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Meeting a girl you want to date means going to places girls you will be attracted to and interested in hanging out. Meet a girl using persistence, patience a…



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  • David Wygant 3 years ago

    I can’t tell you how many guys ask me how to meet women, and then tell me
    they never go out anywhere! You’re not going to meet women sitting behind a
    computer screen.

    You need to get out there and start meeting people. Bookstores are great,
    and anyone who follows me knows Whole Foods is one of my favorite places in
    the world to meet women.

  • Dating Thats Easy 3 years ago

    While this is pretty basic advice… the whole point of it really is that
    you’ve gotta take some sort of action and make it happen. Get out and meet
    people. Introduce yourself to women. Do it often enough so you can get over
    the fear of rejection. 

  • hulk90000 3 years ago

    @efremch0 dont pay this jessica any mind shes just looking for peoples
    money when she meets them there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Mark Johnson 3 years ago

    Guys It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate
    yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there. “The Game” by
    Neil Strauss started things off for me and most recently, I’ve been
    using the techniques from P.Box Here’s what you need to do Step 1: Go
    to MackMethods. com Step 2: Get the “pandoras box” program Step 3: Use
    the tips and blend it in with your own twist Picking up girls is a
    skill. Educate yourself and you’ll laugh at how easy it is

  • Thei9Ways 3 years ago

    @Attila709 lmao

  • Dee Bouchon 3 years ago

    This advice is as useful as a tit on a bull

  • liquidyou 3 years ago

    The gym? I wouldn’t want a guy hitting on me at the gym. And who really
    picks up at the market? It’s best to meet through aquaintences, this is bad

  • sabreharyanto 3 years ago

    This advice is really stupid. Men can’t do that anymore. You will be
    accused of sexual harassment etc.

  • liquidyou 3 years ago

    @HUUUUUUUGEBUCK If you can’t rely on anyone to help you meet someone then
    you should join a group, activity or club that interests you. This way, you
    can meet people and get to know them slowly. This makes it more natural,
    the woman begins to trust you enough, you share a similar interests, and
    you can ask to meet her outside the activity.

  • cornyhoes1980 3 years ago

    she is hot

  • georginiou 3 years ago

    @sch2344 A woman thinks a man is a creep if he is not handsome. That’s the
    way it is. Edward Cullen can stalk Bella, be a murderer, and observe he
    sleeping without her knowing simply because he is a hot guy. If a normal
    looking guy watches a woman he is a pervert.

  • Charles Rinehart 3 years ago

    Be honest, be yourself, and have a great personality. Nice woman will
    respond to all these things. Common sense. Good video. You are very

  • Adam Hassan 3 years ago

    @BobaFart1138 lmaoo wish girls were like fags sorta..

  • 666lonelyboy 3 years ago

    The best advice i have,Is stop giving people advice,Everyone is different &
    is going to find what works best for them,I’d just be grateful for having a
    partner/lover.I hate how people generalise & assume we must be all alike,To
    quote Aleister Crowley;-“Variation is the key of evolution”.

  • V MAN 3 years ago

    @ILoveAccidents1 No women 🙂

  • OinopsPontos 3 years ago

    Why does this feel like a pornstar interview when you turn the volume off

  • Randy Bailin 3 years ago

    In all honesty this advice is pretty weak. You put way too much pressure on
    yourself if you force yourself to try and speak to a total stranger in many
    contexts. While the advice to go to places where women are likely to be is
    pretty hard to argue with, it’s simply unnatural to just start talking to
    someone (unless it’s at a bar, where you know there’s at least an implied
    interest on the woman’s part to meet someone). Put yourself in situations
    where encounters might naturally occur instead.

  • Duarden2 3 years ago

    its only “rape” if you used, drugs, drinks, threats of violence and other
    unacceptable means of obtaining sex. starvation, Mental illness, Gangs, etc
    financial control etc.

  • kelvin urena 3 years ago

    wanna meet a nice american chick aka a chicken head, have ur bigatti parked
    outside and say ur a lawyer, u will get tones of love and plenty of happy
    endings as long as ur funds dont run dry!!!

  • createacommunityfast 3 years ago

    Girls are nice ♥

  • kingkhan161 3 years ago

    haha i tried it at a park i got her bf chaseing me lol

  • MinmatarThrasher 3 years ago

    easier said than done, it doesn’t work like that

  • yas paj 3 years ago

    best pickup line:how much for an hour babe?

  • iLMVAT 3 years ago

    my friend wants to know if genital herpes decreases your chances of finding
    a mate… does it?

  • irock2114 3 years ago

    jesus christ this is hard than expected : ) i’ve heard the phrase grow a
    pair. but it seems i already have and still can ask scene chicks out my one

  • ppmolenaar 3 years ago

    @TheFamousraincoat WHAHAHA you just gave me the laugh I needed today^^

  • MikeGustaw 3 years ago

    @BloodiCheeseCake What do you think i could get for a Goat and 5 pieces of