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I give general dating advice for girls. The full Michael Che clip: Watch “You Complete Me”:…



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  • nerdiecake 3 years ago

    All the ladies started subscribing you because we think your hair is sexy

  • Ivy Hood 3 years ago

    I want to like all your videos at at least five different times throughout
    each of your videos! I’ve been trying to tell my friends for years that
    they just need to go up and tell the guy that they like that they want to
    go on a date with him. The worst he’s is going to say is no, and you’ll be
    embarrassed for a minute, which is exactly what you would expect him to
    think before approaching you, right?! Anyone I’ve dated since high school,
    I’VE been the one who approached him, because guys are just as nervous as
    girls might be about asking a girl out. 

  • Stephanie Polk 3 years ago

    Only 193 comments

  • Shangyne Colston 3 years ago

    Oh alright just for your hair.

  • SugarHighDD 3 years ago

    I wish I could subscribe to you a hundred times. I found your videos
    through Upworthy, and my God, you are an amazing human being. 

  • MissPandoraC 3 years ago

    i love when guys make those cute mistakes and say silly things, it means
    they care :3

  • Megan Crawford 3 years ago

    for the record, i LOVE your hair!

  • lanalicious88 3 years ago

    “You certainly haven’t” lmao truth I do though 😉 haha

  • Emilia Hazel 3 years ago

    Hey… I’m digging you. XD

  • Ramsay Lanier 3 years ago

    This shirt has transformers on so I therefore give it a 10 out of 10.

  • soullesplain 3 years ago

    i have had a really bad breakup not too much time ago and i am still not
    over it and somewhere i dont know why :/ any help?

  • Heather Key 3 years ago

    I think this is all great advice! Provided, of course, that you live in
    America. I’ve followed some version of this advice all of my dating life,
    and it’s done me good as far as *getting* dates (keeping them, of course,
    is another matter!). But it’s different in other parts of the world. I
    now live in Ireland, and the fact is that most guys here will (almost
    literally) RUN SCREAMING from a girl who asks them out. They still have
    this idea that they have to be ‘the man’ and initiate everything – even
    though most of them are too shy to do so if they’re not slobbering drunk.
    Which is why I haven’t had a date here in years…but every time I leave
    the country, watch out! I get hit on faster than I can blink, sometimes!

  • music4on 3 years ago

    you make it sound so easy in all your videos!

  • Tarah Buchanan 3 years ago

    I subscribed because I like your hair

  • Brittney Stanfill 3 years ago

    You may have covered this at some point, but it not I would like to hear
    your thoughts on how often people use words like slut and whore. Do you
    think this is damaging to women and our society in general? 

  • willowakiokami 3 years ago

    We all have that illusion of knowledge…. I really love your attitude
    about things! Besides your videos are all so down-to-earth and
    straightforward. This was an eye opener at certain parts and a refreshing
    slap in the face. I’m definitely taking your words to heart. Keep up the
    good work:)

  • tree dweller 3 years ago

    Women watch your videos because you say what we’re thinking :)

  • GMediaStudios 3 years ago

    Agreed, you are sexy and the hair is great but… it’s more about your
    confidence and obvious intelligence. LOL I love how you say hints don’t
    work. They totally don’t. Passive aggressive get people nowhere, man or
    women. Thanks for the awesome post!

  • myke's stuff 3 years ago

    Preach it man!

  • AlcatrazSniper 3 years ago


  • LizzieSingsASong 3 years ago

    And what’s more hurtful: stringing someone along in a relationship in which
    you’re no longer emotionally invested, for whatever reason, or ending it so
    that they and you can go find true happiness somewhere else? Also, welcome
    to the world of multiple youtube replies. Isn’t this irritating?

  • Uriah Gibson 3 years ago

    If me and my girlfriend have broken up and made up twice in two days, is
    that good

  • LaToya Booker 3 years ago

    Great video.. I like your hair so I subscribed lol.

  • a6entoren6e 3 years ago

    truth bomb.

  • Shimra Jaime FIne 3 years ago

    Haha I have repeatedly told both men and women how I work. I have been
    straight up about this and the response is hilarious. 9 times out of 10 I
    get a “this is a trick!” Never understood that

  • CJXXxxUnknown 3 years ago

    I’m glasd you are ‘making money’ on a website that probably isn’t even
    legit, but no one here gives a shit, so get out. I hate people who ‘litter’
    the comment section on amazing videos with ridiculous advertisements. I
    would KIND OF understand if you were advertising your own shit, but either
    way, it is only just annoying.

  • twowinds 3 years ago

    Clueless to hints 🙂 I prefer someone honest with me. Great Video!