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This is an audio packed in video format that has affirmations and suggestions that will help you boost your confidence so it is easier for you to meet women. Women are most attracted to men with confidence and a powerful sense of self esteem. Self hypnosis is perfect to remove insecurities that may stop you from being confident around hot women.

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  • HypnosisForInsomnia 2 years ago

    Money and status attract women most. confidence is their signal that a guy
    has both.

  • olteanu iulian vlad 2 years ago

    it really does sound like flushing the toilet :))

  • ismail bagnied 2 years ago

    sounds like my bathroom

  • lopezzz25 2 years ago

    how do you know hypnosis is working for you? and do you have to be aware of
    what you are listening.. does it work if you just fall asleep while
    listening to a hypnosis cd.

  • karim ghani 2 years ago

    @clfmtes yeah you can meet plenty of girls like that btw this is far the
    best pickup video ive seen so far check it out >>>