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The best way to get a phone number from girls or guys is to put your cell phone in their hands and let them add the number while you chat. Collect phone numb…



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  • Muhammad Hanif Nasir 4 years ago

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  • Nancy L 4 years ago

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  • Rajul Manandhar 4 years ago

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  • Mousumi Khatun 4 years ago

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  • Norman M 4 years ago

    Everything you need to know to seduce a woman


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  • pallavi marrapu 4 years ago

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  • Daniel Walker 4 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with your methodology.

  • Filip Janiga 4 years ago

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  • Daniel Brito 4 years ago

    lol im pretty sure he’s not in love.

  • Prakash Ghising 4 years ago

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  • sjoy300 4 years ago

    Yay I have my crushes number!!!❤❤

  • aca15091988 4 years ago

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  • adrianchacon45 4 years ago

    Holy crap ! Lol thats cool ! Lol

  • Dian Indriasti 4 years ago

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  • chrissymoo911 4 years ago

    Sooo… What if they just walk away with your phone?

    You not only no longer have a cell phone but you also no longer have anyone to call on a lonely Saturday night.

  • Arti Zakiyah 4 years ago

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  • PsYcHoNaUt1993 4 years ago

    @dokha lolol expertvillage and ehow are trollin’ hard

  • Luke Bieber 4 years ago

    or its just really awkward

  • dokha 4 years ago

    shit, if anyone ever did this to me i will never catch the subtle hint, i am that bad. come to think of it this probably happened to me and i just realized now.

  • dokha 4 years ago

    i lookin through these vids for the comments

  • Khan Cross 4 years ago

    best reply ever

  • Vyrchuoso 4 years ago

    “How do I know, maybe because I’ve read every date guide out there cause i’m fat and retarded i get no bitchess”

  • VotePaineJefferson 4 years ago

    If I gave some random girl my phone and turned away she’d probably steal it.

  • Zach1041 4 years ago


  • Nemesis0300 4 years ago

    Best comment I have ever written on this website — easily.

  • ashish rana 4 years ago

    you girl friend me.
    yes. .  your number
    or no., thankyou

  • MrDaViDperfect 4 years ago

    It’s not really awkward to ask for a number… It’s just a number ffs

  • hurricaneorozco 4 years ago

    well sometimes it will work i have tried 6 times and i have 4 numbers depends of you convince her or not well i kinda worked for me

  • Dick Chapko 4 years ago

    Hand her the phone, don’t say anything and turn away?
    Seriously? Bitch .. my iphone is 500 dollars! haha
    I see what she’s trying to say though. The reason why it works (if you actually tell them to put their number in), is because it shows that you’re confident and it even shows leadership qualities.
    How do I know this? I think I’ve read pretty much every dating guide out there.
    Oh, if you want to analyze chicks too, hit up the one on “be the bad boy. com”.. that was prob. the best of them all.

  • therealmosthated1 4 years ago

    Lol that was fkn wack. That to me would b weird. It mite work for a bitch but a man??!! Lol ya pritty stupid

  • superrobotmunkyman 4 years ago

    as soon s she said she was from new york I knew this was going to be bad