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When asking out a girl, courage and confidence are key; body language is a huge part of successful communication, as well. Ask out a girl by being direct and…



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  • corey waru 3 years ago

    hahaha skuxx lols

  • Ranlon 3 years ago

    @SmiggzYh True. B.t.w you’re hot.

  • Allan Smith 3 years ago

    @Ranlon why did you let her hit you twice? after the first, duck and run!

  • Ranlon 3 years ago

    I did just what he said and now I have two black eyes.

  • hytlerson 3 years ago

    This man’s videos have best comments. LOL.

  • theawesomes1223 3 years ago

    If you want to get a girl friend walk up to the person you like and say
    this” hey how you doing (then get straight to the point)so you wanna go
    out” and then hope she says yes “caution doesnt work on some girls

  • KphexTwin00 3 years ago

    I lol’d when he said “can i have a date” in that redonkulous voice!

  • GrifterUno 3 years ago

    This guy is not a player, but a real seducer!!!…Quality women, first and
    foremost!!! ; )

  • buzzatron1993 3 years ago

    your good, heck id go out with you

  • posterize1 3 years ago

    would asking a girl 2 a movie be a good first date

  • 09Dkavan 3 years ago


  • Shlomo Goldbergstein 3 years ago

    is that 3 wolf moon in the background?

  • Max Power 3 years ago

    this guy went to go see Sinatra live

  • KphexTwin00 3 years ago

    Also i hear that XYZ restaurant is very good!

  • dinosaursrocksohard 3 years ago

    Hahahhaha. That’s great

  • stay alpha 3 years ago

    hez right

  • unomsarosec 3 years ago

    This is the problem. Guys are way too pussified these days. Do you really
    need to watch a video to get the courage to ask out a girl? Come on, that’s
    pathetic. Grow some balls and just do it! Men are meant to be hunters and
    we’re meant to go after what we want If you hesitate, you’ll come off as
    being a weak beta male and the girl won’t want to align herself with you
    Everyone watching this needs to read the program on “be the bad boy.
    com”… Nice guys finish last .. if you didn’t already know.

  • Svhsgirl 3 years ago

    You can tell he took a lot of takes on this video..I mean..look at the
    candles..there melting half way gone lol.

  • Allan Smith 3 years ago

    @Ranlon thanks 🙂 i was like, 16 in that photo, i should really change
    it… lol!

  • mzoranz 3 years ago


  • Leandro Barbosa 3 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHA funny the way he does the “shy guy”

  • Prince579 3 years ago

    part 33 can i have a date

  • alien3445 3 years ago

    she said she won’t go anywhere with me in those golf pants.

  • Gewok 3 years ago

    True story.

  • gyroflugsucks 3 years ago

    lol ur advice is not bad

  • BluntMane 3 years ago

    @ScopedPewPew did you look her in the eyes?

  • rock3tcat 3 years ago

    I think that the wine already turned into cheese bro, just sayin’… 😀

  • deriss plkn 3 years ago

    Thks it so help full

  • Daniel Acosta 3 years ago

    lol, im a freshman with a sophmore gf, my advice dont be afraid and dont
    waste your time watching these vids XD