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Why it is important to be a CHALLENGE when dating women. Visit for a FREE dating women radio show. Expert: Jeff Stevens C…



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  • i don’t know if u are Jeff but we have to hit on them? From a introvert
    perspective, is there a way for women to show interest first or hit on us?

  • gracerules2008 3 years ago

    I have my own system. Doc Love’s system does not go far enough with
    challenge. When the date is incoming from a woman I do not always accept
    it. I turn her down and say I am busy with no counteroffer. Also it is
    better that my interest level be at 55% while hers is at 85%. I can be a
    challenge naturally that way because I am not all that passionate about her
    to begin with. I wait 2 weeks sometimes to call after asking for the number.

  • AmirsDilema 3 years ago

    WOW that was great.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    @kgp8 it is always good if you notice that a woman is laughing around you,
    or brushing your arm or making excuses to see you; you get a gut reaction
    she likes you so it is good to have them giving you “buying signals” but
    ultimately the guy has to show her that he’s a man and confidently ask for
    the #. Some of the women that most interested won’t make a move themselves,
    figuring it is the gentleman’s job to pick up on their signals and ask.

  • DatingTipsMen 3 years ago

    @AmirsDilema thanks for your kind words