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Doc Love Interviews Beautiful Women At Venice Beach. Don't forget we release regular videos on our 2nd YouTube Channel at and Visit for a FREE Dating Women Radio Show



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  • Arturo Gurrola 2 years ago

    0:29 Freudian slip

  • Geortian 2 years ago

    Great show Doc, can’t wait to see more of these.

  • DocLoveShow 2 years ago

    @acquiesce100 thanks for the support!

  • DocLoveShow 2 years ago

    Not quite but awhile back. Still, the Cary Grant Movies we recommend for
    guys are over 50 years old so just because something was filmed awhile ago,
    does not mean it isn’t relevant. Some principles are timeless. Visit our
    other youtube channel for our current videos that preview our Dating Women
    Radio Show Weekly.

  • TheCulprid 2 years ago

    2:02 uh…? hahah shes so dumb

  • tetrahydroscope 2 years ago


  • DocLoveShow 2 years ago

    @Geortian, thanks for the support!

  • elevengiant 2 years ago

    it looks like it was filmed 10 years ago.

  • acquiesce100 2 years ago

    Hey Doc – You are the man. Top advice!