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When a man is trying to meet women, it's important for him to remember how many women are out there and to avoid rejection by getting too attached too early….



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  • Nancy L 4 years ago

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  • Norman M 4 years ago

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  • jopes8888 4 years ago

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  • Vussan Bhele 4 years ago

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  • Dwight Evans 4 years ago

    Ah. . .a kindred spirit. . .

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago

    Go for foreign women.

    American women LOVE playing games.

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago

    fuck her.

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago

    i AGREE.

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago

    What dating coaches dont tell men is that the dating scene in the US is so in the women’s favor. They tend to individualize the issue and focus on ” fixing” the guy, but in reality, its the whole system that is curroport. DONT ASK WOMEN OUT!!!!!!!

    Men must boycott asking women out, let women do the asking. American women generally tend to be very spoiled, and have high ego due to many men ask them out on daily basis.


  • Bishnu Patel 4 years ago

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  • İsmail A 4 years ago

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  • Joshep Ranjit 4 years ago

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  • Dian Affenti 4 years ago

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  • Gina Yuliawati 4 years ago

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  • bruce davis 4 years ago

    jess i want a date!….

  • Maire Bosch 4 years ago

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  • Standardchannel01 4 years ago

    That won’t get you anywhere

  • Sam Crawford 4 years ago

    I say that stalking is the best solution to dealing with rejection. . .

  • Fox red 4 years ago

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  • Fletcher hanson 4 years ago

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  • Standardchannel01 4 years ago

    Lol rejection should not really be dealt with.

    Some chicks doesnt want you due to looks, or maybe you comb your hair to the wrong side, you dont kiss her ass when she wants you to.
    Its always about something stupid.

    Best way to deal with it. Have fun with it and pick up another chick.

  • josornio300 4 years ago

    Feale rejection caused mark lephine, george sodini, sueng hui cho, and james holmres to go haywire. Im next

  • RussianBrideReality 4 years ago

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  • Sam Crawford 4 years ago

    When I get rejected, I make that person’s life into a living hell. . .If I’m going to be miserable, she’s gonna miserable with me. . .

  • Duardn 4 years ago

    If you just show up without doing anything to earn your love you will be rejected.

  • Duardn 4 years ago

    Yoi have to give everything youve got in order to avoid being rejected. Whether its money or devotion or all your soul.

  • Brad Winter 4 years ago

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  • Arpita Roy 4 years ago

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  • silismo 4 years ago

    Jessica, will you marry me? if not ill just jump off a building to deal with the rejection

  • LadyLolitaJenny 4 years ago


  • ronprestige014 4 years ago

    this is so fucking annoying why girls rejected men..I’ve been rejected so many times and that’s the reason why I stop caring for other people and have no emotions anymore!!

  • FutureUSMC12 4 years ago


  • Kay Swisz 4 years ago

     i keep getting curved by girls.. wtf am i doing wrong? i wish girls come to me asking me out.. it would be a blessing -.-

  • Kay Swisz 4 years ago

    when i get rejected.. i just enter a pretty deep depression, and listen to tyler the creator, while thinking, what’s wrong with me?

  • TheIdog1 4 years ago


  • relationship advices 4 years ago

    I expect to see another video here soon. So far so good

  • theguy717 4 years ago

    actually i wasn’t listening…but you’re welcome anyway.

  • ultimate133 4 years ago

    some people lead other people on

  • lawshorizon 4 years ago

    You won’t get rejected if you pick up the interested or uninterested signals. People who are constanltly rejected must have no intuition. “Luke … stretch out with your feelings!”

  • Hilary Baird 4 years ago

    exactly, everything is good in moderation, too much junk food makes u feel sick, too much food makes u unhealthy depending on your metabolism, too much sex can be bad too, when u wait to have sex with someone you want to be with its so much better, if its with someone u met at the bar they could be married or in a relationship and you wouldnt know bc alot of ppl arent honest, when its with someone u know has been tested and is single its enjoyable.

  • TheNonsubscribable 4 years ago

    They lie and tell you that other women will accept you when in reality your bound to be rejected, again and again, because your ugly, because you aren’t making enough money, or because your just plain ugly.

  • TheNonsubscribable 4 years ago

    I don’t believe that its not my fault I think there really must be something wrong with me if Im rejected. I blame my genetics, maybe she saw me as inferior.

  • Hilary Baird 4 years ago

    im a girl and ive been rejected by so many guys, you know why? bc alot of men only want sex or want it to fast so when we catch on we run, when you meet a girl dont ask to go back to your place late at night for a movie, it gives off the vibe that you only want one thing, dont approach a woman who looks sleezy or super ficial either bc those types arent good either, go after women who are smart and indipendant that way you know they arent after money

  • xhemexx 4 years ago

    Try to just force yourself on them and get some and then dump them to the curb lol jk