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During the holidays, a few romantic date ideas include ice skating and buying gifts together around Christmas. Show a woman that there's interest and care ar…



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  • Nancy L 4 years ago

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  • Norman M 4 years ago

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  • bloodmansion 4 years ago

    i wanna get cuddly with jessica

  • 777appleguy 4 years ago

    Will do.

  • Kestutis Tauckela 4 years ago

    @bloodmansion I guess you need to wait for some snow first.

  • Len H 4 years ago

    A dating coach? Everything you mentioned wouldnt work on you would it? Nope
    just drop the dollar bills it seems what works on you girl

  • butth0Ie 4 years ago

    Uh, yeah right. I was dating a woman of the large persuasion and took her
    ice skating on a frozen pond and (place your bets, folks) the ice cracked
    and as she was submerged she nearly took me down with her! “Help! Help!” I
    cried, but my screams were drowned out by the splashing water and splitting
    ice! Then I regained my footing and was like, “Oh, never mind,” and left
    her there. I will return in the spring to retrieve her.