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Three tips for handling flaky girls better by Please also check out our quick dating tips at http://www.effectivedatingtips…



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  • Mario Hanna 4 years ago

    good points, am gonna go break the two dates i have planned for this
    weekend right now because both girls were acting a little flaky and not
    responding in a reasonable time, i see now that they are gonna waste my
    time in the future regardless of which one it works out with, so bye bye to

  • ELPxoxo 4 years ago

    another great video!! SO true. People wanna wait until the last minute and
    think it’s cool to treat people that way. SMH I hate that! Won’t tolerate
    it from anyone! I have even cut people off for this behavior! Great video
    and info!

  • Ciro TheDesertWind 4 years ago

    This a great video and there is a lot of solid advice. Always informative!

  • CabirTheVirus 4 years ago

    I watched you for a long time … and I am so glad you still make videos,
    interesting videos from with I can learn a lot . Thank you

  • Lex Chelle 4 years ago

    Women can learn from this also…This man gives the greatest advice on your
    social life

  • exclusiveaccess85 4 years ago

    Thanks for all this good advise is good for the soul 

  • exclusiveaccess85 4 years ago

    When I found out about this guy I was very stress out and I didn’t know
    what to do when meeting girls since I watch this guys videos I understand
    much more about interacting with girls and how to manage my time and
    thinking more is like they say things happen for a reason in my hole life
    would not be able to find out about body language and other things this guy
    has telling me about so thanks your videos should deserve more views and
    amezing comments 

  • 4 years ago