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In dating, desperation and thinking too much about getting a girlfriend are never helpful, and simply make a man seem needy. Get a girlfriend through a posit…



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  • 199291931 3 years ago

    it’s so true!

  • Inuyasha6594 3 years ago

    do people constently call you an asshole? i would be suprised if they

  • Gorillazfreak18 3 years ago

    I’m cocky and I’m an 18 year old who has never had a girlfriend. Girls hate
    me for no reason, even though I’m better then everyone.

  • Helljumper1206 3 years ago

    yes but what i need to know is how do u know if a girl actually likes u not
    just looking at u or smiling but if a girl actually likes u and no girls
    think im sexy at my school as far as i know and if they did then yea yur
    right that would give a guy alot of confidence

  • vanadium3 3 years ago

    he “happily” experienced it…

  • Eric Passon 3 years ago

    your a genious

  • Noel Kinder 3 years ago

    Do people “constantly” call you an idiot? I’d be surprised if they “didn’t”
    because you don’t know how to spell.

  • Evenimente APR 3 years ago

    is this guy rich or is just a nice couch? :))

  • Asterixarcher 3 years ago

    Well i never wanted a girlfriend badly and i never got one.

  • SuchaBuzzKill 3 years ago

    dude..everybody bags on the guy for not drinkin his apple juice ahahaha

  • Daniel Martin 3 years ago

    pimps, they are everywere!

  • ballbustingtime 3 years ago

    your a very very wise man

  • fernandoman1989 3 years ago

    @emilyexceptional he’s too busy givi’n advice to drink it… 🙂

  • General0208 3 years ago

    That very true, i really like this girl. I always wish to find her but
    always fail. One day, i was walking to the bank without any expectations
    and suddenly i saw her. HA

  • Fulano do Tao 3 years ago

    that’s fundamentaly true.

  • Anand Vasudevan 3 years ago

    at the end wen he lifted his glass i thought he’d actually drink it

  • SuperAsh9000 3 years ago


  • SlipknotBoi11 3 years ago

    dude i wasnt lookin for a gf and then one day when i was hanging with my
    friends this chick who i have seen around my friends a few times pulled my
    iver to the side and like ya kno what happens next but anyway she had
    fuckin huge ass tits and all that and i was in shock cause i didnt kno what

  • MrCassanova08 3 years ago

    never run after a girl, their not worth it, dime a dozen, sad fact of life.

  • crazybones2009 3 years ago

    Santa claus of dating…Dr.Paul…lol

  • bojangles322 3 years ago

    he’s buzzin in all of these lol he seems so deucshy

  • dating44 3 years ago

    Any body take a look at the friends the day before? Absolutely fascinating!

  • asmukkar 3 years ago

    i was the exact same way, i kinda still am…just be a little more
    confident when you approach them. they already think ur sexy, so thats all
    the confidence u really need

  • Gorillazfreak18 3 years ago

    Well, I meet a LOT of girls who already have boyfriends, so it’s hard to
    find singles in the first place. BUT, sometimes girls will say I’m good

  • gerard ross fennell 3 years ago

    hes right fate does play a big factor

  • syncomposer 3 years ago


  • Tony Soprano 3 years ago

    does girls never want a boyfriend desperatly? because I wouldn’t mind what
    is in her forehead

  • 26Manchesterunited26 3 years ago

    True happened to me

  • hubomba 3 years ago

    Same thing happened to me! This one girl at school I gave up pursuing and
    just a few weeks ago she texted me and gave me her number. Now we
    communicate regularly and we are going to hang out together.

  • bt74ty 3 years ago

    can somebody help me with dating a girl? i mean a bunch of girls think im
    sexy but dont talk to me cuz im to shy. i cant help being shy,

  • jasperpaws24 3 years ago

    very true

  • WestsideEmoClick 3 years ago


  • brooksdanielgary 3 years ago

    “The HARDER you try, the less you are going to get.” That’s what SHE said.

  • ThePkelly3 3 years ago

    sick wolf blanket