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In dating, getting a girl's number can be done by asking to share business cards and inviting her to lunch. Get a girl's number with tips on illustrating int…



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  • Ajin Leo 3 years ago

    My little step-brother was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer
    there is in my town fall in love with him as he cheated by using the Cupid
    Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I’d been happy for him but I
    want such a gorgeous young lady to fall in love with me. I’m incredibly
    envious. Does that mean I’m a lousy human being?

  • Jeff Campbell 3 years ago

    @Jeremy Watson: Just hit up “the alpha mindset, com”.. The guide/course on
    there is free and it’s amazing for pulling girls.

  • ranbrent 3 years ago

    smooth as fuck…

  • Curiosityice 3 years ago

    My number is 9. Yes. 9. What about the other numbers? I only have 1. Oh
    cool. So… i’ll call you sometime ;D See yah baby!

  • rockbottom31 3 years ago

    I am not a businessman ..I am a student..what about me?

  • jackuy12345 3 years ago

    i hate texting, i dont really like, but lots of ppl text during class time
    and get caught

  • Jailbreak2G 3 years ago

    alrite dont be mad nd blame it on myspace juz cuz a 12 yr old can get a
    numba nd u cant

  • SuperAlexrios 3 years ago

    stupid advice

  • kkriskko kostadinov 3 years ago

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  • rajesh shrestha 3 years ago

    Great video clip. I stumbled upon this coz my friend has become a
    lady-magnet He started getting women magically. He acted like it was normal
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  • apacheman13 3 years ago

    hey does any 1 know if this guys stuff works for teens

  • thestreetdogg 3 years ago

    sir, how do i know that ur really not just selling me anything!? How do i
    know that really work? See if u had a women next to u and look hottttt,
    than i would follow ur advise.. until than i am going with my book….

  • C1u3z 3 years ago

    Msn is Key. Or Facebook

  • BubbaDooDoo 3 years ago

    dr paul doesnt need to ask for numbers he just knows them

  • I know what you mean man.. I’d never try this ish.. I’d rather be me. I can
    relate to what your saying man.. real refreshing lol

  • SuperRebwar 3 years ago

    there is not next one must be her or no one

  • primevalindividual 3 years ago

    I’m taking advice from a 45 year old man with a glass of wine on a fluffy
    couch in a silk bath robe on how to get a girl’s #……. …… It’s

  • llaxof9991111 3 years ago

    HAHAHA, I love fucking suave this guy is.

  • Alex Baztard 3 years ago

    this guy has teached me alot in 5 mins then my father in a lifetime

  • thestreetdogg 3 years ago

    “billmonnie55” I really did not do any search. I watch Youtube and “click”
    after “click” got to something else than that something else got me to
    these dating Tips. But, I am not against someone giving advise, but someone
    cashing on it makes me sick. Ok, Advise on Dating a girl, it may only work
    in one type of girls, what if you ready to talk to a girl and than ur so
    prepared with ur advise, assuming what she is going to say , but than she
    compleately talks smth different. be ur self man.

  • SuperRebwar 3 years ago

    dont worry bro coz that was 2 weeks ago when i said what should i do to get
    a girls number ,she is here right with me now

  • snerddarplol 3 years ago

    yeah seriously…I don’t have a business card.

  • Logan Lamb 3 years ago

    you have to ask her out …shy girls dont like talking to guys about
    relationships… … i dare you to do it….

  • sokolovpople 3 years ago

    easy way: hey cutie if she says hi back say can i get ur number she says
    yeaa sure lol works for me everytime

  • sandro8114 3 years ago

    how do you know my age iam 14

  • Jailbreak2G 3 years ago

    alrite im sorryy, try this out on a girl, then talk to me..

  • joe sechiatano 3 years ago

    Seriously you konw how to get a dateyou;re just wont to be a Hefner,

  • primevalindividual 3 years ago

    Thanks captain obvious. Sorry you couldn’t see the sarcasm in my comment.

  • SuperRebwar 3 years ago


  • Armin dijay 3 years ago

    hahahahahahahaha man good one!!!

  • raiden214 3 years ago

    cool cool

  • smolds87 3 years ago

    @mariocampos0 Nice “don’t be a menace” reference.

  • Endl3ssorrow 3 years ago

    What if u dont see her at school? Im 13 and i like this girl but i only see
    her like once every 3 weeks minimum. i dont really even wana be bf and gf
    she just seems someone i have alot in common and i like her. I can get her
    num from a frend but i wana get it originally. u kno?

  • chattychar 3 years ago

    it’d be sexy if a guy came up to me slowly and then said hey and said he
    noticed me and wanted to know if i’d like to go out sometime and then
    handed me a business card. something about the business card seems sexy
    because he is giving me the choice. as for teen boys i think calling a girl
    and asking her to hang out is hot. get the number from her at school. first
    tell her you just want a study buddy. then call and bring up studying and
    say- “maybe we could also go out to a movie sometime?”