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Dating Tips For Men: How To Pick Up Women and Avoid Being Creepy For more tips go to to hear more from Karla's adventures w…



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  • xxxchaosxxx92 3 years ago

    Personally if the woman never verbally set a boundary than its her fault
    that guy was trying to be a good guy and either make a friend our court her
    like a proper gentlemen
    The courting rituals have been forgotten by so many that most women don’t
    realize they’re being courted
    Speaking from experience most women will accuse you of being needy because
    you complement then often or complain because you haven’t tried to get in
    their pants yet “he must be gay”
    NO! Its called courting its called showing you that they believe you’re
    worth working for its called treating you with respect all thinks that all
    women wish they had but once they get it they make asses out of themselves
    Case in point if there are boundaries you need to set them right off the
    bat or deal with it 

  • The Incredible Jerk 3 years ago

    Marni, you need to start giving women advice on how to be “MATURE” women.
    Okay, so these guys were being too needy. Carla could have easily
    diffused the situation by answering the second phone call from the guy and
    let him know that (1)she understands that he likes her, (2)he needs to give
    her some space, and (3)let the guy know that SHE will call him if she wants
    to go out again.

    Also, the only reason the guy was being so aggressive was probably because
    he really wanted to have sex with Carla. Carla stated in the video that
    the guy bought her things. If Carla accepted those things, then that was
    her mistake. She should have been woman enough to either reject the man’s
    offer or simply pay for the things he bought her.

    As long as you ladies continue to make it difficult for men to get sex,
    then we will continue to approach you with an incredible amount of
    aggression. Think about it, Marni. It’s easy for a woman to get sex from
    a man. However, for a man to get sex from a woman it is like walking
    through a mine field. Men have to fear consequences if we make women feel
    uncomfortable. If it was easy for men to get sex from women, then we would
    be much more interested in genuinely getting to know you since we would be
    able to release our sexual frustration any day of the week, just like a
    woman can.

    However, since getting sex requires so much work and preparation on a man’s
    part (job, salary, education, car, house/apartment, gym), it’s typically
    the only thing we want from you when we first meet you. Also, immature and
    cowardly responses from women like Carla will only give birth to more
    asshole men. You Marni, need to do a better job at giving women advice.

  • cheeple 3 years ago

    Marni, the worst thing females do is IGNORE texts, e-mails, or phone calls,
    me personally I learned to let girls chase boys and it works really well
    for me I have 2 FWB”s who are fine being FWB’s, and I also date other girls
    in between.
    But when I first got into dating I did the same thing, nobody likes to be
    ignored if these females would be honest and say “Thanks for the ride, lets
    meet up for coffee next Monday, call me sunday night just to confirm though.
    That would be the end of it! 

  • elektron2kim 3 years ago

    How hard is it to text him that it’s a bit much with him in the moment or
    just ignore the messages for some time without judgement? Some
    responsibility lies with the women as well in social interaction.

  • dancedj2k2 3 years ago

    Ok, this video upset me. I want to hear the GUYS point of view. I bet if we
    asked that guy he would say something like, she said “lets go out” or “lets
    do something sometime” or “I like you too”. She accepted food and other
    things from the guy. Let the guy drive her home, and gave the guy her REAL
    number?? That is a gold digger if she turns the guy away and cant simply
    return his text.
    4 times is not much. I have seen women text the equivalent of a book in a 1
    hour period.

  • antbanks415 3 years ago

    well, these women can be a straight shooter and tell them to stop…stop
    playing these petty games.

    But with regards to this video, Marni has great advice on how to manage
    these things. Continue to do the great work, Marni!!!!

  • DimebagVision 3 years ago

    I understand her point. Texting her 4 times AFTER he dropped her off? The
    fuck?!?!? One text saying ‘goodnight’ and that’s it.

  • David Smith 3 years ago

    As a guy, you have to give a woman her space. Poor guy, he doesnt
    understand how attraction works. Live and learn. Better luck next time.

  • Nick Estrella 3 years ago

    K what are a creepy text though?

  • christopher renfroe 3 years ago

    Guys are dumb. This chump was trying to buy her love. And he needs more
    women in his life

  • manuel plata 3 years ago

    can you do a video about female players? There is not that many on Youtube.
    This topic usually comes with a double standard, but what is your opinion
    on it? 

  • shino475 3 years ago

    If you don’t reply and tell us you’re not interested/busy that’s your
    fault. You’re just playing games and bring the stalker upon yourself you’re
    not special.

  • MrChop T 3 years ago

    Il be like “Bitch you can buy your own lunch” :)

  • Gregory jr 3 years ago

    Well she just madee just give up. I’m not like the bomber or needy like
    that guy but I see what’s up and I’m done trying

  • xpallodoc 3 years ago

    Women aren’t swayed by being a provider in this culture. It’s seen as a
    bitch move. Also major display of low value to blow up her phone. Girls
    like guys who are carefree not ones who seem desperate. 

  • chicago2490 3 years ago

    I think the best advice a man could’ve ever have is to not be needy, but it
    is also to not get into the trap of fantasizing too much about the girl. I
    was guilty of doing that and once I stopped doing that made it easier to
    not be “needy”. I do think women approach this wrong especially when
    receiving gifts, but men should have in mind you cannot buy her. If you buy
    her stuff you’re secretly saying “Hey, I am not good enough for you so I am
    hoping you will like me when I buy you things.”

  • suomon 3 years ago

    Don’t not reply, just say your bit interested from the start that’s called
    the ‘nice girl syndrome’ stop being so nice if you know your not interested
    then just say, from the start you’ll avoid a lot of bullshit Loool and I’m
    not saying the guy came correct either cuase he didn’t. But yeah don’t not
    reply / / don’t give your number out in the first place 

  • Fredrick W 3 years ago


    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • suomon 3 years ago

    Why the fuck can’t girls just say there not interested from the start :/
    it’s not hard and guys would be less hurt and ontop of that she obviously
    wanted him to continue buying stuff for because if she didn’t she would of
    said when they first met ‘ you seem like a really cool guy but I’m just not
    interested’ and walk away. Fucksakes lol 

  • Jojo Gun Fang 3 years ago

    WHAT, we are not supposed to club them in the head and drag them by their
    hair ? :)

  • Ed Berger 3 years ago

    Stupid moles !

  • Marni Wing 3 years ago