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Dressing to impress a girl is based on having different styles of outfits for different locations. Diversify the wardrobe and feel good about what is being w…



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  • Samuel Haight 4 years ago

    You would look perfect with a black pageboy hair style.

  • Norman M 4 years ago

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video You will not regret With a social interaction! Don’t
    brag about you are seeing a woman the best side of your profession”, try
    and successful; then break up some one on tightly to make approaches to
    know what? You know more eventful if you should not very good health.

  • seedofthewinter 4 years ago

    These spam bots are awesome. They crack me up

  • Tara Rai 4 years ago

    My chubby cousin was able to make the best pole dancer I’ve seen in my life
    fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System
    (search in Google). I wish I found myself pleased for him but I wish a
    gorgeous person would fall in love with me like that. I’m exceptionally
    envious. Does that make me a bad individual?

  • DermochelysCoriacea 4 years ago

    Dude, are you crazy? Jessica: your hair looks so good. I love it. I wasn’t
    crazy about her hair in her other videos where she is sitting on a couch,
    but I absolutely love her hairstyle here.

  • Kai Heinrich 4 years ago

    “If you go somewhere fancy – wear fancy clothes, if you are planing to do
    somethin casual wear casual clothes” – People actually pay you for that
    kind of advice? Anyone not knowing that will be better off visiting a psych
    consult in a hospital near him/her

  • saladdinosaur 4 years ago

    @AmericaDevil oops lol im tired sorry

  • GetMeThere1 4 years ago

    @bobbytmathew You missed my point. Usually females prefer to use the term
    “women” instead of the condescending “girls,” which, strictly speaking,
    refers to minors.

  • MotherFudger27 4 years ago

    bout time someone said it

  • mahnigha29 4 years ago

    Whitish skinny jeans a Famous shirt or a DGK all day one and some vans

  • Kartemest 4 years ago

    lauging out loud

  • bmx214racer 4 years ago

    I recently sparked a conversation with a charming young woman at a Demo
    derby.. I was wearing orange “Husqvarna” suspenders, blue jeans with a cut
    off shirt that read “wreck this” on the front and on the back it read In
    memory of “cara halbur 1993 to 2010” with white loafers. hahaha I guess I
    wore it well!!!! Maybe she like my bashed up and spray painted 1992 New
    Yorker? Gotta love those Country Girls!

  • leoamar4385896 4 years ago

    dude dont watch her videos then. I think most of her advice is very good.

  • kathryn120 4 years ago

    @CSIS25 thank you so much. that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard all day 🙂 i
    checked out your page. your pets are so cute.. and so sorry about your
    bunny 🙁 I lost my cat about a year ago..

  • devendra gill 4 years ago

    hey….your views are….realy impresive…post some more videos….

  • roberto347 4 years ago

    very vague! any idiot knows that but you didn’t mention what to acually
    wear, in terms of clothing ideas!

  • skeetmoses 4 years ago

    LOL yes guys, don’t wear the same stuff over and over you know most women
    are buying new outfits every week or at least every payday so they pay
    attention to clothes Remember you’re not dressing for you, you’re dressing
    for women if you’re trying to attract one or some, if not don’t worry about
    it LOL

  • WaterMots 4 years ago

    @DimebagVision you will make a lovely partner for someone someday hahahaha
    some girls love guys who can’t take criticism… and to all the other guys
    in the world: Trying to look good for your lady doesnt mean your
    whipped–that’s a weak man’s thinking Strong men can swallow their pride
    just to show their lady that they care for her 🙂 women like the Giving and
    Getting, both together, not seperate….

  • loggsoul 4 years ago

    I dont have fucking money for more stuff.

  • NeroroPuj 4 years ago

    take advises how to wear good, from a woman that wears bottle opener around
    her neck.

  • adrean83 4 years ago

    So simple and so great advice. No need to complicate things.

  • manasume 4 years ago

    go to a gym.. train. then.. UNDRESS to IMPRESS 🙂

  • Agent1W 4 years ago

    My threads of choice are simple(not too flamboyant) Hawaiian pattern
    buttoned shirts worn over a solid color tee, with khaki slacks. Black dress
    shoes with a black leather dress belt. I also wear a blue topaz socketed
    silver ring. In the winter time, I wear a black, smooth leather jacket. If
    I’m wearing dark blue jeans, I swap out the Hawaiian shirt and dress shoes.
    Guys bicker about my clothes a lot, but I don’t hear such complaints from
    the girls, so yeah.

  • mr007tycoon 4 years ago

    Jessica’s videos are great. They provide simple but good advice. I
    appreciate her for uploading these.

  • saladdinosaur 4 years ago

    guys please dont wear sweaters or sweatpants if you’re not doing any sports
    at the moment D:

  • izzklo 4 years ago

    @DimebagVision i’m annoyed with you talking like that about women. and you
    arent telling it like it is.

  • abuh59 4 years ago

    Cant be botherd watching these stupid vids show us something intresting and
    hepful man

  • jesus rodriguez 4 years ago

    I only have one question. Do these pants make my dick look big?

  • vague tips 101

  • DimebagVision 4 years ago

    @izzklo I already do enjoy life and i know i’m the best person in the
    world. 😀

  • Aaron Dert 4 years ago

    water is wet

  • snelhest100 4 years ago

    @felixmoncada Haha talk about that you need to watch this vids, its the
    inside that counts 😛

  • Pete Lowrie 4 years ago

    birthday suit all the wayy babby. lol jkjkjkjk

  • 777appleguy 4 years ago

    Nice work !

  • SaltySoup 4 years ago

    so you mean my pajamas isnt good ?

  • rmed30 4 years ago

    I’m not saying that you are lazy and disheveled. That’s just the message
    you will be sending by dressing that way. You could be the most awesome,
    handsome, best guy on the planet, but the fact is you will always be
    putting yourself at a disadvantage by dressing like a child. No man in the
    history of clothing or pussy has ever gotten less attention from women by
    smartening up their style.

  • CSIS25 4 years ago

    @kathryn120 your welcome 🙂 awww thanks 🙂 yes my rabbits passing away was
    a big supse.. thanks awww sorry to hear 🙁 did u get another cat after ?

  • Wadukadoo 4 years ago

    @phorms123 your army suit? if you were in the army you would call it your

  • TaiMaiShu0k 4 years ago