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Knowing when a relationship is getting serious means picking up on her signals, like buying things for you and talking about the future. Keep tabs on the gro…



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  • X92380b2 3 years ago

    I push the panic button and tell the bitch is over.

  • Steve Holland 3 years ago

    poor miss fit..

  • ely66 3 years ago

    u are absolutely right man …..that is the rule of life not just women
    .once u ignore it . it will provide u by things u wont ever think of them

  • Nayapurple 3 years ago

    Depends on the woman, depends on the relationship… The best way is to ask
    her… duh! If you want this to become serious ask her! Even better if you
    take her to a special date, hold her hand, look into her eyes, tell wat u
    like the most about her, what you dislike about her, how she makes you feel
    when she is around, and ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend! Isnt it
    obvious? No comunication problems… If she says no, you can talk about it.
    Nobody dies…<3

  • Ballpuncher 3 years ago

    Keep… for awhile.

  • chalk20 3 years ago

    I think you are generalizing and stereotyping. Whether one is a man or a
    woman they are all individuals and act differently. Also, in my opinion
    whether man or woman the best advice I can give is be honest and open how
    one feels about someone. No games, and no hints/clues. Be above board.

  • Jigme Singye 3 years ago

    I think I need a date with the Coach first.

  • clay180 3 years ago

    Beware the toothbrush of commitment!

  • WayToGetTaller 3 years ago

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  • Alexander Anderson 3 years ago

    What’s with all the enigmatic signals and hints? What’s wrong with ACTUAL
    communication? Tell us stuff. If we had a problem, we’d tell you; we
    wouldn’t leave subconscious messages around and shout and cry at you for
    hours for not picking up on them.

  • wadawaddah 3 years ago

    I must admit one thing, I have always had these…gay kinda dreams. Not gay
    for real but consider this; A female body, a female voice with the brains
    of a man. Women are so fckng stupid. Its so hard to understand women. You
    can have 10 billion usd or show a 9.9 points hotornot picture or have a
    voice like alan rickman and send 500 mails to women who look like something
    the cat dragged in. And NOONE will be interested.

  • CujoShuntStrikesBack 3 years ago

    1:19 ‘ssssssssex’ ?

  • essameera 3 years ago

    You know that aggravating stage when your brother’s friend (who’s been a
    loser for a lifetime) gets a beautiful woman to fall in love with him in 2
    weeks? Shit, that basically occured. I know I ought to be pleased for him
    even so I would rather it to be me. He stated he used the Cupid Love System
    (Google it). I want to hide out inside a cave at this moment.

  • Leeches93 3 years ago

    for 99.9% of women, you know the relation gets serious when your wallet is

  • Funniest of it all is that she’s probobly singel herself

  • karlKrump 3 years ago

    ”…you are now a boyfriend or someone she is going to keep for a while ”
    ?????? What a condescending bitch

  • 1cleverpartner 3 years ago

    Agree on everything except for “This would be a really good time for you to
    build trust”. Trust building should start before sleeping over multiple
    times. Unless you just blindly walk into a relationship then think if you
    want to stay or not. cleverpartner com

  • Alexio Gessa 3 years ago

    @clay180 LMFAO!!

  • meangry16 3 years ago

    I’m way to high for this shit…

  • tatertots00 3 years ago

    @drewman187 she does a little bit

  • drewhadou 3 years ago

    the women’s perspective? quite simple really: hi, i’m a woman. worship me.
    i have a vagina, so i’m entitled to all the contents of your wallet, heart,
    mind, and soul. you’re obligated to be perfect, because i was told from
    birth that i’m a princess, and i’m perfect on the grounds i have a vagina.
    love me, show your affection by acting though the universe orbits around my
    mood. i’m a woman, me batting my eyes your way is the greatest gift i could
    possibly give you. why? because i’m a woman. (=

  • mystyle143 3 years ago

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  • Cathsocpresident0607 3 years ago

    What if you want a relationship but you’re religious and saving yourself
    for marriage? (i.e. no cohabitation, no sex, no ‘toothbrushes’ [at least at
    her house!]) How do you know *then* if a relationship is becoming serious
    or not?

  • Joey Hartnell 3 years ago

    show me your tits

  • TheLambentDrudge 3 years ago

    You know its serious when you’ve bonked her and got her knocked up.Then its
    time to run 🙂

  • meganCamila 3 years ago

    cool tips

  • CowboyNiceguy 3 years ago

    I love the window AC, remind me of when i lived in a trailer. aswell as how
    her hair looks good at the start but then when she gets to talking it’s all
    over the place.

  • Lou C 3 years ago

    my best advice is just ignore her, let her sort her shit out

  • 777appleguy 3 years ago

    Wow, this girl just gave me a toothbrush at her house and my coworkers were
    saying all these lame reasons why she did it , when I knew it was just like
    you said !

  • Paske Mantavicius 3 years ago

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  • SpeakingOfWrestling 3 years ago

    A relationship with women always get serious when you dont want them to.
    And when you want to get serious yourself you are screwed. That was an easy
    one too.. Are they all this easy? lol

  • DaDragonLyotoMachida 3 years ago

    Yeah, a man should really be happy when a girl starts wearing mismatched
    busted elastic undies. What do you do when this happens? Dump the bitch

  • solfizz 3 years ago

    I appreciate this advice. Jessica’s very informative, drawing a bridge to
    men because we think logically.

  • bilynia78521 3 years ago

    Travel around the world with a Asian women

  • Michael Suh 3 years ago

    “Keep for awhile or might be becoming someones bitch!” lol

  • Kris Wolf 3 years ago

    why they have secret signs? why are they secret? for whom secret for
    herself or for me? sometimes i think for herself. I´m in Hamburg and this
    is a serious question!