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A cute and easy way to say goodnight is to wish another person happiness, or to say “sweet dreams.” Avoid being abrupt when saying goodnight with tips from a…



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  • Rey Palmer 3 years ago

    john123wayne you’re the man!

  • bavmysta 3 years ago

    Fuck off im going to sleep *BEEP* And my girl friend still calls me the
    next day. I don’t think this advice works!

  • tubin12341 3 years ago

    How about you just tell her how much fun you had on the date? Then inform
    her of an upcoming event you’re attending and ask if she’d like to go? I’d
    much rather leave the woman with a ‘hello’ instead of a ‘goodnight’.

  • Bourneman89 3 years ago

    Most of these tips will get you confused and destroy your game. As soon as
    you see a chick , you r going to try to remember all the things you learn.
    And if the situtation changes, you will look like a pick up lines Looser.
    Be yourself, so she can see wether you are a Mesrine or a Bond.

  • zeusbark 3 years ago

    toootally agree!

  • LaMelancolieXp 3 years ago

    she is kind of nice !!! 🙂

  • marksteven147 3 years ago

    jc i like your accent why cannot i find an american fit woman and with a
    good personality like yours behind every good man is a woman

  • Heder Fernandez 3 years ago

    hahah thats great lol

  • Chris Wilko 3 years ago


  • Jestic1e 3 years ago

    NEVER take dating advice from a woman.

  • mulholland1985 3 years ago

    @TSMontana dude why is that??please answer me…

  • chizzy555 3 years ago

    so true john123wayne, if u show too much goo goo gaa gaa to a girl then she
    will become bored with you, gotta always keep her at arms length

  • Jermie Sheonarain 3 years ago

    @john123wayne heres a question i always wondered.when you say “ask her
    out”, do you mean to be her girlfriend, or to go on another date.

  • Turnedleaf 3 years ago

    Sweet dreams ? I ll miss you until next time? What dream world is this ?
    Your gonna get labled as a pussy if you say that. For the love of god dont
    say that … ever Why do you have to trade your balls in to say goodbye ?
    Tell her a compliment about her amazing laugh at the comedy club, or how
    you appreciate _____ about her personality / looks / breakfast she just
    cooked you / something that is important to her.

  • yellowposted 3 years ago

    LOL!!! good one man

  • SummerRaye101 3 years ago

    fliirtt alot (:

  • lollipopfop 3 years ago

    @wiseguy1989xx learn to spell.

  • REIGN131 3 years ago

    @john123wayne whoooOOOO- bullseye! (i just cut paste & emailed this to
    myself- good stuff!! (i got a 1st date comin up pretty soon so i need all
    the ideas i can get)

  • silentscream909 3 years ago

    0:58 is guts lmao

  • Akpk3r 3 years ago

    0:58 LOL IRL

  • remidydrive 3 years ago

    i would tell he now b4 you leave so you can get it finished just try

  • defender2085 3 years ago

    woo! gratz man! I’m with a girl like that too! it’s awesome! I don’t know
    where I’m going with this I’m just hyper

  • Nancy L 3 years ago

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  • defender2085 3 years ago

    isay goodnight Baby goodnight Kaci (or w/e ur gfs name is =P) sleeptight
    hun, ummmmmmmmmmm sometimes if we had just made out or something I’d say
    like sleeptight baby, I’ll be dreamin of u cuz I’m on cloud 9 after makin
    out basicly I just experiment until I find one I like

  • theendlesssuffering 3 years ago

    Lmao a woman giving any sort of advice is like a baby who cant speak
    english properly trying to tell you he wants something. Women are confused
    retards dont listen to em on anything.

  • chris mclauchlan 3 years ago

    oh ill be thinking about her alright when i hang up….. mmh mmh mmh

  • Norman M 3 years ago

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    that she was interested and that are seeing a woman, make sure of being
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  • LikeMyBeatsFast 3 years ago

    # one way to say good night- Oh My God my wife is never gonna forgive you
    🙂 haha

  • dhide14 3 years ago

    how about a cute blowjob

  • Stoneyburke 3 years ago

    got any french fried taters,or biscuits and mustard… huh

  • infraball 3 years ago

    @LadyboyHunter implying this isn’t a blatant spam advertisement.

  • Dante240 3 years ago

    isnt it the other way around Bowchickabowow

  • cloudfantasy1022 3 years ago

    i’d say ” good night sweet dreams ! dun leave me for too long … i’ll miss
    youu . anyways anyone who has msn add me , i’d love to help ^^ just sent me
    a personal msg .

  • Matt Bauder 3 years ago

    @00nicklock haha huh ha

  • stopfederalism08 3 years ago

    hah good one i dont live in new york so i cant use it

  • LifesaGardenDigit1 3 years ago

    Thats it. Don’t be shy-I have a friend that will just come out and ask
    women for sex -totlal strangers he just met, and yes,he gets told
    off/slapped many times, but he also gets laid more than anyone. He says
    lifes too short to play games -go for what you want -get shot down,move to
    the next one..

  • enkibumbu 3 years ago

    OK, the basic point is to be phony and talk bullshit? Great, I’ll remember

  • FLAREflare14 3 years ago

    i has a question, what if i were to tell the girl ,”i wont tell you good
    bye because will end up saying you again, see yah tommorrow”( or any other
    day or w/e you nget what i meen right)

  • Maria Cintron 3 years ago

    can you make videos that are for women like dating tips for women on how to
    tell a guy your not interested without lying or being rude.. and another
    one of pick up lines and until what limit u should show skin and can you
    pliss make it a teenage video .. !!! thanks so much pliss if you read this
    send me a link of the videos 😉

  • LosAngelesWriter 3 years ago

    @wiseguy1989xx Dayum that’s cold, but funny (if youre joking)

  • Bradaga suvan 3 years ago

    YES …John …at least some one is more realistick ..:)

  • rick vega 3 years ago

    you can say to a girl is… alright peace out homes, beautifuly quoted from
    pineaple express

  • istanbultravellers 3 years ago

    your necklage should be protected as a world heritage …. is it stainless
    steel ?

  • maicolloco69 3 years ago

    goodnight ,,,,well i dont think i’ll be sleeping tonight,,,,,,and she sais
    why,,,,, ,,,,cause i’ll be thinking of you,,,,,, ,,,,,,always gettim with
    that one hahaha