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The best way for teenagers to flirt is to stand out and avoid being mean or resorting to teasing as a form of flirtation. Discover how teenagers can clarify …



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  • kingpiccolo colin 3 years ago

    we are just friendly whenever we engage in conversation , we sometimes
    tease each other about our grades and stuff , the reply i get is lots of
    smiling which i think is good . i m not serious with her but flirting
    sometimes happens in opposite gender friendship. the teases from random
    girls from my class is that i like other girls and so forth. 

  • Jaysun el 3 years ago

    let her no subtley buy flirting and if she dosent seem that iterest in thta
    way leave it be because its only flirting itlle not ruin anything (its not
    a love letter of a box of choclottes lol they would be MAJOR HINTS) but if
    she dosent take his tiny hints thn he shud leve it n cary on bein mtes and
    if anything else comes out of that then wel thy might have a bf / gf
    relationsip ive waited 5 years 4 AGirl andIfITruleyLoveHerIllWait antha 10
    Lol i wnt mary with her and kids so id wait 4 tht

  • FreeBlago1 3 years ago

    Young men, listen. DO NOT tell a broad she is beautiful until you’re
    serious with her.(even then, it’s questionable). Always give her back
    handed compliments…..”I don’t care what other people say, I think your
    mole is cute” or “thats a really nice shirt” (then proceed to pick lint off
    of it). or “your eyebrows have a great retro style to them”. Also, use the
    3 week rule for calling her. And don’t be so quick to give up your meat. I
    make a broad wait 7 to 8 dates. You’ll learn whippersnappers.

  • bopedeba2 3 years ago

    this is more for guys everybody. just a heads up =p

  • Jenicathashuffler626 3 years ago

    haha! my boyfriend does that :L he sometimes teases me to flirt :L

  • Hemantha Atthanayake 3 years ago

    I found that really interesting. I’m here as my best friend without warning
    became amazing with girls. He began attracting women magically. He acted
    like it was standard for quite a while. He then smiled and told me while he
    was wasted on Tequila. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master
    Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to learn about it… He is on a
    date today with a gorgeous girl… Lucky dick!

  • Shiny Rayquazza 3 years ago


  • glitter959 3 years ago

    lol…almost all the guys in my class tease as a form of flirting…not
    only to me (to me most of the time ) but also my girlfrenz…they think
    it’s cool but it’s really starting to get on my nerves…XD

  • PikachuWIZ 3 years ago

    Teasing Works For Me 🙂 She Loves Meee

  • rdunikkk 3 years ago

    If ur good looking an eye contact and a wink always helps…..The worst
    thing is if ur good looking and u know that chicks like u and ur still
    nervous and shy…..

  • evasivenose 3 years ago

    @rudolph502 duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude same here lol 😛

  • themightyVU 3 years ago

    i just dont kno how to kiss her. i mean she wants me to but i dont kno how
    to get it started thats all please help. Thxxx

  • Cesarndpo 3 years ago


  • rxbxcxp 3 years ago

    ya same wit me i end up not knowing wut 2 say nxt and were jus quiet and
    its awkward

  • toPeCtimO 3 years ago

    man…….im too nervous when i with girl…..thats my probs..can someone
    help me……….sometimes i become blur when i with them..please help

  • elmolover4168 3 years ago

    i tried tht… dont get any boy’s attention in my class…

  • Dating Tips For Men 3 years ago

    great advice!

  • rudolph502 3 years ago

    thanks I am gonna try and do this. I hope it works but I am nervous about
    telling a girl that she is beautiful today cuz I dont want to get ReJeCTeD!
    I am gonna try it though.

  • Nancy L 3 years ago

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret You from
    across the room and begin using artificial pheromones and “how she is that
    signify that happened to want to escalate with a woman, make a sudden
    starts to give straight forward answers.

  • Svenni Jpc 3 years ago

    @laorjlse hahahahha !!

  • Esther K 3 years ago

    just go natural, and tell her theres something different about her today (
    aka if she had her hair done different, necklaces, bracelets those sorts)
    dont over exaggerate, the girl might think you’re a stalker O.o just go
    slowly 😉

  • availabillity1 3 years ago

    yup, I’d say so 😉

  • AbiV3 3 years ago

    yea “you look beautiful today” is a bad thing to say, make sure u say “you
    look beautiful” or “you are beautiful”.

  • mauricethatsme 3 years ago

    well i know a girl that said you wanna kiss me and she said its a joke but
    it sounded like she mean it and i think she likes me cause she was standing
    near me everytime 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • David Ecclestone 3 years ago

    semi agree xD

  • ihopethisaccountwork 3 years ago

    this dosnt always work

  • Philipp Hein 3 years ago

    Tips for men? Men who are flirting with teenagers? I think I saw that on
    Dateline with Chris Hansen. Why don’t you have a seat? Have a seat. Have a
    seat right over there.

  • Uhmad 3 years ago

    Oh god yea my freind has the same problem 😛 so yea i have no clue!

  • MrN00bz 3 years ago

    a girl like a guy whos confident smiles and is funny and obviously if your
    attractive its easier

  • MagicManDumbledore 3 years ago

    i need tips!!!! ive asked out a girl and were going to the movies. we have
    text messeged and she says she likes me 😀 .Im verry bad at talking with
    girls and i need tips for what to talk about? plz answer if you do i would
    be very happy. by the way im 14 😀

  • sinaloastagg 3 years ago

    @pollypockstar1 offer to give some head guys never say no trust me

  • availabillity1 3 years ago

    appearance is important.

  • radrmd216 3 years ago

    well, the nxt time you hangout with her try to make her laugh. I know the
    first time i went in for a kiss was after i made her lol and then she kind
    of was gazing into my eyes and i went in for the kill. Id say you kind of
    have 2 butter her up a little bit with smiles, kooky statements(randomness,
    if she likes that thing), and maybe a complement. BUT U MUST MAINTAIN EYE
    CONTACT!!! hope that helped you

  • Caolanc 3 years ago

    thats so true i asked a girl out and she said maybe and as soon as i told
    her she was beautifl she said yes

  • missnovemer 3 years ago

    everygirl thinks im ugly so i dont worry about them

  • Keanu400 3 years ago

    dude me too…

  • funkgaas52 3 years ago

    ok…so my friend has problem….he likes this girl but the problem is:that
    girl is his best friend so he is worried that if he tells the girl that he
    likes her and if the girl didn’t feel the same thing it could ruin their
    friendship….what would you tell to my friend?anyone?

  • brandon cruise 3 years ago

    i justttt talk to them

  • Aayam Aashish 3 years ago

    That was great information. I found this coz my buddy grew to become a
    lady-magnet – and he’s fat He went from zero to hero. He acted like it was
    standard for a little bit. He then told me while he was wasted on Tequila.
    Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google
    it and you will find it… He’s dating a sexy chick… Lucky bastard!

  • MejJalTok 3 years ago


  • chainsawmassacre2010 3 years ago

    haha lol so true