster than a man being loud, overbearing and treating me like I am
    some “project” to work on simultaneously.

  • Fisto F 3 years ago

    that hsbc ad is so cute

  • MrWonderfulRadio 3 years ago

    If a woman is really interested, she will take the extra effort to talk to
    you. If she’s too quiet, she’s not interested. Move on! For more game…

  • Generationfilms100 3 years ago

    you understand me braaa! good to know i’m not the only one out there.

  • Dmcmaster666 3 years ago

    she dead mate xD

  • christian estandarte 3 years ago

    its hard to court a woman for me…..haha from: a certified coward btw im a

  • 08sparky08 3 years ago

    thank you for taking your time to write back to me but she broke up with me
    10 minutes ago because she says i am too wild although i do like doing
    stupid things and stunts i would love to be with her ………

  • evelsteev 3 years ago

    @blondaa880 but shy people aren’t loud, so what do you expect?

  • insertnickname 3 years ago

    @CreepTheaters She probably paid good money to have it look that way.

  • ACfireandiceDC 3 years ago

    @PirateEyepatch I’m actually a guy. I was just sayin

  • shintopig 3 years ago

    She looks a lot better in her later videos.

  • Logan Hamillton 3 years ago

    I agree. It’s so annoying when people tell me “oh my gosh, your so quiet,”

  • ICT GETHEARD 3 years ago

    Another way to get them is to make a full of yourself to get her to lagh

  • 08sparky08 3 years ago

    ok man i wont give up anything for her you know you actualy are really
    cool! and it was at the time but the video looked good lol can you personal
    mail me?

  • Marshall Todd 3 years ago

    sometimes psychos are fun 😉

  • mipmipmipmipmip 3 years ago

    @HarPlayer you should have told me that before I married. Anyway, I luckily
    did find out by myself about two years later.

  • davidattends 3 years ago

    “Jeez, you’re really quiet”, is something I do all the time…….. But
    hey, there have been great teams where one is the quiet and the other is
    the cheerful: J and K in Men in Black; Abott y Costello; Jack Nicholson and
    Adam Sandler; Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis in the Last Boy Scout….
    Cheerful and quiet make good teams, why can’t a man and a woman do the same?

  • Philip Hutchenson 3 years ago

    Jessica Clair you have stolen my heart!!!! I Have been blinded by your ever
    so obvious radiance.

  • Scaarfii 3 years ago

    I’m pretty quiet around strangers and I feel like I want to punch them in
    the face when they tell me to “Liven up!!!”