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When kissing on a date, it's important to be spontaneous and avoid waiting until the last moment. Follow feelings of desire to get a kiss on a date with tips…



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  • paparoni100 3 years ago

    i dont know how did i end up here? looking for something totally different

  • SAVEUSdotY2J 3 years ago

    @79902625 NEVER EVER compliment! tease her to find out what makes her laugh
    and go on from there

  • Anjana Tandukar 3 years ago

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  • louis lestat 3 years ago

    omg some jobs really are just made up eh like mine lol come here in a bit
    closer fishy fishy….

  • ricky muro 3 years ago

    Gonna kiss my girlfriend tomorrow…. AND ILL MAKE HER REMEMBER IT!!!!!!!

  • sneakonproductionz 3 years ago

    “fix things from there….” really

  • fdxnaoseinomes 3 years ago

    @111Trademark111 Omg , womans are so complicated.

  • Chuck Algren 3 years ago

    Feel the moment, sense her reactions and simply get close to her on a way
    that tell-a tale, a good line I often go with is if they use a good parfume
    you simple ask if they are wearing one because of the sweet smell and do it
    with great innocense. lean and show your positive response about the
    parfume, leave the rest to chemistry, leave out your thoughts!

  • Caroline Goode 3 years ago

    @LowLowSpinners hahahahahaahahah

  • Sondy Bagus 3 years ago

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  • Nino Brown 3 years ago

    Dont overthink the kissing part, seriously! You will know when the time is
    right to kiss her. Works for me. Just dont go sticking your tongue down her
    throat, as there is nothing sensual or sexy about it.

  • xxbrennaluvsyaxx 3 years ago


  • TheSquishMovies 3 years ago

    She’slaughing at the end because she knows most of those suggestions will
    end in an awkward “dont call me” situation lol! – If you wana kiss mid
    date, get the drinks involved, hit a decent bar, not a quiet one. Have a
    dance and have fun! then go in for it on a slow one. Always epic. If she
    denies you, make a joke from it like “how dare you deny me!” laugh it off,
    carry on.. she will probably go in for it herself the second time round, if
    not.. She aint into you. …. Maybe.

  • Agent1W 3 years ago

    Like the kissing example at :47, I would start holding her face gently and
    then go for the kiss.

  • Alex S. 3 years ago

    never take dating advise from women …

  • Spidyschannel 3 years ago

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  • alvaroursua 3 years ago

    well this is absoulutley absurd and slightly of the sucky nature sorry it
    was a disgrace

  • Van2Dan 3 years ago

    But a kiss shouldn’t be on a 1st date though huh?

  • Jente Minnebo 3 years ago

    i did it in the middle of the date, much, better, cuz we made out the rest
    of the date 🙂

  • Christine Yang 3 years ago

    it’s better but that’s just me.

  • sonofsarek01 3 years ago

    i wanna stand on her porch

  • Gen Hab 3 years ago

    i think the awkwardness at the end is cute though? 🙁

  • Peter Whiffin 3 years ago

    he will be back the bible said he would come and the bible says he will be

  • bukkaroo 3 years ago

    She’s totally right, middle of the date is the best time. If she’s sitting
    close to you then you know she is open to it. When things get playful close
    in and give her a light kiss. You can’t lose on this, a playful light kiss
    opens the door to a lot more very quickly and is an easy way to break the
    awkward “when to kiss her” moment since you already did it. DO NOT do it if
    you she is too separated from you, if she likes you she will be close to

  • Christina Bailey 3 years ago

    umm hi im 10 and i like a boy WHAT DO I DO

  • Jose sanchez 3 years ago

    Thank you thank you!!!!!!

  • DariusDaGreat86 3 years ago

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • mohamed zamalek 3 years ago

    I’ve read through all the responses on here however I realize that’s a good
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    his first intimate encounters in around 4 long yrs. I got pissed though coz
    I heard them all. Disgusting.

  • czargb 3 years ago

    A good first kiss is a kiss on the neck or just below the ear. It’s not as
    awkward, and she / he will give very obvious signs of where to take it
    next, one way or the other.

  • pietia35 3 years ago

    boring – take a nap!

  • eulb8der 3 years ago

    Watching vanilla twilight piano tutorial then all of a sudden…crap. I’m
    on this side of YouTube again.