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Making a first phone call to talk or set up a date can be replaced with text messages, but if you must call, be short and polite. Make the first phone call confidently with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • Richard Kosah 2 years ago

    Your looks distract me, and i have too look in your eyes to create
    attraction. what a hard thing to do as a nerd like me. You are one of the
    reasons why some men cant be good listeners. “Dating Coach” give us a break
    and be my girl.

  • Rick Alex 2 years ago

    for the first call should I text and say hi then call later ? or call then
    follow up with txt ?

  • Attila709 2 years ago

    Hi, I’m calling because it’s all part of the process of getting in your

  • elliot deherrera 2 years ago

    You sir, are awsome.

  • BIkram Shah 2 years ago

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    really good at picking up a lot of women. The guy discovered the Master
    Attraction web page (Search in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him
    bringing girls back. He’s always bringing females back and I hear it, which
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  • Chipwhitley274 2 years ago

    After you get her number, then you call her later that day/night and have a
    short chat. Maybe about something you talked or joked about earlier then
    you let her go. Call her in a couple of days and do the same. Have a light
    chat then let her go. This way you don’t seem needy, so you don’t look like
    all you are doing is trying to reach the goal of a date.

  • valarmanwe 2 years ago

    I don`t call women first. That`s my one and only rule. I never ask for a
    womans` number. I may give them mine. And if they call, that`s sweet. But
    if they don`t, they don`t. But I`ve yet to give a woman my number that has
    not responded with a desire to meet me again. “Dating Coach ?” For Heavens`
    sake !

  • Chipwhitley274 2 years ago

    The main problem with this “advice” is that there isn’t any advice on how
    to make the first call. Like when to make the first call, and how to have a
    casual and natural conversation. She just says “because I don’t actually
    want to teach you what to do, I want you to just make it as business like
    as possible. Make an appointment and end the call”

  • shechshire 2 years ago

    @thesparitan I didn’t say I care. I’m just trying to point out this videos

  • shechshire 2 years ago

    @Attila709 atilla… the hun

  • rasfo123 2 years ago

    dating coach …. only in america 🙂 cant wait for next service shopping
    coach or maybe how to live my life coach

  • Chipwhitley274 2 years ago

    Think of it like building a bridge. Seed Future plans in conversations so
    you have a bridge over the gap of time you are not together. Try not to
    call later to make plans, as that’s like building the bridge while on it,
    and if the bridge cannot be finished with concrete plans, then you fall in
    to the river and fail. When you have plans and intentions to do something
    in the future, that makes the phone number seem incidental not the goal.

  • keithlamontbraggs 2 years ago

    Strange how you say men are the ones that try hang up quickly whenever i
    call the woman SHE is the one trying to get off the phone quickly, why do
    you think this is( i feel i am a decent looking guy) .

  • shechshire 2 years ago

    @thesparitan i have… I think it’s a wast of time. and another thing, this
    “seduction” isn’t going to work on someone your going to see once in our

  • thegothmog 2 years ago

    Here’s a tip I use all the time. After you get home after the first
    date/whatever send a text saying “Don’t worry, I got home safe.” My tips >
    her tips

  • alex perez 2 years ago

    Fck according to your tuts i’ve been doing everything wrong T.T

  • davidattends 2 years ago

    @keithlamontbraggs Would it be because of the rythm in the conversation?
    Women are demanding when it comes to “rythm” or “dynamic” in the
    conversation, and the goal of such conversation.

  • Koda Mamo 2 years ago

    i can talk to any girl on phone i don’t have problem with making th 1st
    call. all u got to do is just call her and tell her that you would like to
    take her out dinner.

  • Tyrone Johnson 2 years ago

    Text them to let them know you are coming? She wants James Bond not Woody
    Allen with a cellphone. Swoop her up in your Jag, preferably one altered
    enough to dispose to foes on the way, escort her to her seat, whisk her to
    dinner then charm her until she is wearing nothing but her sweet little

  • nwcavertingoureyes 2 years ago

    “Are we on for this Saterday? Ok great.. Ohhh sry babe tunnle!!!” *Click*

  • Chris Wilson 2 years ago

    i own the first call, its called soundboards

  • Attila709 2 years ago

    you make the first call by opening your phone and pushing the numbers

  • Marc L 2 years ago

    it worked!!! she likes me!!!

  • 949skate 2 years ago


  • thesparitan 2 years ago

    when I said morons I was being facetious. But now I have to take umbrage
    with the rest of your philosophy. First of all telling someone exactly how
    you feel is boring, lazy, and worst of all wont work. How to you expect to
    seduce a women with the unexceptional. The point of what you call games is
    in a sense to play with emotions and to make the experience last. Nothing
    easy is worth anything. A easy seduction is a useless one. try it sometime
    and see if you dont like it.

  • Julius 2 years ago

    thats another way of looking at it… XD lol

  • scryerofold 2 years ago

    “hi honey, almost at your place, take your panties off and get out by your

  • Simbager shrestha 2 years ago

    Let’s get it out there. I’m so jealous of my neighbor at present. He’s been
    unattached forever. However he’s mind-fucked a catalogue model to tell him
    she loves him in less than a month. How can that be even manageable? He
    explained to me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone
    gorgeous said that to me… I’ve not before seen him so positive. Sort of
    makes me frustrated.