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Does being too pushy and too eager when talking to girls and asking them out push them away from you? – dating advice…



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  • cloud nine 3 years ago

    I need help! I met a girl in a group night and we talked for quite a while
    and the day after I added her on Facebook. she messaged me first and we
    talked and we continued talking for 2 nights in fb and on the second night
    I asked her out and she agreed. but I realised that she’ll just be 16 in 2
    months and I’m freaking 20! we went out nevertheless. shes into me and all
    like holding my hands but I feel like it’s wrong bcos the age gap is too
    far.. what should I do??

  • NessVlogMusic 3 years ago

    Great advise Arkandy

  • Mario Hanna 3 years ago

    most common reason why women do this is NOT because the guy did something
    wrong, men these days need to get some balls. its because shes a cock
    taesing attention whore who does this with everybody even when she has a BF
    just so she can boost her ego. she probably flirts right inf front of her
    BF to make her jealous and boost her ego more. these women are fucked in
    the head, stay away from them at all costs or else they will destroy your

  • michael peacock 3 years ago

    ive given up on dating/girls. I’m just gonna focus on my hobbies and job
    than endlessly obsess and search for a woman, its ruining me as a man.

  • scancool 3 years ago

    I like the style of this video

  • ffdff 3 years ago

    Love this part at 4:23 – “We all know that girls are very good at checking
    their Facebook”. It’s sooo true and it totally puts me off!

  • Franzifii 3 years ago

    So true! It creeps us out. Stop it, guys.

  • silentdragon06 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this. I wish I had seen this 3 or 4 months ago tbh but
    it’s good to hear someone finally talk about this type of situation.

  • jimvo 3 years ago

    The guy is dead on. If you insist too much day after day after day you end
    up looking creepy to her. Last week I met this girl thru a friend, we
    talked all night. I got her number and the next day I asked her out. She
    said she would get back to me she was very busy and didn’t know when she
    had time. I left her alone from Saturday until Thursday, no text no call,
    nothing, then sent her a text, she said she wasn’t sure when she could go
    out with me. So I left her alone, and today she texted me and we’re going
    out tonight. Put some value on yourself; if she’s really interested she’ll
    get back to you.

  • mav1877 3 years ago

    The guy exhibited needy behavior. This is typical response to that.

  • clideyurskiYurr 3 years ago

    The games women play…. So typical 

  • exclusiveaccess85 3 years ago

    Ok so the idea that I learn from the video is this and I’m very for what
    you say man in what the guy did wrong the guy was so impatient he wanted to
    meet again right away right? Tell if I’m wrong thinking this ok? is like
    they say women can smell fear so to speak right? So instead he should it
    say that when is it a good time to call you and talk in phone something
    like that right? Ok so the thing here is that he was so pushy and he did
    not wait and after the second time he was trying to contact her and he did
    not hear from her he should move on right? Is this what your trying to
    teach us? I would really appreciate if you reply back man thanks great

  • potpolima 3 years ago

    pussy salesman

  • Nuno Álvares Pereira 3 years ago

    Never ask a girl out on a text LOL that’s just lame

  • 3 years ago