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Reading romantic body language is a learned skill, but some signs of a turned-off woman include crossed arms, squinting and a woman who turns away often. Pra…



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  • Maria Popova 4 years ago

    Thank you, Jessica. I´m a woman, but still this is very useful to know. I
    hope you could give some advice for women as well.

  • chickenmanstan 4 years ago

    @grassvalleystudios nahh throw in the towel you got no chance.

  • Pygmonicus 4 years ago

    where in vancouver were you ganville?

  • doggknight2k7 4 years ago

    More like Professional Failure, do you listen to yourself?

  • dhatchback 4 years ago

    @grassvalleystudios hahaahahahah

  • kidranqex0 4 years ago

    ask her if she wants to see you play lol..

  • kidranqex0 4 years ago

    wear lavander or pumking pie smell increases ur chances by 11-14% anything
    helps =)

  • DancingSpiderman 4 years ago

    Jessica, my gurl.

  • Hassan Rizwan 4 years ago

    i agree with u jessica…

  • Michael Asseltine 4 years ago


  • delpha3110 4 years ago

    thats chicken eggs dear ,ive been cooking,what were you responding too.i
    aint been here for mouths

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  • paulababe1985 4 years ago

    what if your interested in a guy and all of a sudden you hear him talking
    to his buddies about your good qualities yet he has a gf who can’t stand me
    but he sees the positives of getting to know me could this mean he just
    wants to become friends or could he be interested.

  • BobTheSnail42 4 years ago

    @grassvalleystudios LOLLLLL

  • RedOrchestraPro 4 years ago

    I suck at dancing, and I sucka t everything else I do but playing the
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  • 85More 4 years ago

    Chase after her telling her how you think you two are soulmates.

  • RedOrchestraPro 4 years ago

    thank you guys, this is really incouraging 🙂

  • SWIFTzTrigger 4 years ago

    @Pygmonicus Thats if your a chic… not much help to guys…

  • ninjacondum 4 years ago

    also when girls look at u then smile look away then look back at u thats a
    really good sign thats helped me get a girl and im glad i study body
    language and im 16

  • billyfan8305 4 years ago

    women arent always that obvious one way or the other……

  • jfkfgrygrr 4 years ago

    i bet she wears the pants in all her relationships lol

  • Baseballplaya135 4 years ago

    like what the hell…. you’re a dating advice whore -.- your on like how
    many different channels

  • Pirooz Pejman 4 years ago

    @Pygmonicus I feel the same…at least with many of them if not all