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In this video, I will teach you how to find your libertarian soul mate. Together, you will have beautiful Ron Paul babies and move to Somalia where you will live happily ever after without the state or roads.

But seriously.

There are some goofy parts in this video but the advice is real. It's not one of those videos that tells you what you want to hear so some people might get mad. But I tried to keep it honest and real because I do want to help people.

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  • Kyle P 2 years ago

    I’ve taken dating off of the top of my priority list. It’s just not worth
    it. The dating pool for guys my age consists mostly of single moms with
    emotional baggage. That comes with a lot of BS that I don’t want to deal
    with. Also, I am thankful that I did not get married when I was younger
    because if I did by now I would probably be divorced and forced to pay
    alimony and possibly children for kids I would hardly see. Family court is
    known for screwing over men. The economic consequences and emotional
    hardships outweigh the benefits of being with someone. And I honestly
    believe I am not the only guy who feels that way. 

  • That Guy T 2 years ago

    When I first got into liberty, I immediately thought “Damn, it’d be awesome
    to meet a smoking hot libertarian babe who enjoys long blogs about free
    market principles and romantic late night gaming sessions”. But then I
    realized life was real…. Lol, tbh whenever I find interest in a girl, her
    political philosophies really are the least important think I’m worrying
    about. I mean if she’s even slightly politically competent, that’s a plus
    because at least we can have discussions about important topics. But
    really, I could give a f*** less if a girl shares my political views.
    Besides, there are only like 10-20 hot libertarian women out there in the
    world. (No offence liberty ladies lol)

    More important: Is she nice, is she attractive, is she able to think for
    herself, !!!*is she a feminist*!!!, is she doing something with her life,
    is she someone I can find interest in & have fun with even during the most
    boring situation imaginable, etc. I don’t care if she’s political or not.
    My goals for a relationship have far more diverse standards than simply “is
    she a statist or nah”. But I’m an unromantic asshole so take all this with
    a grain of salt ;)

  • IRONMANAustralia 2 years ago

    Phew! I’m glad to hear that stuff, because my only criteria is big tits.

  • marvincontendo 2 years ago

    Once Libertarianism goes mainstream, there will be more Libertarian Girls.

  • That Guy T 2 years ago

    9 minutes? This should be good :)

  • Calvin Smith 2 years ago

    +Julie Borowski You are 100% right. Men should focus on a women’s
    measurements and not her political philosophy. You’ll never find a perfect
    woman. She doesn’t exist. So just find one that doesn’t run her mouth and
    has a hot body. After you have children, then you can start talking about
    libertarianism to them when she’s not looking. That’s the only way
    libertarians are going to grow their numbers.

  • 6oodfella 2 years ago

    I can’t believe guys just send you photos of their privates, that’s insane.
    It’s different if you ask for them, but out-of-the-blue? Jesus!

    You scarily looked like Boy George when doing your impression of a guy.
    [I apologise for the following part of my comment, but I can’t resist]

    Tells guys not to send pictures of their junk.
    Ends video by rubbing her pussy.


  • James Ornellas 2 years ago

    I engaged to a fundamentalist feminist Christian. I am the most fucked
    Libertarian there is.

  • It's Called A RainbowRoad 2 years ago

    Hey guys, I’m a single Libertarian woman
    Long walks…………………..(to the refrigerator that is)
    Candle-lit dinners…………. (b/c I didn’t pay the light bill)
    Dogs…………………………..(they also taste so good in chow mien)

    Let’s date

  • ConnorSealock 2 years ago

    I like women.

  • John LaPaglia 2 years ago

    Julie Borowski, You fail to mention certain facts about the “Female Sex”.
    Females are attracted to “Power”. This is true universally and
    internationally for the “Female Sex”. For an example within the United
    States, just look at how “Mr. Bill Clinton” can seduce and order his
    secretary to perform oral sex on him. However, for an example outside of
    the United States, simply look at all of the women in the “Democratic
    Peoples Republic Of Korea”, and how they flock and faint around the
    politician named “Kim Jong-Un”. If a man cannot afford to provide-for and
    pay to provide massive “Material Possessions” to a woman, she will not be
    attracted to him. Personally, I believe that all females are actually
    lesbians, but are attracted to men solely because they are more “Physically
    Powerful” than they are, and this makes evolutionary sense, just like how
    “Yanomamo Women” are physically dependent upon the males of their tribe to
    provide for them.

  • somuchfortalent 2 years ago

    So the bow tie goes above the neckbead? I’ve been doing it wrong for so

  • Liam Phoenix 2 years ago

    No pictures of yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Well, if you’re using a dating site, but on social media? Nah, the T&Cs for
    posting photos and the weak privacy protections?

    Yeah, I’ll take a pass in that.

  • Pepsifx357 2 years ago

    I’m single, because I REFUSE to get a facebook account. I will die a
    lonely man before I get on facebook. I prefer good ol’ fashioned,
    truthful, one on one communication. Unfortunately, no one can do that
    anymore. I saw a girl the other day that I knew a long time ago. I tried
    to say hi….all I got was a disgusted look and it was right back to her
    cellphone. That’s about all you get when you “put yourself out there”
    these days. Did you know that there are apps out there on facebook that
    give girls a fake boyfriend?! WTF?!! I’m sure Libertarian women aren’t
    like that right?……where ever you all are hiding at.

  • Sigvardr Olafson 2 years ago

    Question: “How do you ask a libertarian if they are free for a date on


  • Edmond Dantes 2 years ago

    You say to put myself out there, but you also say not to send dick pics,
    enough with the mixed messages already!

  • BlackMasterJoe89 2 years ago

    Why for dating advice for Libertarians? This is advice any man, of any
    political position can benefit from.

  • Tim Ramich 2 years ago

    How is it that a male is supposed to be confident in who they are, yet
    females are always trying to make them “better,” but females are supposedly
    fine just the way they are? People that are confident are jerks. Period.
    Nice guys aren’t confident, and confident guys aren’t nice. Period. What
    are people who are miserable supposed to do? Existing at all makes me
    miserable. The fact that that moves people away makes existence even more
    miserable. Why should I change? Just because 99.9% of the world are trendy
    fornicator ass wipes, I should change? Dating is just complete bullshit. I
    don’t see what going to a movie or eating dinner at a restaurant
    accomplishes. It’s really just a nonsense show. You’re damn right it’s me.
    How does one stop being creepy? Plastic surgery? Some people just look
    creepy and can’t do a damn thing about it. Some people have had a 100%
    rejection rate in all of their existence and have no right to be confident.
    Guys that dress nice are faggots. Period. So basically, guys aren’t
    supposed to care about looks, but half of what you talked about here is
    that how a guy looks is important…

  • Steven Stevenson 2 years ago

    The icon for video is unacceptable. You are a grown woman, do you even
    respect your own political ideology? Then why do you associate it with
    making such ugly stupid faces. 

  • Darth Sin 2 years ago

    Meh, I will pass. Modern romantic relationships and the subsequent
    marriage, child bearing and family formation is not worth it as a straight

    Single motherhood, false rape accusations, alimony, child support,
    paternity fraud…Not to mention the emotional toll and mental toll…Then
    there is the circus gymnastic style shit testing you have to go through…

    The costs are astronomical and the benefits are negligible. On the other
    hand, being a committed bachelor is the exact opposite.

    I shall spend the coming Valentine’s Day eating chocolates for myself and
    immersing myself with a good book. That’s the good thing about Valentine’s
    Day, chocolates are on sale and you can get tons of them without looking

  • Frosty 2 years ago

    It’s not so much that men find it hard to understand how/where to meet
    libertarian women, or women involved in atheism, or women who are strong
    critical thinkers, supporers of science and

    It’s more an issue of these women are clearly more rare than men and so the
    odds are stacked against you. There’s less supply and so the “price” these
    women can demand is higher, better genes, better job prospects, better
    stability and personality.

    With the game being so rigged (read: asymmetric) I’m mostly uninterested in
    playing, I keep a profile active on dating sites which is an obvious pull
    to libertarian women, some of which view my profiles but mostly from the US
    and not the UK. I keep them live because while the odds are tiny, almost
    non-existent, it costs next to nothing to put yourself out there.

    I think it’s better to prepare yourself for the reality that is likely to
    occur which is one without a partner, try and find something to replace
    that need with, hobbies, profession, interests…whatever. It’s a fairly
    lonely path but it’s a realistic one.

  • tbone martinez 2 years ago

    lol I am no longer surprised at some of the shit desperate dudes do.
    Believe me I have heard worse things then sending penis picks without
    asking for them, but believe me some women actually think its cute.
    Probably the kind you described with severe emotional problems, I don’t
    know why they are so attracted to me. I have learned that if I don’t love
    myself and enjoy being alone, no one is ever going to enjoy loving me and
    being alone with me. Its all a matter of knowing that you are valuable just
    the way you are.
    ON a side note I have to admit I have never met a girl that didn’t have
    potential external beauty if they would just take care of themselves.

  • PressResetEarth 2 years ago

    Still can’t tell if this girl creeps me out or turns me on…

  • daxdigitalus 2 years ago

    That cat is a marxist. I saw him marching around chanting “Mao! Mao!”

  • Gabe King 2 years ago

    Now for the realistic “dating advice” guys: Join MGTOW.

  • Ben Lindey 2 years ago

    I’ve followed you for a good amount of time now. So I’ve got a lil story
    for you, Julie. I’m 17, and philosophically align myself as libertarian,
    when I do happen to use a label although I often don’t. Well, this school
    year, I entered into my first relationship(she’s great). I have found that
    one of the things that I find attractive about her is not that she is a
    ‘libertarian’ but she is very self-respecting, individualistic,
    hard-working, tolerant, and knowledgeable. I would argue that those
    characteristics are present in capitalism/libertarianism, or at least they
    should be. We both have economics class and were recently studying
    macroeconomics, and part of the lesson was to decide which economist we
    agree with most. Our choices were Keynes, Hayek, Schumpeter, and Friedman.
    Since I read about economics for fun, I already knew that I would choose
    Hayek. It just so happens that my girlfriend also chose Hayek and described
    him as “simply making sense”. Also, we are both reading Atlas Shrugged and
    discuss the principles of Ayn Rand. I tell you this story for two reasons:
    I believe that ideals should be spread with a gust of intellectualism
    rather than tumultuous efforts (come on, we’re not Marxists advocating
    realpolitik). I found this with my girlfriend- we both have grown from
    discussion and differences, which I believe is what makes a relationship,
    or even a friendship, thrive. The second reason is that I was hoping that
    you would enjoy my ‘libertarian relationship’ success. I don’t think it’s a
    good idea to ask specifically for a libertarian partner. As you said,
    people aren’t prizes. I think that ideas grow with simple actions, and to
    charge full-steam-ahead with an idea is difficult, and that good can be
    done in the simple actions of common people. So take my example and soar on
    the wings of a bald eagle! :D

  • CatzDaLegit 2 years ago

    I want a libertarian girlfriend comes off as a prize? Uhm, how about I
    rephrase that. I want a girlfriend that understands reality. SORRY IM
    ASKING FOR PRIZES. Julie, you’re dumb right nao.

  • Ethercruiser1 2 years ago

    Lots of people who are older today (both sexes) would probably have
    appreciated your advice years ago when they were young. But what you said
    is basically good advice for anyone at any age.