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Initiating a first kiss can come on the first, second or third date and should follow a touch. Make a first kiss memory that is special, and avoid initiating…



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  • Rovert Robert 3 years ago

    I save the first kiss for that moment right before my tip is entering her
    butt hole.

  • TheGameInFrame 3 years ago

    I can’t believe that I just thought of girls as ocelots in Minecraft; don’t
    go in for the tame or you’ll scare it off. XD

  • TheGameInFrame 3 years ago

    Thanks, I personally think it’s best to get advice from a girl on things
    that you’re planning to do with your girlfriend because a girl obviously
    knows what a girl likes. Unlike men who aren’t girls. I will try this with
    my girlfriend! Thank you Jessica! It’s very ironic that my girlfriend’s
    name is Jessica and I’m getting dating advice from a girl named Jessica.

  • Lara Crofte 3 years ago

    Right. I’m displeased. My brother sleeps on the floor above me and he in
    recent times turned outstanding with females. The guy discovered the Master
    Attraction website (Google it) by Jake Ayres. All he’s doing now is fucking
    women. He’s consistently having chicks back. I can’t help but hear it,
    which is gross. If only he had not found that site. I’m green with envy!

  • Matt Rolling 3 years ago

    @Jimmy Wallice: There’s a good saying to live by man.. “closed mouths don’t
    get fed”.. I’m a bit older now, but you’ll realize this .. life is short,
    so you have to go after the things you want in life. You know what. hit up
    “the alpha mindset, com”.. there’s a good course and guide on there (free
    of course) that will help you out a lot.

  • mypapit 3 years ago

    @andrian007 she’s a New York dating coach, not some other culture dating
    coach. If you want somebody to take your culture into consideration, then
    find a coach from your own place/culture.

  • alexseib 3 years ago

    @TazRulesNY i can tell you…when your drunken and shes ugly as hell

  • mynameisjohn87 3 years ago

    always touch the boob first…lol

  • 01mrfrank 3 years ago

    i stumbled upon this because my friend was really a douche while pretending
    to get women overnite but in fact he was having drunk gay sex with hmbpd
    and Jake Ayers and also Hari santoso. They are all on a date right now.

  • geoff1121 3 years ago

    @erkishmusta i dont mind. why would a girl like that? cos that would be hot
    as well.

  • Mrmoc7 3 years ago

    I hate women.

  • sybyly 3 years ago

    @AmbioriV your comment is based on…? clearly your pigeonholing tiny mind
    finds the only thing it thinks it recognises. yea, i guess when you’ve been
    paying for it for so long, anything else must seem complicated. i wish you
    a quick and painless exit.

  • ir10031981 3 years ago

    I’m kinda nervous to be honest, I’m scared that the lady might not want to
    and I’ll feel embarrassed/

  • ToxicWastoid 3 years ago

    Clearly the best time to kiss is any time after the credit card transaction

  • letstalkdirty1 3 years ago

    ur smooth

  • LuffyTubby 3 years ago

    jesus christ, i wish I would have seen this video before I bought a gag
    ball for the girl I have been stalking ;D

  • YTEdy 3 years ago

    I thought it was a very good summary, but the bit about kiss her when she
    looks beautiful, when the wind is blowing and the birds are singing and the
    flowers are in bloom – nice touch, no question, but not absolutely
    necessary. You can make an ordinary moment special. It’s probably a mistake
    to wait for a better situation if the moment feels right.

  • cbruntz7171 3 years ago

    @Attila709 thats small kid

  • bordaz1 3 years ago

    she’s hot

  • MrKreedO 3 years ago

    @walterreally in soviet russia, turtles like you

  • bobrotica 3 years ago

    Touching, hah?

  • imaynaya 3 years ago

    people comments make me laughs so badly XDD

  • derek stevens 3 years ago

    Sound sucked

  • chadley6916 3 years ago

    @Kinglynation Hey douche bag, you are 15! Get off your moms computer, get
    back into school, and stay off vids intended for grown ups!!! With the
    pimples on your geeky face, you don’t need to worry about trying to kiss

  • mapo11 3 years ago

    Get a load of Grizzly Adams in that kissing scene

  • coccinelsucrer 3 years ago

    @Gorax90 What the frick?!

  • MissMuffinToYou 3 years ago

    @theICE23 then thats great 🙂

  • alinasofials 3 years ago

    It is a good day try to find good Asian girl

  • jimmyhatts 3 years ago

    Question! meet a girl who asked me to go out to dinner, we had a great
    time. skipping the details she asked me to her place, i’m male (duh) and
    she really wanted me to stay the night.. i refused… i’ve had things like
    that happen.. but i like her. should i hold off or just go for it? been
    alone for awhile now and it seems to good to be true..

  • Yohana Ghidei 3 years ago

    @eversauce maybe he wants u to signal that its ok for him to kiss u….i
    know my boyfriend doesnt kiss me until he gets the ok from in
    public places n stuff…n wen he doesnt he would tx me n say “what happened
    to my kiss”

  • TheLambentDrudge 3 years ago

    I can feel it on my dick usually its hard 😀

  • skibum7986 3 years ago

    @htammam oh, you couldn’t see it, but he had his hand up her skirt, so,
    yeah, he did touch her first, it was safe to kiss her

  • Barfetta Jones 3 years ago

    @AmbioriV Real women don’t. Dating my husband was easy breezy. I dont play
    games with him. Real women don’t do that crap. GIRLS do.

  • Dusan Kirovski 3 years ago

    You’re so awfully cute Jessica :)))))

  • andydj96 3 years ago

    @Kinglynation That brings me a smile

  • solskjore 3 years ago

    @Attila709 …That is not a very thorough invitation young man. You happen
    to be a white guy?

  • john doe 3 years ago

    all of the comments are fucking hilarious

  • kistthesky 3 years ago

    i just jump on top of them as soon as i see them

  • Mr Hudson 3 years ago

    the moment when you feel like you have to if your ever going to get head

  • udolipixie 3 years ago

    @MrWollyBong Nope men are the sluts. Women are the whores.

  • kygon1 3 years ago

    Ooooo dirty dirty

  • Flxiblemetro 3 years ago

    We nice guy/or good man gotta to be mean and selfish all time in oder the a
    relationship with the woman?