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There are a lot of ways to get a girlfriend, but the key is making contact and progressing the relationship. Get a girlfriend by using dating sites or being …



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  • Joe T 3 years ago

    What if her friend does NOT like you!!??

  • Xirus5 3 years ago

    1:58 and out is pure gold ^^ could you get more creepy?

  • thefinalranger 3 years ago


  • lex1777 3 years ago

    1st of all, you can’t be ugly!!! ;d

  • 7419635841635 3 years ago

    @AvangerBTK cool!

  • Xa Thao 3 years ago

    20 thumbs down are just stupid and gay paul’s tips are brilliant

  • Taryuzo Vrzo 3 years ago

    wow it work!!!!!!!

  • kwaku max 3 years ago

    i like the line “may your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorow”

  • popsticky09 3 years ago

    How To Get A Girlfriend: Use your heart and be yourself.

  • Kanawanu 3 years ago

    lol as if some1 is gona listen to casanova with a martini xD

  • Emre1907 3 years ago

    xD dont give your hopes up so fast ;D

  • Number2616 3 years ago

    Did all of that, got rejected :/ Girls will give u different answers so
    don’t think this is a guarantee

  • Aymn Hilali 3 years ago

    im trying to get a girlfriend but icant, i tried his way but didnt success

  • Abdullah Al hafiz 3 years ago

    I was useless with girls until eventually I came upon Simple Gained
    Girlfriends. See for yourself, I don’t mean to gloat but I am able to get
    any woman I want now. Google search Simple Gained Girlfriends, you’ll see
    what I am talking about.

  • stiggovicho 3 years ago

    I’m a shy guy, it’s gonna be hard to do this 😛

  • VFVhho 3 years ago

    this guy seems relaxing to me

  • ItsLittleNicky 3 years ago

    spacebook LOL

  • AvangerBTK 3 years ago

    hes has a pornstar as girlfriend

  • MrStudBoi 3 years ago

    Dr. Paul, I tried being direct and got slapped in the face… I told the
    girl “i would really like to see you naked.” what went wrong?

  • C1u3z 3 years ago

    I agree and disagree, always be looking, however don’t be desperate. Don’t
    scower the internetz, facebook and twiter for a girl, but when one comes up
    take action. Maybe it’s that girl in your lab that you helped out, maybe
    its the girl that works at your favorite —- Shop. Maybe it’s the girl in
    the apartment next door that just so happens to walk to class at the same
    time you do.

  • Jailbreak2G 3 years ago

    my friend sent me this as a joke, its so funny, ima listen to a 70 year old
    pimp.. lol

  • DaTruVision 3 years ago

    xD spacebook

  • MrThemeParkAudios 3 years ago

    Just be confident, happy, and be what you want to be. You don’t need to say
    anything to a girl to make her like you, just be yourself. Don’t be afraid
    of rejection because that is a one in a million chance from happening. Show
    you are the dominant one to the girl. And also smile and laugh, but not at
    her, with her.

  • BobbyEnergy 3 years ago

    5 stars

  • istephtube 3 years ago

    this vid is funny

  • lilgrim131 3 years ago

    @jweb8000 Dont beat your self up man learn all you can about how to solve
    these problems learn from all the mistakes you will make in the future
    considering all this and be your self watch more of these videos if you
    believe your a loser you will be if you believe your in progress and is in
    needs a little work then that’s what you ll be the choice is up to you.

  • edgar669966 3 years ago

    just be nice without being too friendly and start small talk and then just
    see if she keeps coming back to talk to you. Dont try to be good friends
    for too long, then transition to serious cuz then its really akward. The
    key is to not try too hard, because for some reason it makes them want you
    more (it works, idk why).

  • mictlos pipil 3 years ago

    I’m young and I think about politics, but when debating, no one takes me
    serious LOL.

  • BluntMane 3 years ago

    “don’t be a phony, be real”- Best advice.

  • thefinalranger 3 years ago

    well how can i get her to ask me out??

  • mythicman4545 3 years ago

    ur a douche bag

  • C D'Arcy 3 years ago

    goddamm. hes like a god

  • Dániel lehel Kedves 3 years ago

    it is not easy to get a girlfrind. Pasted after a rough childhood get it
    alot of psihical shock. Now the regain the thrust on you and to undertand
    that signals what girls use. Here is the problem. Any ideas how to face
    this and get a girlfrind?

  • Semajnitramreppoh 3 years ago

    “We have a good rapport” haha if I heard someone say that to a girl

  • David Ecclestone 3 years ago

    @anderssredna wait do you mean PlantFace?

  • MrPilo303 3 years ago

    Dr.Paul, is it a negative to ignore the process one takes to be a friend
    and just be in the relationship? Im constanly ignoring the idea that we
    first have to be friends in order for me to be with a girl. When explained
    to a girl, they usually admire it. But I want to know from an intellectuals
    point, does it matter? Im only 18 and I get more girls than breast cancer.
    I have a corrput sense of humour, sorry.

  • Xirus5 3 years ago

    anyway ill give you my tip on the subject.. dont look for a
    girlfriend..there is no need for desperation.. when you stop trying you
    have a mutch bigger chance to get a girl

  • Roberto Casas 3 years ago

    I gave and advice, I dont have to listen to an old retard who thinks we are
    in the 70’s. This is 2009 almost 2010, girls now give them selfs up sooo
    easy you have no idead.

  • solitajre222 3 years ago

    stdaddy1: he says there’s facebook but the camera mic is over adjusted so
    it sounds s-p he says facebook…

  • anderssredna 3 years ago

    dont forget Myface..