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In relationships, keeping a girlfriend is all about maintaining energy in that relationship. Keep a girlfriend by mixing things up with tips from a dating au…



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  • dnifer 3 years ago

    well u should make her say it first then u say it

  • DaRealDL 3 years ago

    Press 9 over and over for extreme motivation

  • clideyurskiYurr 3 years ago

    i need to get this guy’s book asap!

  • bindubalo 3 years ago

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  • HAPPYxBANANAxCAKES34 3 years ago

    dr paul jus dont patent that line cause a motivational speaker says that too

  • Jonathan Chu 3 years ago

    lol hannibal lector hahaha he really started that video with him??!?!

  • John Michael 3 years ago

    @soarepaul1407 My dad used to say that about “hookups” but when it comes to
    good girls, my dad used to tell me to give it a try

  • Abdulaziz Hayat 3 years ago

    good for you.. finally some class on youtube

  • Ryan Hall 3 years ago

    @smokkapi hahahahahaha…………. I totally agree.

  • onlyjoetee 3 years ago

    Hannibal Lecter never had a girlfriend,he was gay hahahahaha

  • Sabbi6678 3 years ago

    i thought he was gonna say that he had had many womans and men as partners

  • blaby4ever 3 years ago

    lol but will it blend

  • hijorge 3 years ago

    Thanks Dr. Paul. 🙂

  • m6m17 3 years ago

    it a bit complicated them that.

  • xXsomthingXx 3 years ago

    @soarepaul1407 What dad?

  • Harbinger Reaper 3 years ago

    @sabbi6678 lol same!

  • Dan Flanagan 3 years ago

    =[[[ wish i knew how to do this

  • Rayan9111 3 years ago

    hmm it gives me sorta of an idea of what to do needs to be longer..

  • Pentamicle 3 years ago

    “I used to have a lot of women,-and men!..” at first I thought he meant
    date at first.

  • darellrobert010 3 years ago

    she probly didnt read it

  • JstKicknBack87 3 years ago

    whats something new i can do?

  • Dan Flanagan 3 years ago

    i love my girlfriend sooo much and she thinks i dont and thinks i cheat and
    stuff =[[[

  • Enchi2 3 years ago

    Wow that line was very God like

  • Ryan Hall 3 years ago

    @Pentamicle Ha ha……… I was thinking the same thing.

  • Kai Myers 3 years ago

    what if its long distance and shes too hot to let go 🙁

  • Noah Bledsoe 3 years ago

    I love the way he says boring. Lol!

  • Albert Einstein 3 years ago

    Girls are so hard to understand, They don’t even understand themselves

  • Kingahthecastle 3 years ago

    lol you can tell this dude has some serious game haha

  • MrGMauler 3 years ago


  • TubErSkillZ 3 years ago

    go get ice cream when its cold..go for a walk…pretend like you guys just
    met and hit on her harder that the first time…(that one is fun to do)..

  • John Michael 3 years ago

    @wwechamp7 Some girls, and boys for balance sake, need that type of
    reassurance from their S/O. I used to be that way with my current GF
    because in the past I was hurt badly so I projected those in the past with
    her. Talk to her, LISTEN, and tell her…but that is if you really care
    about ehr and your relationship

  • RsMafreed 3 years ago

    @lcrwrpn Girls are literally fighting over me these days. It’s all about
    showing her the right signals. Watch this video if you want to learn >>>