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If a woman is romantically interested, she will mention things about the future and will talk about things that she wishes she could have done in the past wi…



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  • fahmi saari 3 years ago

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  • Adria Dan 3 years ago

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  • Tekkoman Drift Kingz 3 years ago

    Ma’am may I please have your e-mail, as I would like to meet up for dinner
    one day if you are not happily wedded or taken. I would like for you to
    demonstrate these cues to me in person. Thanks. = )

  • Shahril Azmir 3 years ago

    Well.. thats definitely a sign

  • ceejayb 3 years ago

    Jessica, everyone tells me I’m funny. Guys included…Should I be alarmed?

  • Grisel Blanco 3 years ago

    @bayernmuenchen49 HAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! hahahahaha!

  • Thomas Ender 3 years ago

    just about right…. I´ve learned alot about romanticism and relationships
    and just need to say: Don´t be always the jerk… Romantism is a great part
    of a future relationship.

  • bennemann 3 years ago

    The first and second ones indicate that she probably is, the third one
    means she’s jealous (wich shows she’s interested too, but could be bad for
    you if you two go out, as she won’t respect your privacy). The last one
    doesn’t mean anything to me. Hope I helped.

  • xxxToomy07 3 years ago


  • Robi Taberdo 3 years ago

    @1AaroUin you bozo! it’s a time when you’re courting her.. of course women
    are conservative in any way…

  • Pumpkinhead77 3 years ago

    A woman once told me, “You’re so honest.” Am I right in thinking that’s not
    a sign of attraction?

  • UzumakiJustice 3 years ago

    well jessica u sure no ur stuff,but it seems uno more mostly about adult
    topics then udo teenagers.many girls are at the mall wit there friends
    cause they like to b noticed and they like to look for cute guys.many of
    the things u have said in ur vids r amazingly vast in correction,u sure no
    ur stuff,but the 1 thing thts always hard for a guy is his self esteem.hes
    never sure if he looks good in this or tht,so if uno anything abot
    tht,people would like 2 no tht.well teenage men lol.

  • SD1Chargers 3 years ago

    If she says: “I am attracted to you” That’s a good sign

  • darkshiney 3 years ago

    Thanks, i see that you have arkady39 in your fav’s list – i would pay more
    attention to him rather then any of jessica claires videos as it comes from
    a male perspective.

  • 1AaroUin 3 years ago

    Being called funny or smart is not a sign that a women is attracted to you.
    What world do you live in?

  • Jack Wilson 3 years ago

    @HoSayLiaoLah Are you a retard?

  • zihuetlachtli 3 years ago

    @nottypanda1 and even then suspicion must remain in the air

  • Gerensse 3 years ago

    yea she is man.

  • MrGorillafist 3 years ago

    Interesting. Wouldn’t have thought of those myself.

  • Jasper Proske 3 years ago

    humm, I’m not sure about the compliments thing. I very often get told by
    women that I’m smart, and nothing usually happens.

  • BullyScholarshipWii 3 years ago

    So glad that my gf told me how she felt. But now that I look back, she
    definitely did some of these. Women are complicated, but once you find your
    match, it’s so worth it. 🙂

  • DuaLeaD 3 years ago

    “huh huh YOU SO FUNNY” “U R SO SMART” I love how the meth commercial
    follows the video….

  • Shawn Swain 3 years ago

    Curious, contacted a woman over FB, I met once with her parents, her father
    is recently passed so she messaged me her ph# and she contacted me the day
    before father’s day Long story short, she thinks I’m a fantastic artist,
    and a super sweet guy, and played chopin for me on the piano, and followed
    that w/ some of her poetry, This woman is an former hawaiian tropics model,
    I get butterflies in my stomach when I talk to her. NEVER felt that way in
    my life, Please help

  • Masonictoaster9 3 years ago

    @bayernmuenchen49 LOL

  • Masonictoaster9 3 years ago

    @notessimodude OK there Dr. Zais – should I fetch Cornelius and Zera so we
    can get your specimen (girlfriend ) out of her lab cage now?

  • a3spirit 3 years ago

    Not sure, when a woman says oh you’re so silly. And I don’t think I did
    anything silly. What’s that all about

  • notessimodude 3 years ago

    @Masonictoaster9 Yes, she is ready for breeding.