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Is she interested? NO! This is a very interesting clip from the 9/15/11 Dating Women Radio Show Visit to download 5 FREE …



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  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    Rarely there can be a good reason but in the vast majority of cases it
    shows LOW INTEREST LEVEL on her part.

  • Ilirjan Hysi 3 years ago

    Doc Love! I fucked up man, cause I didnt pay attention. Didnt use your
    principles during the dating! Came through as needy and weak! After the
    forth date I cut off communication with the mercenary and she never
    bothered to call because she never cared. How could I have been so blind
    and def, having read the System multiple times? From now on, no more mercy
    and Mr Nice guy.

  • TheRedtaz 3 years ago

    yeah, but maybe she had a good reason for breaking the date.

  • Njugglesvatn 3 years ago

    This is fantastic!!!!.

  • aone122 3 years ago

    very good aggressive and straight forward this what guys need I know my ego
    got in the way.