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Making a girlfriend feel good about herself is as simple as making her know that you appreciate her. Make your girlfriend feel good about herself and don't t…



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  • nathan robson 3 years ago

    Thanks Doc!

  • Smarika Sharma 3 years ago

    @yykhugn yeah its funny if you understand seduction who you can meet and…
    have a look at this video it shows some really powerful techniques ==>

  • meonly910 3 years ago

    he dint drink his wine

  • Leo .The Lank 3 years ago

    @mw2halliz you’re 13…

  • inspectahdeck00 3 years ago

    This isn’t the 50’s…

  • homerg126 3 years ago

    Boooooooring. Not helpful for relationships when your in highschool. D;

  • raginstudios 3 years ago

    nice vid man =)

  • mrferret34 3 years ago

    lol wwechamp same thing to me but im just 12 but i love my girl friend alot

  • ICU2P 3 years ago

    Does this make us lame :/

  • NimaG87 3 years ago


  • JIKKU BABU 3 years ago

    yeah youtube videos make it basic to mac fat chicks but if you want to
    score fit girls you need to know why girls tick or your wont have a fuckn
    chance go look at the video on PUA66.COM أبسط ما يستطيعه الإنسان إذا خلت
    يداه من أية موهبة وإمكانيات هو أن يكون إنسانًا كما أراد الله له أن يكون

  • Nathan Nolan 3 years ago

    @mw2halliz maybe, i know people who have been together since 13, but highly
    doubtful, if you know its not puberty and your crazy hormones, keep on
    surprising her, tell her you love her, hold her hand, but the main thing
    would have to be to be a boyfriend/girlfriend, but at the same time be
    there best friend!

  • youtoo124365 3 years ago

    I fucking rofled when the camera panned over to him

  • mmmsdtv1 3 years ago

    @mw2halliz no.

  • Kill Jin 3 years ago

    Very good video. I was so puzzled looking at my best mate go from being a
    loser to a ladies man. He went from a nobody into being amazing. He acted
    like it was normal for quite a while. He finally came clean on Friday.
    Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if
    you’d like to learn about it… He’s on a date today with a beautiful
    girl… Lucky fucker!

  • jake donker 3 years ago

    tell them how good they make you feel and how you sincerly enjoy
    talking/laughing/spending time with them. always tell them that they have
    the most amazing smile, the most mezmerizing eyes. if she’s got freckles,
    dimples, a birth mark, i dont care if its a hairy mole tell her they are
    the cutest god damn things you’ve ever seen while looking into her eyes
    with a slightly seductive smile and soft/serious eyes. you WILL get your
    dick wet in most cases. she will never be satisfied.

  • RainbowBunnyAssassin 3 years ago

    Wtf Just Tell Me I’m Pretty

  • doug35791 3 years ago

    know this, there are girls who like you… bt there the ugly ones lol… if
    u want a gf just be confident… they can pick that up…and if they dont
    middle school is immature anyways… wait till freshman year

  • Stephanos Tafari 3 years ago

    this guy has…..”swagger??”…. lol

  • XDcody 3 years ago

    she’ll say she loves me even if i don’t 😀

  • makdeonijatom 3 years ago

    your trying to be hugh heffner buddy

  • wicje 3 years ago

    yeh, just like girls are a videogame, u gotta push the right buttons?

  • pauliey360 3 years ago

    @wesstu1 lol.

  • mw2halliz 3 years ago

    im just 13, and my girlfriend is 13, and we love eachother very much, but i
    wonder… will it stay like this?

  • lemonyscent4 3 years ago

    ok about the dress…. just tell her she looks amazing.

  • TheArtfulShow 3 years ago

    many girls think there boyfriends dont love them and only there body/looks
    you need to let her no you love her not just her looks.. it might be the

  • fordtractors4100 3 years ago

    i love my girlfriend soo much and am sooo afraid to loose her 🙁 <3

  • JustMe111094 3 years ago

    ah, I allmost forgot… you dont need any tricks to make a girlfriend, you
    just need to make new friends, and dont watch stupid videos like this… at
    least, everybody should know that somewhere in the world somebody is
    waiting for him/her

  • gummyrabbit500 3 years ago

    that happened to me just tell her that you do