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Why it is important to NOT to be the nice guy when dating women. Visit for a FREE dating women radio show. Expert: Jeff S…



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  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    HA..the commonsense of THE SYSTEM works for all guys but when you pass the
    physical attraction test more often, you have more opportunities says the
    REALITY FACTOR. Thanks for commenting!

  • onlyjoetee 3 years ago

    Love is about energy,and there are only 2!!masculine and feminine..when
    women say “nice” what they mean is feminine…

  • I agree with your comment. However, is shyness/introvertness means “nice”
    too? I am just a very private person and don’t like rejection so I want a
    chick to hit on me. I think it’s BS that we men have to do a lot of work or
    TOO MUCH work.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    @kgp8 shyness/introvert tendencies is not a bad thing nor does it mean
    you’re a “nice” guy; it is good to get “buying signals” before pursuing as
    you do, but remember, it is a manly thing to confidently ask for her # and
    ask her out.

  • trakba 3 years ago

    you are a scam. doc love is a scam. dont waste your time/money on him.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    If you think this is Pick Up Artist stuff, you are sadly mistaken. THE
    SYSTEM is a common-sense approach that teach good men how to look for Ms.

  • trakba 3 years ago

    you guys say that you are all over the board from approaching to 50+ yrs of
    happy married life. but you are only good for long haul. I having no women
    in my life before I bought the system and expecting to get a girl for the
    time in my life by following the system is lame of me. plus your stuff
    might work well in the west but it doesnt work zilch in south asia. period.
    I am saying that after I ve been using the system for 5 years in where I

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    @trakba Scam is defined as a a stratagem for gain; a swindle but Doc offers
    a 100% no questions asked refund on his materials and has been featured on
    major media outlets including Time Magazine and FOX-News (plus he’s the #1
    columnist on in a nearly 40 year career that has had great
    success in terms of helping tens of thousands of guys. I’m curious, do you
    just personally disagree with his teachings (which is your right) or can
    you actually back up that Doc Love is a swindler?

  • Ilirjan Hysi 3 years ago

    ApollingInsight! This for you. I have lived in the UK for very many years,
    and have found that Western girls respond to the System better. I now live
    in Albania, which is a third world country where you would be taken
    advantage of if you are too good. Actually, you’d be taken advantage if you
    are anything at all over here. Remember what Doc Love says in the Book “I
    dont care if she speaks no English”. Just a while ago I caved in and
    doubted the System and started to date this third country girl

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    Trakba, I’m not going to get into a tit for tat with you because you’re
    entitled to your opinion but Doc is about keeping men and women in love so
    they can raise happy children in a stable home and he’s changed thousands
    of lives in a positive way over the years. I only reacted to you telling me
    that Doc is a scam. You can agree or disagree with him but he is no scam.

  • chris ce 3 years ago

    the system only works if you are a hot man like me 🙂

  • trakba 3 years ago

    I dont know where to even begin. but lets see; you guys are good salesman
    and thats what has got you to Time Magazine and FOX News. i have been a
    system student since 2006. all you are saying about doc love is nothing new
    to me. Are you serious the system needs to be read for 15 times? why?
    Reading only once is more than enough and it is unnecessarily filled upto
    200+ pages. I should not hold up anything against doc love. it was my
    mistake to not see this way earlier.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    Thanks for the support

  • daleva187goligo 3 years ago

    u can sugar coat it all u want, this is still PUA bullshit

  • UglyCasing 3 years ago

    So many misconceptions,so many things people say to make the nice guy seem
    bad. Nice guys are creepers,nice guys are boring,nice guys aren’t hot.
    Shyness isn’t THAT bad and nice guys are not creepers. If he’s calling you
    a lot you CAN let him know. With these bullshit misconceptions no wonder
    women date assholes. I seen nice guys with confidence still get turned down
    because of misconceptions including myself.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    @apollosinsight, there is not a woman alive that wants a WIMP long term and
    that’s what the video refers to. And they don’t want a WIMP in Mongolia
    anymore than they do in Montana. Learn how to be a GENTLEMAN where you can
    be nice to women when they deserve it and then disappear if they try to
    “walk all over you.” Also, would you ever take a job and brag that you love
    it when your boss “walks all over you?” Makes zero sense.