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Does the girl like you? You can tell if a girl likes you by clues in her body language, including leaning close and touching her face. Find out when that spe…



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  • StevenWilliams 3 years ago

    You really need a dick :-D

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  • Norman M 3 years ago

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  • John White 3 years ago

    HERE’S HOW TO GET GIRLS 1) Be Confident (Posture, Eye Contact, Speak With
    Authority and Don’t Be Hesitant or Nervous when Approaching them). 2) Act
    like you don’t need them and make them prove themselves to YOU! 3) Make
    them feel comfortable (comfort is necessary before intimacy) 4) Demonstrate
    that you’re a good provider & protector. 5) Give them value and be
    different! THE 2 BEST PROGRAMS “The Game” by Neil Strauss “Pandora’s Box”
    from MackMethods. com (awesome) Boom!

  • theync100 3 years ago

    @cELINE16161616 thanks. never knew that . but what if she is a skinhead.
    will she scratch the patch

  • QuestionAll1 3 years ago

    @deptford HAhahahah Lol I thought something along the same lines

  • raptorhunter104 3 years ago

    when in doubt whip it out

  • tom jones 3 years ago


  • Nuno Álvares Pereira 3 years ago

    @Gromaglosh hahahah XD

  • MrMaryJanes 3 years ago

    @cyberstench LMFAO

  • Slobodan Djuric 3 years ago

    what i would like to know is why do you always begin every single video
    with the sound “TSK!”?

  • allenbokie 3 years ago

    What if she’s just lookin at my crotch area…lmao..

  • TheboiwhocouldfLY 3 years ago

    @Jimismusic HAHA!

  • Adam Peredo 3 years ago

    when do i pull out my penis???

  • kitanando 3 years ago

    Plus some girls probably won’t do it so that the boys don’t know or will do
    it to show the boy

  • Maloperverso 3 years ago

    @Maloperverso Plus Big Hands!

  • dab ogking 3 years ago

    @Gromaglosh you’re a loser

  • John Citizen 3 years ago

    i have a question… how do i know which date is the correct one to start
    raping her on, girls are just so fussy these days

  • Arnold Trawick 3 years ago

    @Martin33: It’s simple.. The qualities of being “nice” = beta The qualities
    of being an “asshole” = alpha Girls want alpha males, bottom line and
    that’s not going to change. So, if you want to attract them, you need to
    “alpha up” and start acting like a man. According to a guide I read (the
    one on bethebadboy. com), pre-selection is also a huge attraction trigger.
    Meaning, if the girl is under the impression that OTHER girls find you
    attractive, she will too!

  • Rammbock 3 years ago

    …when she swallows your juice.

  • wileylovesbread 3 years ago


  • namekman01 3 years ago

    @EvBr138 got 58 thumbs up, so ya im a teen interested in a girl….and i
    think she’s interested in me

  • LimestoneCrafter 3 years ago

    wow…imagine going on the date with Jessica, she’ll know what you’re
    thinking before you even think it 🙂

  • Gromaglosh 3 years ago


  • ninjaswordtothehead 3 years ago

    @AmericaDevil I have no idea if she likes you are not, but she is
    definitely raping you.

  • MishuTaste 3 years ago

    Please answer this question. ===> Suppose a girl is giving me these “I like
    you” body language signals but she already has a boyfriend. What does that

  • Arnas Uzdila 3 years ago

    @welhungjohnson, bitch, grow the fuck up lil fag

  • quadraxis45 3 years ago

    they always touch because of a hormone they have called oxytocin, it’s the
    female love hormone. and touch releases it, thats why when there’s touching
    involved you must be feeling what you want, and you be nervous or she’ll
    begin to see you as a nervous person…TURN OFF this oxytocin thing works,
    you can basically encrypt whatever you want into it and you’ll get it,
    thats how i get my poon

  • 666GrizzlyBeast 3 years ago

    a girl kept on holding onto my arm one day 2 times and kinda leaned on me.
    i barely knew her tho i just met her and a week later she says hi. i still
    barely talked to her. I guess it seems im playing hard to get. How should i
    react to what she does and does this mean she likes me?

  • gamingeugenics 3 years ago

    mormon commercials are just creepy!

  • Shavarnarak 3 years ago

    @EvBr138 I haven’t been in my teens for quite a while, but I’m nowhere near
    my 40’s yet either. Still most of the internet being teens explains a lot.
    Which suffice to say is not a compliment towards teens in general. (mind
    you, not insulting you specifically kiddo, just your age bracket.)

  • BigAssROMAN 3 years ago

    @Gromaglosh and less frustrating!

  • dawit G 3 years ago

    oh this girl on this video she likes me because she is touching herself

  • mrmystic 3 years ago

    Forgot about the “hard to get”- factor?

  • Eegge Leg 3 years ago

    Girls are so hard… sleeping pills are much easier

  • lazzyJames 3 years ago

    Should I ask her our even though I know she is not interested? Just so I
    can that official no?

  • dokha 3 years ago

    ‘if shes touching herself and shes close to you”…hilarious

  • supermariomaniac1 3 years ago

    I would do everything to that chick

  • Muhammad.G Almana 3 years ago

    in my country if a girl like you .. she tells her sister who tells her mom
    who asks her dad to tell my mom who asks my dad who asks my sister about
    that girl who ends up being my wife .. heheheh liking someone is very
    serious here Eid Mubarak to all from Iraq <3

  • John Scott 3 years ago

    Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective: How to Tell if a Girl is a Slut

  • Jose21443 3 years ago

    Haha If she is touching her self dat means she likes u..Lol

  • Kkitsjon 3 years ago

    why does that girl keep flirting with her dad?

  • awat M 3 years ago

    Thank you very much Jessica Claire, all your videos are very helpful for
    me. I think you’re a real and a great expert on this matter.

  • dennis dy 3 years ago

    i have some question, i always see a pretty girl and i notice she touching
    her hair and idk what it means and idk how to respond..

  • Luis81045 3 years ago

    @epicenur you’re right. Your life does suck

  • TIG2MAN0 3 years ago

    Women suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!