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A person can't be talked into liking someone else, but the process can be aided by dressing well, being polite and getting to know the person. Get a boy or girl to like you with tips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • Mark Ganus 2 years ago

    I used to religiously watch her vids for advice on how to get started. It
    all boiled down to busting a move. Good times. Hope you’re doing well, ehow

  • TheChoosenStar 2 years ago

    i cant dress nice i have to wear uniforms and i tried following him and he
    said why was i following him

  • gabbyatops 2 years ago

    Ok, so I’ve fallen for my friends older brother, and I think he likes me,
    only problem is, I don’t want to embarrass myself because I hang around his
    sister a lot. Is there a way I can find out if he is interested to avoid
    any embarrassment?

  • ZRainbowSkittles 2 years ago

    @13pinkpower Sorry :]

  • Vince Lam 2 years ago

    i really like this girl, and one time when i was talking to her she blushed
    a little bit but went away after that for a while, is that a good thing?

  • Ninjaseye21 2 years ago

    does she read these comments?

  • Tony Pipia 2 years ago

    My opinion is that most people will see past that. What women will be
    attracted to is a man who is confident and funny. I think those rank 1 & 2
    in my experience. Discovery and interest in a woman does go a long way as
    well and this is manifested in the form of asking her questions about her
    personal interests, Some of my success has come about when I was wearing
    sweats, baseball cap and old shirts, but in those cloths I was confident,
    funny and charming and I always got the girl.

  • abbyruels349 2 years ago

    this is so helpfull i crush was my bff and i told him i like him then he
    said i dont like you then i freak OUT! then i waches this video now we r gf
    and bf .thank you eHow

  • metalwaffle94 2 years ago

    wudnt going to everything she goes to be considered stalking

  • TheKate8kate 2 years ago

    I disagree! you can get someone to like you by using magic….. I just have
    to put on my tahiti swell lip balm and my boyfriend can’t resist kissing
    me…. if i want him to stop kissing me then i just use burts bee’s wax or
    blistex or something

  • Scaarfii 2 years ago

    These videos are absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who actually follows this
    advice has to be under the age of 14. Join the same clubs as her? LMAO.
    Stalker much? They either like you or don’t kiddies.

  • ThestewLad 2 years ago

    I find jessica pretty attactive with a brilliant personality…..jessica I
    live in Northern ireland a bit away from you but send me a pm would love to
    hear from you

  • Yannii Magaña 2 years ago

    Patricio say I going to be the first than I say ummmmm then everyday he say
    novia that mean girlfriend he say that everyday at school 🙂 That my story.
    Love, babygirl2244050

  • Jessie crauss 2 years ago

    I find all the women I tease Love me.But I am a male model so ya

  • MrJerrellWilliams 2 years ago

    LOOOOL harsh but funny 🙂

  • LittlestPetShop48 2 years ago

    Ok!This boy that i like hes in my class every recess he hanging out with me
    and my friend.He like talks us and follow us.Does that mean he likes
    me?Cause he mostly talks to me and hangout with me most!Some times he
    stares at me.

  • RichUncleOyster 2 years ago

    @slickvik101 good call!

  • ascille14 2 years ago

    im sorry to say but that doesnt work i try to get a girl to like me im a
    guy i do all of those things none of them work

  • Maria Cintron 2 years ago

    but what if he teases you but then he says he likes you but then i tease
    him because he teases me what should i do ..?

  • feefeenthemonsta21 2 years ago

    @sfg1996, he only wants one thing(im sure you kno). Just stop talking to
    him, he dontsound like he cares about u. he’s a plyer, n its not right. He
    will never ask you out. not meanin hedontlyk u, but honestly he doesnt like
    YOU. he only likes your body, and not your personality. if he rly liked
    you, & respected you, he would’ve asked you out, before kissing you.
    Eventually, if you let him use you, he won’t stop. im sorry if i offended
    you in anyway, but this literally JUST happened to my friend.

  • fuertherbube 2 years ago

    These are good tips for getting a one-night-stand: pretending interrest
    even if I’m completely bored. But what if I wan’t a serious relationship?

  • Fleksimir 2 years ago

    @mnypwrrspkt prooving my point far beyond my expectations thank you

  • Rebecca M Ziebarth 2 years ago

    well the guy that i like must have put some magic spell on me because i
    fell for him the first night i saw him, and yesterday he asked me out!!!! =]

  • Yannii Magaña 2 years ago

    Umm i like a boy and he like me at school his name is patricio amilcar chel
    he is supper cute and at school he say that he love me this in Spanish he
    say it but I’m going to say it in english this what he say: the first time
    I saw u and i like u te amo did u understand me and say no but I did
    understand then he say I love u and he say did u understand it I say yes
    there was a girl talking to me she heard everything what he say and she ask
    me that if u have a boyfriend at the USA I say no and P

  • TheEmelymartinez 2 years ago

    @TheChoosenStar try not making it noticable cuz then he wont like u so hang
    out wit him n try to talk to him.

  • fuertherbube 2 years ago

    @bloodyrosesdrummer Let me make a quess: you’re a woman, looking for a
    booty call. Just tell him! He’s a man! The chance for beeing refused is
    fifty-fifty or better.

  • Jack OfallTrades 2 years ago

    yep by the time i know what they like/don’t like and i start unexpectedly
    showing up i get slammed with the stalker status

  • Juniper 2 years ago

    @GABBY0602 Well…. I think SHE is right because if you follow them
    everywhere, you will get to know more about them. ^^

  • artdjmaster 2 years ago

    @TheChoosenStar ’cause following is the wrong thing to do. Try to talk to
    him somehow by chance or bumping into him. If you wear a uniform, at least
    smell nice. Always be positive and act like you’re interested in him,
    because you are. Guys love it when a person is interested in them.

  • JustinBieberpets 2 years ago

    i fell for a boy that kind of teases me but doesnt do it in a rude way

  • Lorem Ipsum 2 years ago

    well how about trying to talk with him ? 😀 find some topics that you are
    both intersted in. then let him notice how sweet you are and see all your
    good points, might flirt a little after a while. can’t promise it will make
    him fall for you but you will properbly get a good friend out of it at
    least. but its worth the try, doing nothing wont solve it..

  • LaurAgony 2 years ago

    Your cute I love your videos^_^

  • studybuddydave 2 years ago

    I totally disagree on the teasing point. The girls I like the most tease me
    the worst.

  • Merissa Michelle 2 years ago

    @adamberg666 LOL why would u say yo bitch thats wrong LOL you sound like
    Alex Winter from death wish 3 YO BITCH COME HERE!! LOL sorry its way to
    funny sorry for my mouth lol i should not swear

  • kanechokeslam84 2 years ago

    umm it says dating tips for men and how to get a boy to like you?? Am i the
    only one who seems something wrong with this?

  • sfg1996 2 years ago

    @feefeenthemonsta21 okay thank you so much! for replying 2 my comment =)
    and don’t worry u didn’t offend me in any way i just need 2 know if he
    really did like me or not.

  • potpolima 2 years ago

    i guess its good to tease the person you like because it shows that your
    confident and fun to be with…it really depends on how you speak…

  • Chireks 2 years ago

    err that’s called stalking ppl 😛

  • JoeyMars1 2 years ago

    The dress to impress at least for myself doe’s nothing much. A guy can wear
    a tuxedo and still get no more respect than if he was wearing casual jeans
    or tea shirt. I know from experience! Ive been to places with suits and
    jackets and got no more attention then before.

  • Alexander Forster 2 years ago

    i find this video funny because its a woman giving advice to teenage boys.
    sound strange yet?

  • John Mc Enroe 2 years ago


  • wac0madness 2 years ago

    @jasperpaws24 hahaha thats sounds great and hippie like

  • laugh4ever21 2 years ago

    why r u so into this just ask a friend to ask him for u , and tallk to him
    be friends atleast , and than flirt and he WILL ask u if he is not shy if
    he is shy than ask him or give him hints that u r interested

  • Deedycats 2 years ago


  • TheChoosenStar 2 years ago

    @artdjmaster ok =)

  • David Flint 2 years ago

    thats you buddy, im watching for entertainment purposes.. my advice is to
    take little or no advice from women.. they dont even know what they want.
    they are looking for direction from a worthy man.

  • User5973 2 years ago

    You are cuter in this video Jessica.

  • FLgirlhco 2 years ago

    Advice: Never stalk a guy! It will FREAK the hell out of him! 🙂 Trust me,
    been there, done that! 🙂